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Script Help and Language Discussion / Written in Japanese, Set in China?
« on: January 25, 2012, 09:42:29 pm »
Juushin Enbu/Hero Tales is set in a fantasy expy of China, and because of that, I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure out WTF to do about people's names.

By sound alone, the character names seem Japanese (しょうかく、けいろ、りんめい、こよう, etc), so I'd just assumed they were. When I delved a little deeper, I realized that the majority of them are either:

Corrupted Chinese
For example, there's an antagonist who goes by 史明. The furigana is しめい, a Japanese name. It's eventually revealed that his real/full name is 萬詳史明, pronounced ばんしょうしめい; since ばんしょう is apparently never written like that in Japanese, I decided to toss it into a Chinese translator. The result was 'Wan Xian Shi Ming', which is also what the English version translates it as. So if しめい is a corruption, then why don't I just translate it as such?
I was hoping to be consistent with the dub, and the dub itself is inconsistent. While it does call 萬詳史明 'Wan Xian Shi Ming', it also translates 史明 as 'Shimei', and maintains the corrupted spelling/pronunciation of pretty much every other character name. (麟盟詔韓/Lín méng zhào hán is still Rinmei Shoukan, 岱燈獅麗/Dài dēng shī lì is Taitou Shirei, etc.)
So, it seems like I either have the option of writing these names the 'canon' way and changing  萬詳史明 to Bansho Shimei for consistency, or changing the majority of the names to reflect the setting.


Basically, any type of help I could get with either of thse issues would be really appreciated.  :banghead:

Newcomer's Board / Visual Novel Scenario Encyption?
« on: December 01, 2011, 02:35:49 pm »
My current project is a 2007 visual novel made by Spray using the RealLive engine. I've managed to identify most of the data on the disc (music, art, etc), but there are a few parts that I can't seem to access. If anyone could provide any kind of pointers or help, it'd be much appreciated.

-Most importantly is a 6MB .txt file called 'Seen'. From what I've read about other RealLive games, this is the scenario file, and should contain all of the in-game dialogue and narration. It crashes Notepad due to size, so I've been trying to open it in Word, but none of the available encodes make the contents look anything like actual code. I tried opening the file in EncodingReconvertion tool, which identifies the original encoding as 'Shift JIS', but when I try to reconvert it to ASCII, EUC, JIS, NECJIS, Unicode, Reversed Unicode or UTF-8, it still looks like a mishmash.
I should probably note that Word is the program I've mainly been using to try and view the code, since I'm used to screwing with config files in notepad. Also, there are some encodes which make the file look a little closer to what it might actually say. For example, when I try and open it in Word, and let it know it's Shift-JIS encoded, the information is laid out more logically, and there are no random wingdings, but it's still obviously not code.

-There's also a folder labelled 'dat', which contains a 5kb .cgm file (apparently an image library?) and a 10kb .tcc file, which I think is some other part of the code written in C++, but I have no idea how to decompile it.

I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me figure out how to access the data in these files. If I've missed something obvious, feel free to yell at me.  :-[

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