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On 7/9/12 I uploaded a trailer video.  Link to it:


Hey all.  I posted about my first homebrew project a while back, but I figured I'd talk about this one.  Yes, it's a sequel and another NES homebrew.  It'll have new features as well as some old returning.  I'm hoping it'll turn out better than the first one.

As of 8/16, there is now a demo ROM.  It contains the intro stage, first area, first boss, and part of the caves that follow.  It also includes a game engine demo stage that showcases the other elements of the game.

Demo ROM download link:

These are some videos I've put together.  Most recent is first. - Demo #6 - Demo #5 - Demo #4 - Demo #3 - Demo #2 - Demo #1 - Rough game engine showcase (very old) - AVGN holding the first game (OK, this isn't related, but he does indeed have the game)

I'll try to be active here for more updates.

Personal Projects / My NES homebrew game, "Battle Kid" is out
« on: January 01, 2009, 12:14:23 am »
Hello.  I don't post here often, but thought I'd share this here.  It's a video demo of a little platformer I'm making for the NES.  It's come along fairly well.  Inspired by I Wanna Be The Guy. - This is a demo rom of the first area and first boss.

As of late March, I decided the full title will be "Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril". - Video 1 (very old) - Video 2 (pretty similar to how it is now) - Video 3 (has commentary by me; appearance-wise, it should be mostly final) - Video 4 (revisits old areas from video 1, but in their hopefully final form...) - Video 5 (intro cutscenes)

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