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Hey ^^
I have troubles with editing texts in Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II.
I think it is compressed. Is there any way to decompress it and edit?
Please help ;)

Here an example dialog:

2 ,,GOKU: Oh, hi, Gohan" I CAN EDIT
2a ,,GOHAN: Dad! Is it really you? " I CAN EDIT
2b ,, Of course it is!" I CAN EDIT
2c ,,Dad! it really is you! I can't belive you're back."  I CAN'T EDIT
2d ,, I missed you so much!"  I CAN'T EDIT
2e ,,I missed you too,son." I CAN EDIT
2f ,, What happened up there on Namek, dad?"  I CAN'T EDIT
2g ,, What happened ..."  I CAN'T EDIT
2h ,,..."
2i ,,You can tell..."  I CAN EDIT

Programming / [PSX] Ape Escape (Saru Get You) - KKIIDDZZ.DAT
« on: February 11, 2013, 03:29:23 am »

Hello. I need help with unpacking and repacking archive KKIIDDZZ.DAT in this game. Can someone look at this files and create quick bms script or tool/unpacker? Please :)

This game has these files/folders:

DEMO folder - there are many files with *.str extension (movies in psx games)
MINIGAME folder - many files with *.BIN extension and few files with *.GRD and *.EXE extension
STR folder - sounds and possibly movies
KKIIDDZZ.BNS - I'm not sure
KKIIDDZZ.DAT - archive or just container with data
KKIIDDZZ.HED - small file with header or something like that
SCUS_944.23 / SYSTEM.CNF - default psx files, not very important

I think that textures, models, texts and scripts are compressed in this KKIIDDZZ.DAT file, so it is very important for me to extract and import them to this file ;)

I also uploaded cutted files (KKIIDDZZ.BNS / KKIIDDZZ.DAT / KKIIDDZZ.HED) for analysis. Download below.



I am also posting a link to DEMO version of the Ape Escape. Maybe it will help a little with analysis process.
Any help with that is appreciated :)


Newcomer's Board / Game protected by libcrypt or crc-check
« on: January 29, 2012, 04:19:54 pm »
Helo. I have game protected by libcrypt or crc-check. It is  MediEvil 2 PAL.
I'm trying make polish translation to this game.

When i change something (graphics or hexs) in a file inside the disc image of this game, it corrupts and crashes when i launch a game in a ePSXe emulator.
My friend told me that is protection's fault and i must remove it. How can i do this?

I'm using cdmage to insert and export files from disc image. It fixes ECC/EDC errors on the fly and i think this is reason of broken game, because cdmage repairs corrupted sectors needlessly and checksum of the image is incorrect. Do you know any programs with functions of cdmage, but not fixing ECC/EDC on the fly?

Newcomer's Board / Extracting videos from PSX games
« on: October 15, 2011, 05:11:45 am »
Hello. I want to export video from Crash Bandicoot 3, add polish subtitles and import to this game with my subtitles. How can i do this? Do you know any tutorials? Can someone explain me how does it work?

Newcomer's Board / SnesEdit - search
« on: October 12, 2011, 08:59:24 am »
Is there any way to search something in snesedit backward?

All texts to translate in my game are on the end of the image. Every time program finds text on the end of the searching (87-91%) and i'm wasting my time waiting for results ; /
Please help me. It is very important for me ;)

Newcomer's Board / MediEvil (PSX) - errors
« on: October 10, 2011, 02:30:33 am »
Hello. I am new here. I'm trying to translate MediEvil to polish but i have trouble with it. I can't replace TIM files in this game ("Loading" and "Game over") I have tried with all available programs but i always have errors. Can someone help me? Please, it is important for me.

Newcomer's Board / MediEvil (PSX) - fonts
« on: September 25, 2011, 07:01:03 am »
i want to make a polish translation to game Medievil (PSX) but i can't find fonts (i can't add polish characters to this game). Which program should i use? Tile molester? Which codec should i choose? Where are this fonts? Can someone help me?

I am new here. Please help me.

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