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ROM Hacking Discussion / Cramped UI? Cramped Strings?
« on: May 30, 2011, 11:18:33 am »
I came across a Japanese indie game I liked so I figured I'd try my hand at translating it.  I've finally managed to get an insertion script written and working, unfortunately much of my translations are too big to fit in the game's UI elements, and end up overflowing off the side.  Even worse, some strings have little to no padding giving me a hard limit of around 15 characters to write what should be 26.

Are there any special tricks to dealing with limited UI space other than just abbreviating things?  And for the limited length strings, is there some decompiler that can add padding to an executable without misaligning everything and invalidating pointers?

I'm probably asking for impossible things, but I figured if they existed, people here would probably know.

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