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ROM Hacking Discussion / Extract Intel Hex files from MAME ROM files
« on: September 03, 2021, 11:26:09 am »
Hello all ~ new member here, so please go easy on me!   :thumbsup:

I have bought an original board set for the upright Defender arcade game on eBay. I have the emulator (MAME) ROM files from, an EPROM burner, and the HxD editor.

Can someone share the general steps for extracting Intel Hex files from the emulator ROM files, which I assume are needed to program the individual ROMs? 

I would like to program a complete set of replacement ROMs for the 1x ROM (Decoder on CPU board), 11x ROMs (11 used on ROM Board), and 1x ROM (Sound Board) since I have no way of verifying the ROMs in the boards are good. (The boards were all sold "as is" or "not working").

I've searched this forum (and other sites) yet have not found "step by step" instructions on Programming EPROMs from the emulators files.

Perhaps no individual file extraction and reformatting to Intel Hex is needed, but it's not clear to me where to begin.  Any help or advice would be most appreciated.  FWIW, I am an electrical engineer and can help others with hardware questions and will be sure to share my experience with programming the EPROMs / EEPROMs once I'm done.

thanks for your help or suggestions in advance!


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