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Hi all, I am interested in modding the Jumping Flash! games on PSX/PS1, I currently know how to change the music, sounds, and FMV's, however I am having trouble finding a way to rip (and hopefully replace) the textures (and possibly models) in these games.

I am mainly looking to mod the first 2 games, since as of writing this I cannot read Japanese, and currently there are no translations for Robbit mon Dieu, nor are there for Pocket MuuMuu.

The textures (and models hopefully) seem to be in EAR format archive files, or possibly PEX. I have managed to open EAR files in 7-zip, however all that shows up is a generic file of the same name without the EAR extension. If anyone has any knowledge on how to open and edit these files, please let me know. Thanks. < Here's a link to screenshots of the files