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Help Wanted Ads / [Technical] Hayarigami DS English Localization project
« on: October 13, 2021, 12:30:05 pm »
Hello I'm starting up a new project with the goal of translating Hayarigami DS from Japanese to English. I'm currently looking for someone that has pretty good knowledge of ds romhacking to help kick start the project. If you are interested in help in my project please reply to this post or contact me through discord (comicmaster138#2537).

Preliminary research on the rom

(W.I.P logo)

Newcomer's Board / What is the purpose of the 'ftc' folder in DS roms
« on: September 23, 2021, 07:49:22 pm »
Hello, I looking into the files of some DS roms and saw the folder 'ftc' and I wanted to to know what the general purpose of the folder and what its files do. If anyone can answer my question that would be much appreciated.


Looking for a Japanese to English translator for my Sakura Wars GB English translation romhack. Most of the game's text has been dumped by the project's technical lead Dan Jia. The project so far has a few translators but more translators are needed since the game is very text heavy. If you be willing to join the project PM me. If you just want to help by translating some of the text then here is the text spread sheet

Assistance on this project would be very much appreciated :)

How do I replace the tile screen graphics with a custom one?

Im trying to replace top portion of title screen with a custom graphic. I know the offsets where the graphics are located, but not know how to procced.

Circled in green are the graphics I want to replace

Custom title screen graphics made in photoshop

Newcomer's Board / How do I extract Text from GBC rom to tbl file?
« on: June 18, 2021, 02:56:34 pm »
How do I extract Text from GBC rom to tbl file?

Hey i'm working on an English translation for Sakura Wars GB

Example of the Translation: (Bugs and memory issues that need to be looked into)

The game is a spin off title of the Sakura wars franchise featuring similar gameplay to the console games but with a new story. The story is you meeting Ayame Fujieda, who has been searching all over Japan to find people with great spiritual power. In this game you will spend a month at the grand imperial theater to train to fight demons. There meet the 6 members of the Imperial Combat Revue and aim to complete your graduation exam.

Is there a way to identify the offset where specific sprite or background are? This will make locating and editing graphic easier. Im editing a GBC game.

Is there a way to find an easy way to pointer table in a GBC rom? knowing the pointer table address will help me will help me in my ENglish translation project

I Need help modifying the pixel separation between letters. I am in the early stages of an english rom hack for Sakura Taisen GB. After I created a custom english font(4x8) that was twice as small as the Japanese font(8x16) (This was done have more words per line) I noticed that custom font that I had put into the game had a sizable 4 pixel gap between letters. Is there any way to modify the game to that the gap is one pixel wide instead of 4 pixels wide?

I am getting into translating a GBC game called Sakura Wars GB but the game only allows for 14 glyphs per line which is not enough glyph/character spaces for the translation. Since the game has 8x16 glyphs I made a 4x8 font for the game. I need help inserting the font into the game and making it functional.

the font is at:
18000    table 1
1a000    02 switch byte
1b000    03 switch byte
1c000    04 switch byte

The first text line is at 0x106091
This is the font order

is visible at 1bpm, 16x32 blocks with interleaved rows using tilemolester

NOTE: the game has 8x16 glyphs, shows 3 text lines per window and 14 glyphs per line

Example of the problem:

What programs/ knowledge should a beginner know about GBC translation hacking?

How should I go about editing text or extracting and inserting script from a GBC rom.

I want translate Sakura Wars GB but dont have much of a clue where to start

and all the advice I have researched so far has either been above my understanding or not helpful for my situation

Helpful advice is much appreciated  :)

How can rip this menu logo into a high quality image file?

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