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Hello and good afternoon to anyone who has entered this thread.

First of all, let me introduce myself, for I am quite new to the ROM hacking scene. My name is Edgar, and I enjoy playing Japanese games too much. Only downside to this is that some of the best Japanese games are only released with the native country in mind.

I became VERY interested in the translation hacking process and was a bit overwhelmed by the time it takes to complete a single translation.
I have no experience at hacking; the past few days I've been studying binary and hexadecimal code. I can tell you I'm no wizard at those two codes, but I've learned the basics already. I'm not good at converting one to another and to decimals or text, but I can do it.

I'm most interested in translating Japanese PS2 ISOs. Yes... too complex for a novice, I know. But hey, it does not cost me much to give a Long and painstaking try, right?

I know it is almost impossible for a person of my experience and background (almost none at hacking) to translate a PS2 ISO from Japanese to English or Spanish ( I also can not understand Japanese, but I've been studying it as well these past few days).

Well; enough of almost functionless preambles...

I'm interested in translating these games ( :-\) :

Kengo 3
Hissatsu Ura-Kagyou
Shinobido Takumi
Rurouni Kenshin: Enjou! Kyoto Rinne

...and; one that does not seem out of my reach at the time

David Doulliet Judo (this game is in French, not Japanese... but is a judo game!!!)

I have given a couple of tries at Kengo 3. I am trying to create a table for it; the only issue is that the game is possibly 99% in Japanese.
Well; I need the help of anyone who could understand my hand-drawn Japanese characters. I took the time to stare at my TV screen for about 40 minutes trying to get right the characters ona piece of paper; I then scanned it and processed it. And I bring it to you... I hope you can help me identify the characters and their "nature" (romanji, kanji, hirgana, katakana). I need to identify which system is the game using. Perhaps I am making a foolish assumption or doing something wrong. Feel free to point out my mistake.

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