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Newcomer's Board / Is there any easy to use SMB gfx editor?
« on: December 30, 2011, 09:50:06 pm »
Since in YY-CHR all sprites in SMB come up as scrambled (and believe me, I tried every possible alignment option) and title screen, the biggest image in game which I want to edit too is most scrambled and can't get it right can you give me some hints on any SMB-specific sprite and tile editors so I'll be able to edit all sprites easily?

I couldn't find an alternative to those two utils and since I am interested in full SMB hack so after I done with it it'll barely resemble SMB at all those tools are essential for me. So is there anyone who knows Japanese and want to try to translate this?

ROM Hacking Discussion / Mario graphic & text hack - HUD pallette problem.
« on: February 24, 2011, 12:53:39 pm »
As my first project (probably like every beginner romhacker) I decided to make something simple - Mario graphic and text hack. Also I decided to change font to my own - with gradient which caused troubles in Mario HUD and popping scores after killing goomba/taking mushroom or 1up after taking 1up shroom. Two words: Wrong palette.

Fortunately in game ROM there is 4 color subpalette which would be great for other things also. Saddly it is used only for Thank you Mario(...) text and maybe for few graphical sprites.

My question is how to change HUD so it'll have "Thank you mario" colors? I don't want to change palletes used for hud in normal/underworld/underwater and castle levels, because as far as I know those palletes are used for things like clouds, etc. I just want to change references, so game will draw every text using color subpalette from Thank you mario text.

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