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Help Wanted Ads / Help Wanted Ads Additional Rules
« on: May 14, 2017, 11:10:37 am »
This forum section is intended to replace the main site 'Help Wanted Ads' section. This forum section may be subject to change as it gets going to better define itself. To start, it has inherited the guidelines from the main site section.


Help Wanted Ads are intended for those seeking formal recruitment of another individual for help in their established project/s. Minor problems, informal help, and other regular forum inquiries should go in the ROM Hacking Discussion section or other more appropriate section. The topic creator may lock the topic when the Ad has been fulfilled.


1. You should only use these Ads if you have done substantial work on a project and are looking for additional technical or translation help.
2. Ads are NOT for startup project advertising, anything involving money, help with utilities, or requests for somebody to do something for you.
3. Topic titles should be tagged with the type of help required as well as the platform such as '[Technical] [NES] Duck Hunt UFO Hack'
4. Help Wanted Ads should contain adequate information describing the project, what's been done, and what specific job you are seeking help with.
5. Comments should be kept to the subject of inquiry (ie what kind of work needs to be done, the current project's situation, etc.).  Talk about the actual work should be done in ROM Hacking Discussion, Personal Projects, or other more appropriate section.
6. When the ad is fulfilled or complete, mark the topic as such by editing your post and setting the 'Message icon' to use the 'Topic Solved'  icon.

Programming / Visual Studio Community and .NET Core
« on: November 21, 2014, 06:57:53 pm »
Microsoft recently made some about-face announcements regarding the direction of the Visual Studio products and .NET. It's the best news I've seen from Microsoft for the programming world in a long time. They are finally making a real effort now in the direction that developers have been asking for. I think this can only be beneficial for all. Their IDE is pretty damn slick these days too. I cringe every time I have to use the other guy's IDEs.

Visual Studio Community

First, they released Visual Studio Community 2013. This is essentially Visual Studio Professional licensed for free to hobbyists, open source devs, and startup companies operating under $1M/year. Full functionality is there including extensions. This is NOTHING like that crippled Express Edition they've been tossing to us the past few years. This is a fantastic release and you can do some serious development, optimization, and debugging on this version! There's also support for Android and some other interesting items in the latest update for it.

.NET Core

Next, an even bolder announcement is that the upcoming .NET Core version will be OPEN SOURCE as well as officially coming to Mac and Linux!! Visual Studio 2015 is where this will start and shaping up to look pretty good all-around. They have really been pushing to get the latest C++ standards in there and addressing most long time complaints. Somebody finally woke up over there and got to work!

Blog Post
Visual Studio 2015 Info

Script Help and Language Discussion / [SNES] Dual Orb 2 - Scan Text
« on: August 10, 2014, 11:09:12 am »
The monster weakness reported from the scan spell (provides HP/MP/Weakness) in Dual Orb 2 was not translated. I am attempting to amend this travesty. It looks like most of them read 'None', so it doesn't look like much work. I summon the powers of the all-knowing Japanese-to-English RHDN Gods to please grace me with some assistance in this matter so I don't have to simply take what the dictionary tells me! ;D

Script Help and Language Discussion / [SNES] Wozz - Minor Checks.
« on: July 02, 2014, 08:01:28 pm »
I'm addressing an elusive missed string and inconsistency in Wozz that I was hoping someone could help with.

1. This missed string appears randomly in battle by a character named 'Vangas'. I have no other context to go on. I've never personally seen it.

Vangas 「オンドリャ!!!

2. We have the following spell and description, which seem inaccurate. Maybe 'Ice Slice' instead?

Water Slice

こおりのやいばを とばすわざ 
Fires blades of ice

Gaming Discussion / Tim Schafer Fails Kickstarter
« on: July 03, 2013, 01:31:58 pm »
I'm not a big fan of kickstarter. Sure, there's some good stuff there, but you have to wade through all the extortion scams and incompetent people whom couldn't manage their way out of a paper bag, and wannabe internet celebrities sensationalized by their kickstarter videos and the media. Really, there's an awful lot of junk overshadowing the real winners in my mind. There's more losing bets than winning bets to me.

I usually don't have much to say on the issue. It's not my money, and everybody is free to do as they wish with theirs. However, I saw the recent development of Tim Schafer's Broken Age and I have to say it embodies everything that's wrong with Kickstarter. I know a bunch of you support Kickstarter here and probably supported one or more of his projects. I was interested in getting your thoughts on the matter now with the latest developments.

Let's recap:

1. He asks for $400,000 for Broken Age.
2. He's a popular person, media sensationalized it, and he made $3 million! Nearly 10x what his projected cost was.
3. It's way behind schedule and he just now figured out current projections go to 2015.
4. In the meantime he starts ANOTHER kickstarter for Massive Chalice. Also overfunded by 70%.
5. Finally, he comes back yesterday crying that 10x his original budget STILL ISN'T ENOUGH! He wants MORE!

The guy spends more time on his videos and public relations than he does on managing his budget. There's a reason there are people in suites handling business and people like him creating products. He's a fine guy creatively, but he's about the most incompetent project manager there ever was. If you still can't complete a project with 10x your budget, you are more than a failure in any company I have ever been exposed to. With such gross mismanagement, I can't imagine he will end in success on his MULTIPLE kickstarter projects (He's doing so poorly with one project, yet he got funded for another!! How!?). Even if he does, I certainly wouldn't trust someone who works like that with my money. The money coffins run dry eventually with such gross mismanagement. I've seen game studios work like this before and they usually tank. I know game development isn't cheap, but I'd really love to see where 10x your needed money possibly went. I wouldn't be surprised if something a little dishonest is going on. Often when someone seems too incompetent, they're actually smart and up to something.

This is everything I hate about Kickstarter all summed up by one guy. I'm not trolling, it's just my opinion. If you still support him, I'd love to hear yours. :)

P.S. I haven't directly linked his projects because I won't aid in directly advertising for him further even though by even writing this I have done so. :(

Gaming Discussion / MGS - David Hayter is Snake No More!
« on: April 04, 2013, 08:36:27 am »
I just recently started playing through the MGS series (currently playing MGS3) and the voice acting is what really brings that series to life. David Hayter's portrayal of Solid Snake/Naked Snake is at the forefront of that. It's not too often that I find a voice actor so good that I investigate the man behind the voice, other works, and am left wanting more.

So, imagine my sadness when after just recently discovering how awesome he is, I find he has been cast out of the MGS series! Rumors have the reason as a plan for BigBoss and Snake to appear together at some point in the future, and they can't have the same voice for both. That's just a rumor though.

Hopefully this is all a bit premature and it's not as bad as it seems. Perhaps there is a plan and he will only be sitting out one game for some logical reason. Still, I'd write in a special scene or something just to have Hayter be involved in some way. Casting him out entirely is not cool. He's really passionate about his MGS work and character portrayal and that's somewhat of a rarity.

Note: I realize it seems to be only Naked Snake/Big Boss in MGS5 that we're talking about.

Programming / Program Design and Data Structure (TextAngel)
« on: April 07, 2011, 02:34:52 pm »
I'm looking to get a little help or ideas on some design aspects of my WIP utility TextAngel. In a bit of a novel approach, this program aims to both dump and insert using the same interface. I found that if I had enough information to get the text out, that same information is usually enough to get the text back in. That holds true for most supported cases. I offer Atlas compatible dumping output in the event you need to go beyond what my program can handle insertion wise. Sometimes a novel approach is novel only because everybody else thought it was too stupid to bother with! And for every successful idea, there are many failed ones. I hope that is not the case here! :laugh:

Here are some screenshots and an overview of how the utility is currently laid out:

Software design wise, I have an input, a pipeline, and an output. Then I simply have descriptor attributes about each to determine exactly what to do with it in the pipeline, and helper objects to do the work. The idea here is when you are dumping, you assemble all source pointers and encoded text strings into a standardized data structure. When you insert, you would assemble all destination pointers and decoded hex strings into that same standardized data structure. Then you can post process in any variety of ways to transform, order, and process before you sent it over to the final output stage. In the output stage, you handle outputting to text files, inserting into ROM etc. The output stage is somewhat simple because it's just going to traverse the data structure and insert pointers and strings per what's defined there.
The first question one might ask me is what kind of data structure are we talking about here and how it can serve both dumping and inserting needs? That's a good question and one of the main design issues I'm looking for assistance on.

I'm sure I may need to collect more information later, but this is what I have now which works for most of my test cases thus far.

StringInfo Object:
StringStart - Starting location from data file
StringEnd - Ending location from data file
Text - Text String
Hex - Hex Encoded Representation of String
EncodedByteLength - Original byte length when dumping (assumes post processing will alter 'Hex' property.

PointerInfo Object:
Format - A PointerFormat structure with all associated parameters describing the format of this pointer.
PointerLocation - The location the pointer was taken from for dumping. The location it should be written to for insertion.
PointerValue - The pointer value itself.

Note: Methods are immaterial here and not listed. The issue at hand is with data structure/representation only.

Now, I just tie them together and make an associative array out of it. Each entry has a pointer and associated string and all information we need to do a variety of things with them before output. So, the standardized data structure is the associative array.


1. Does this approach make sense to anybody else? I am a solid mechanical coder, but I have never been great at software design.

2. If the approach doesn't sound like one a retarded monkey would take, does anyone have any better ideas for a standardized data structure? Mine feels a bit off to me.

3. I seemed to back myself into a bit of a wall if I attempt to do something a bit more complicated. For example, the pointer tree method, even with just two layers, assumes you'd have a 'master' pointer table with every pointer pointing to smaller pointer tables with pointers to strings. How do I represent this? Well, with my seemingly naive design, I would simply have a list of pointers (that do not have string info) with each pointing to it's own associative string/pointer pair array. That doesn't sound too horrible at first until I think about adding more layers, and how cumbersome it will become to navigate. It seems to point to a problem in my data structure.

Any feedback or ideas would be helpful.

Newcomer's Board / Getting Started
« on: March 27, 2009, 12:24:47 pm »
We strongly recommend all beginners start with information available in our own "Getting Started" section (also found on the left hand navigation bar). In addition, the community has put together a little package of required material often used in response to beginner questions on our forum. We recommend reading or browsing all material prior to asking any questions in order to get the most helpful and efficient response from our community members.

The Newbie Package of REQUIRED Material
Recommended Reading FAQ: You ask, we answer! Getting Started Section: Newbies Go HERE! Documents Section!
How to ask questions the smart way.
On the Essence of ROM Hacking
Talk with experienced people in our IRC chat and ask specific questions there.

Please be aware that most ROM hacking concepts apply to many or all platforms. Just because you don't see a document specifically on hacking game X for platform Y doesn't mean information is not available to you. Concepts applied on the NES or SNES for example can often be applied in a similar fashion on Playstation or Playstation 2 games. The only real differences amongst platforms are 2d vs. 3d concepts and ROM vs. File Systems. Beyond that, the concepts for graphics editing, text translation, debugging, etc can often be applied to all platforms.

Personal Projects / Personal Projects' Additional Rules
« on: April 23, 2007, 11:17:01 am »
Personal project topics can be and should be created in this sub forum. A 'Personal Project Topic' is one that's sole purpose is to discuss the activity of a specific in progress project the topic creator is working on. Topic content would include screenshots, showing progress, updates, asking for opinions on various aspects of said project, font choice polling, etc. Projects can include ROM Hacks, Translations, Documents, Utilities, or any other related project.

This is not a release announcement sub forum. If your project is complete, please submit it to the database and feel free to write a news article about it's release.

If you just want to show off a quick screenshot and don't think a topic is warranted, feel free to just use the Screenshots thread.


1. One topic per project or one topic per projects by the same author if the author chooses.
2. The topic should define what type of project it is and not be vague.
3. The project must be an established project and you must have something to show for it. We do not want any projects in the 'idea' or 'concept' phase. Only 'real' active projects.
4. Do not create an excessive number of topics if you have multiple projects. This hogs up equal opportunity on the topic listings for other people to have their projects and topics viewed. If you have many projects, you'll need to create one topic covering the projects for your group or person.

Newcomer's Board / Forum Rules
« on: January 31, 2006, 01:40:44 pm »

Last Revision - 26 June 2011


1. Act friendly, maturely, and respectfully to all your fellow community members. If you have a problem with a particular member, you may report it via the "Report to Moderator" button or PM any moderator. You may not publicly start a discussion about it.

2. RHDN should not be used as your vehicle to piracy - we're not a piracy ring. Any requests for or offers, either directly or indirectly, or hotlinking to illegal material, such as ROMs, ISOs, DVDRips, animations doesn't belong here. This includes discussion that would encourage or enable piracy of "0-day" or recently released games (discussing emulation problems, copy-protection cracks, etc). Discussion on "reproduction" cartridges is not considered within the scope of this forum and is not permitted.

3. Avatar size limit is 100x100. They should generally be 20K or less in size.

4. Signatures. Text only signatures are strongly encouraged, however signatures containing non-animated images will be tolerated within the following restrictions; 100px height limit, 400px width limit, 25K file size limit. We reserve the right to evaluate signatures on a case by case basis and ask the signature be removed if it is distracting to our visitors. You may advertise your own personal site with a link in your signature.

5. No personal advertising without permission from a Site Administrator, currently Nightcrawler. Use your signature instead.

Rules of Thumb:

General community ethics suggest the following rules of thumb. While not official rules you will be penalized for, repeated failure to act appropriately will likely cause your peers to report you for a rule 1 violation.

  • The scope of the site is primarily "Rom Hacking", which we define as modifications to console or handheld game images, or homebrew endeavors targeting those same platforms. Members working on projects that fall outside this scope are strongly encouraged to ask for help and feedback on more appropriate sites.
  • Please don't ask when a project is done. It is done when they release it.
  • Please try not to ask if there's any updates. Updates come when something new does come up, and no earlier than that.
  • Please do not resurrect old topics unless you have something very relevant or new news to add. Often dubbed 'thread necromancy'.
  • It is never a good idea to request someone else do work for you. That includes asking for someone to make a utility, do a translation, write a document etc.
  • Make a best effort at spelling,  proper grammar, and punctuation. The forum has spellcheck for you to use.
  • Please don't post or quote an excessive amount of code, hex, text, or images. We don't want to store a second copy of your work in our forum database. Use a link instead. In many cases when quoting, such as responding to the post above yours, a simple "@User:" will suffice.
  • Posts where members attempt to sell or buy products, or solicit or offer labor in exchange for monetary compensation are prohibited. If you wish to engage in such discussions with other members, use private messaging or another communication medium.

Rule Violations:

1. Warnings:
  • When a warning is issued, auto notification will be made via PM.
  • A Warning level will be viewable in profiles via a percentage bar to both moderators and offending users.
  • A Warning level of 1% to 25% automatically places the user on the Moderator Watch List.
  • A Warning level of 26% to 50% additionally places the user in supervised posting mode, where their posts must be approved before being visible to to standard users.
  • A warning level of 51% to 100% completely prevents the user from posting on the forum. Per moderator discretion, a temporary or permanent ban may be employed in lieu of this warning level.
  • Once a warning level has been set on the user's account, it will stay at that level for 24 hours. After that, it will decrease by one percentage point per day until falling to 0%, provided the user doesn't receive any additional warnings that would reset this process.
  • As the user's warning level decreases, effects added by higher levels are removed. So, for example, a user whose level transitions from 26% to 25% regains the ability post without having a moderator review it first.

2. Warnings will be issued via PM only. There will be no public discussion.

3. The percentage value of a given warning is determined by the infraction.

We hope nobody will purposely violate any rules; we do like to be lenient and let mature, respectful people govern themselves. However, individuals who do not follow the rules make this board a less than ideal place for our community to come to. Our community does not want that.

In summary, each infraction brings with it a warning, which will be issued via PM and will gradually expire after a period of good behavior. In the case of extreme offenses, immediate bans -either temporary or permanent- can be issued. In the event of a ban, any site privileges associated with the offending account will also be restricted for the duration of the ban.
So, please, just do unto others as you wish to be done unto yourself and all will be perfectly fine. I'm confident that together we can keep this board a nice place for people to come to.

Newcomer's Board / Where to get ROMs
« on: January 31, 2006, 01:34:40 pm »
We do not want our forums cluttered with new people constantly asking where to get them, so we are presenting this nice sticky post to you to answer your question.

Because we're already providing the answer here, we will be twice as upset to see posts in our forum asking where to get them! So, read this guide.  If you have trouble with the information here, that's too bad.  We really don't want to hear it.  You should be able to find ROMs BY YOURSELF and should consider yourself very lucky we're even providing this topic for you! When in doubt, USE GOOGLE!

1.) HTTP Web Pages + FTP Servers - The easiest, yet fairly annoying way to get ROMs is to go to some standard web ROM sites.  You can search Google to find many sites. You can also search for FTP sites that contain ROMs.

2.) P2P(Peer to Peer) - You can find ROMs on almost any P2P network with almost any P2P software.  Use google to search for and find P2P software and networks. We recommend:

3.) You can also find ROMs on IRC Networks.  Use Google to learn about what IRC is, how to get onto it, and how to obtain files via fserves. Software we recommend:

4.) You can also find ROMs in Direct Connect(DC) protocol hubs.  Use Google to learn about what Direct Connect(DC) is, how to get into hubs, and how to obtain files. Software we recommend:

5.) Bittorrent - You can also find ROMs via Bittorrent.  Use Google to learn about what Bittorrent is, available clients, and how to use torrent files. Software we recommend:

There are just SOME of the many ways you can obtain ROMs.  This is more than enough information to point you in the right direction. It's your responsibility to do some searching and research and learn how to use the software and methods we've described to you.  If you are still unable to find any ROMs, we are not willing to help you any further.

NO ROM REQUESTS in the forums! Thank You.

-Nightcrawler Admin

Newcomer's Board / Introduction Topic
« on: December 30, 2005, 08:48:19 pm »
As requested by one of the new people to the forum, here is the introductory topic where you can write a bit about yourself, help yourself fit in, and maybe even make a new online friend or two.

With that said, I'm not going to write anything because I already wrote something about me in the 'About this Site' section! Besides, I'm the big chief in charge here and everybody already knows who I am. j/k.  ;D

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