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Personal Projects / Re: Pokémon Dark Energy
« on: February 06, 2014, 12:41:24 pm »
Hey in knw this sounds stupid BT how do I knew if the game updated?
I haven't updated this thread in ages, but beta 4.0 is the latest version out though.

will definitely have to play this hack sometime, always good to play another pokemon game XD
Well try it out then! Many players have found this hack pretty interesting. :)

tellme if you need any help on reversing, or if you need to find buggy offsets
Not sure what you were trying to say unless it was about helping to find out what's wrong if I run into bugs..
Nevertheless, I have loads of backups and even if I "succeeded" in doing something that would break the game, I could (most likely) take care of that issue on my own. So no problem there. :)

What's reversing though? Trying to "backtrace" or debug code to locate "wanted" routines?

You're going to add new pokemons?
I don't I will. They wouldn't really add anything to the gameplay - it's already "addictive enough".

Well, adding wild pokemon requires really nothing more than writing a new entry in the "kanto - wild pokemon" table - it has really nothing to do with the map specifics handled by the map's Primary and Secondary headers.

Anyway, making a new entry in the wild pokemon table is fairly simple once you know how to repoint and write new stuff with a hex editor.

Well first of all, you can't even make any use of the additional 2 Megabytes (or 128 rom banks) unless you write some of your own code there.
I'm personally making a major hack of Pokemon Silver and should have more than enough space to work with, even with the original 2MB since I'd say that around ~30, or more, rom banks are unused.

As for what comes to the things you're needing help with, you could implement all of them easily once you understand:
1) How to use hex editors,
2) How to work with data structures, and
3) How to program simple events

Okay, I personally didn't remember GoldTweak had that feature - I haven't had that tool in my computer in ages... Anyway, you could look for all kinds of tutorials in Skeetendo Inc. And you should also search for my video tutorials in Youtube (I have the same nickname there as here). I have covered a plenty of stuff there such as "how maps work", how to script properly, and I have also given some tips on Gameboy asm.

how much rombanks are in it?
it seems as if there were only 2. rabin2-output below:
your hack:

idx=00 addr=0x00000000 off=0x00000000 sz=16384 vsz=16384 perm=-r-x name=rombank00
idx=01 addr=0x00004000 off=0x00004000 sz=16384 vsz=16384 perm=-r-x name=rombank01

2 sections
type   SuperGameboy-Rom
card   ROM+MBC5+RAM
pic   false
has_va   true
lang   unknown
arch   gb
bits   8
machine   Gameboy
os   any
endian   little
strip   false
static   false
linenum   false
lsyms   false
relocs   false
It may have something to do with the emulating system you're using, dunno.
When I tested it with VBA, it shows the the MBC being MBC5 and rom size as 4MB. And since no freezing occurs in the game, using all the other rom banks works just fine in the game.
I have no idea why he wanted to expand the size from 2MB since there was already way more than enough space to work with for a small project though.

Congratulations on finishing the hack!

Personal Projects / Re: Pokémon Dark Energy
« on: June 14, 2013, 02:36:55 pm »
Another release (beta 4.0) is available of this rom hack.
It offers a lot of gameplay (more than many other pokemon games by Gamefreak Inc. do), sidequests and in every way, "successful scripting".

Go and grab it in the main post! You won't regret it. :)

Sure, that is how GBA pointers work. They're always 4 bytes long since (if I guess correctly) ARM/Thumb assembly instructions handle mostly 32-bit values. And in most games, pointers are in little-endian data format.
This means that data, as bytes, is written so that the least significant byte is first. And if we talk about pointers, it means that for example the pointer to rom address 571A9C would be 9C 1A 57 08. Big endian data presentation would be 08 57 1A 9C instead.

FAST6191 was pointing out other facts you need to know - specifically related to editing things you were looking for help with.

Personal Projects / Re: Ninety Flow 2013 (NHL '94 - SNES)
« on: June 11, 2013, 09:23:06 am »
I didn't bother reading all of it, but I do like what I'm seeing here.
NHL94 is really something else - and this is coming from an actual game owner who also has Super Nintendo from the past (might not be such a big deal in the US, but in Northern-Europe it is).

But hey, you've got a supporter here. Hopefully others also get interested in this and you'll receive the help you need.

Personal Projects / Re: Pokémon Dark Energy
« on: May 11, 2013, 05:41:11 pm »
Looks like this thread died again...
(Guess it's time to revive it then!)

Anyway, here's a video of a new intro sequence I've made for the hack:
Interesting stuff starts after the first minute or so, but there's some background information before it so I've included that too.

I may check this out after work. I have a couple GBC games in mind I'd love to mod.
Aren't you somewhat experienced with Snes already? In that case, I don't think these video tutorials would serve for much since the general idea is probably quite a lot the same.

Of course, the machine instruction set is different and for example, there is no defined length of how many bytes each machine instruction can take (each instruction is 1 byte long but some have parameters attached to them, don't know how it works with Snes). What comes to other thins; the code is split in 0x4000 byte long data areas, rom banks, and rom bank switching can be done by loading a value to MBC (Memory Bank Controller).

If you feel like checking these out (and are familiar with pretty much everything about asm and such), you could watch part 6 and for example part 8 (and 9 when it comes up) too. But that's all about it :)

I started a video tutorial series about teaching rom hacking a couple of months ago.
The videos are mainly centered around pokemon G/S/C data structures, hex editing and GB assembly.

As for myself, I know quite a lot about rom hacking and programming for an average guy, but my understanding level is far from those who create differents kinds of programs for companies to use, information systems and such, so that's why, there are some misconceptions here and there which some more experienced hackers have given critique of. But other than that, this video series is brilliant for people who are interested in learning how to rom hack.

The series is certainly focused on pokemon rom hacking (specifically Gen I and II games since they're quite similar) but I'd totally recommend anyone, who's interested in learning how to hack Gameboy games and isn't familiar with hex editors and machine languages, to check these videos out. They're good!

I think I'm done with the introductions so below, you can see the links to all the videos uploaded in youtube and even below them, descriptions on what kind of information each part covers. Feel free to give feedback about them because I'd appreciate that :)


Part #1:
Part #2:
Part #3:
Part #4:

Part #4A:
Part #4B:

Part #5:
Part #6:
Part #7:
Part #8:


Part #1
-Introduction to hex editing (and binary)
-GB/C rom structure
-Hex editing examples
-Text editing (Pokemon G/S/C content)
-Trainer editing (Pokemon G/S/C content)

Part #2
-Evolution editing (Pokemon G/S/C content)
-Preliminary explanation of Gameboy pointers
-Pointer calculation, repointing data
-Pointer tables

Part #3
-ROM and RAM Maps
-What does RAM stand for ?
-VBA's built-in tools
-Gameshark codes

Part #4
-Map Header
-Event Data
-Map Banks
-Basics of scripting

Part #4A (additional part to Part 4)
-Explanation of the Scripting Compendium

Part #4B (additional part to Part 4)
-Step-by-step explanation of the script of receiving Totodile in Elm's lab

Part #5
-Scripting (Normal people and trainers)
-Bit Numbers
-Bit Table 1 (D7B7-)

Part #6
-What is assembly?
-Basic instructions
-Simple asm routines
-Bit manipulations

Download the instruction set here:

Part #7
-"The World's Fastest Human Counter!"

Part #8
-Building sub programs
-Using tables
---Looking for data with a certain index
---Checking if a certain value is in table or not
-Copying data
-"Invalid opcode"

Personal Projects / Re: Pokémon Dark Energy
« on: March 22, 2013, 11:14:56 am »
I don't blame you, I've been using him as my starter in Ultra Violet and he's an absolute tank that early in the game, the trade-off is, he takes forever to level up.
Yeah. But the thing with this one is that you have a certain pokemon as a pet. And you're not going to "start your pokemon journey" in this hack like you do in most others, you'll rather get involved in it "by accident".

That's pretty much why I couldn't make it so either that you could have a whole list of starting pokemon to choose for, you already own the one you got.

Personal Projects / Re: Pokémon Dark Energy
« on: March 21, 2013, 03:17:14 am »
I'd post more feedback, but I have no complaints so far and I suck at putting stuff into words when I like it.
The Battle Room sound's interesting.
I get the idea.
Thanks for the reply :)

And if you NEED any complaints, I'd say the fact that we're still waiting for the next beta(?) release,LOL.
Also, I will love you forever if you can let me pick Larvitar as my starter, even more so if shiny?
Yeah, beta 4 has truly taken me a while, but that's what happens when you start doing this properly (all the other releases were too rushed really). Sorry, you won't love me forever, I won't be making it a possibility to get Larvitar in the beginning of the game.
You're stuck with something even more special.

Personal Projects / Re: Pokémon Dark Energy
« on: March 20, 2013, 05:17:55 pm »
C'mon guys! Surely we've got some pokemon/RPG fans around here! :P

Well, I'll just keep the thread going on myself. *It's not like I need any feedback from the people around here, but it would be nice to keep the thread running.

Anyway, two new screenshots today:

I've basically built a thing called "Battle Room" in the upper room of every PC. You may choose a training mode and you're made to fight against a randomly picked trainer of that mode (there are 5 possibilities, it chooses one of them). After you win, you receive Battle Points (BP) depending on how good the opponent was and you can change those Battle Points into certain gifts (pokemon and items mostly, there is one special case around there too).

And, I know the implementation is very similar to the Gold Saucer Battle Arena from FF7, but I don't really care. That is actually where I picked the idea behind this Battle Room too. And since some people tend to get underleveled during the gameplay, they may come here to train instead of walking around hours and hours in bushes (that was actually the main idea behind starting to build this thing. But I happened to add more and more features in it, and so, here we are!).

Personal Projects / Re: Pokémon Dark Energy
« on: March 05, 2013, 09:01:39 am »
Loving this game! just got to brightbulb though, so now i'm in search of the side quests...
i can't wait till' the next update is released.

is this the most up to date forum, or do you post more frequently somewhere else?
I haven't kept this thread as alive as the other ones in Skeetendo Inc. and Pokecommunity.
I frequently update stuff in both of them but if you wanted to keep track of everything that's going on, you could even follow both.

And to add to this, I've surely finished quite a bit of stuff since the latest update in this thread. I haven't really showed much since then elsewhere either though.

Personal Projects / Re: Pokémon Dark Energy
« on: February 06, 2013, 02:00:41 pm »
Sure! Be sure to check out mine as well when it's done.
Will do :)

Also I might as well upload these here like I have done with other forums where a thread of this hack is being hosted as well.
The re-sprited main hero on the left is made by Solar.

The screenshots show improvements to the "old beta 3" (which happens to be the latest playable release but still, it's a bit outdated).

Second and third screenshot are of a small quest you have to do already in the start of the game. Some guard at the "South Gate" has been "sleep-walking" (can't tell if that really is a word or not) to close a certain part of the gate and you have to find a way to wake him up. Not like it would serve any purpose to the game itself (before it did when you were supposed to beat a certain person before being able to wake him up but I have dropped the idea for further releases). But I felt like keeping the thing in anyway.

Fourth screenshot is of the second main character (yep, he's traveling with you) saying they should go to see this Dr. Frank to a place called Highland Town if they wanted to help out this blackbelt (who has hurt his leg there). Yeah I know... this is only just a plotwall there because I wanted the player to run into certain events in Highland Town before being able to move on. There are quite many of these "plot walls" in the game, not too many though.

Fifth screenshot is about your professor explaining he forgot to mention that he ordeded the shopkeeper at the mart to give you something before you leave on the mission (which he sent you to do).

And two final screenshots are showing small improvements to one script where you can buy something for $1500.

Personal Projects / Re: Pokémon Dark Energy
« on: January 13, 2013, 03:22:54 pm »
:-\ Sorry about that... I got my hacks mixed up!
No problem :)
But hey, check out if you like this one! Even if you regularly don't play any pokemon hacks, this should be a refreshing experience.

Personal Projects / Re: Pokémon Dark Energy
« on: January 13, 2013, 02:57:02 pm »
Heathcliff is well known actually, so the joke's lost on you. He has his own comic strip, still in syndication. Has a wii video game, the fast and the furriest. He had a cartoon show. He also has a live action movie coming out in 2014. I suggested heathcliff because he's known for kicking ass unlike garfield who is known for eating everying in sight.
Yeah, well I have seen some cartoons about that cat when I was a kid. But that wasn't what I meant there. The thing is, not garfield, heathcliff or any other cartoon has anything to do with this hack.

Personal Projects / Re: Pokémon Dark Energy
« on: January 13, 2013, 07:49:39 am »
Thanks for update.
No problem! I'll try to update this every once in a a while in the future too.

I think garfield should be heathcliff!
Ookay...  :huh:

Might have been a good joke post but not being from america, it was even hard to figure out what you were literally trying to say here.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy VII NES Project
« on: January 13, 2013, 07:46:11 am »
I like both of your speeches but I've got to admit that the latter one sounds better so you should probably go with it instead.
In the one you (Lugia2009) made, it sounds more like a narration read of a book than the person talking on her own.
But not saying it's bad, not at all! Nice work in fact!

It's just that seeing keithisgood give a new aspect to what she could say, I prefer that one to yours (but wouldn't mind it seeing in the finished hack either).

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