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Hi! I've been watching from the shadows for a long time, and as a fellow person who loves the manual/character art, I'm very excited for this project! You've done an excellent job and are a great artist.

I have a question, though - I was wondering why for the Ninji enemy, you went with the buttony artwork that was used for later iterations of the character (starting with SMW) versus the original Doki Doki Panic / SMB2 manual art that gives them teeth/claws.
(Looks like Supper Mario Broth has done an article on the Ninji evolution too: )

I tried searching the thread again to see if it's been brought up before, but I couldn't find anything.

I'm just curious - I personally enjoy the original teeth interpretation more than the buttons, but that might just be because I grew up with the SMB2 manual :>

EDIT: I just found your mention of the Ninji at the very end of the OP, but I can't seem to figure out how to delete this... perhaps I have to wait for moderator approval :/ I guess you can still comment on your reasoning if you wish!