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Hey, noticed you guys were talking about bushes. Here's my try :
Well, I'm back. On the topic of SMB1, there are some things I don't really like about the bros., like the hair being brown.. I suppose you based it on the newer artwork, but Classic Mario had black hair. You can keep the brown hair in SMB2 and SMB3, but brown hair in SMB1 feels weird.
I've edited the idle stances with my own edits, changing what I felt was weird. I also made Luigi slimmer and taller.
Also, if changing the palletes are possible, I'd like the darkest color to be more dark so that it doesn't mix in with the bg or other stuff much.
Quote from: pocket on October 03, 2020, 04:39:03 AM
Huh... that's strange, but then I actually never looked at the sprites in the Demo since Yoshifanatic's hack just assembles the fully hacked rom right then and there. But that did make me realize I actually have a sprite sheet for everything in the Demo in a .bin format, they're still a bit disassembled but not to the degree that they are in my demo.  I threw them into the MEGA so you can get them from there.  Sorry about making you jump through the hoops.

I have mostly complete sheets for SMB1 and Lost Levels as well actually. I was getting everything organized by copy pasting my sprites into the folders of Yoshi Fanatic's hack when DarkSamus99 contacted me so SMB3 is the only one that I've not got sheets for yet.
Well, don't worry. All I had to do was press the + button a couple of times, a solution that Justamariofan suggested. Mario sprites are done. I tried to do Luigi but he just looks worse than your sprites, so I've kept them as is.
Quote from: Justamariofan on October 02, 2020, 05:54:10 PM
There should be plus(+) and minus(-) buttons. Just press whichever until you can see the player's graphic banks.
That worked. Thanks!
Well, I opened the rom using YY-CHR, loaded the pallete, but uh.. Mario and the others seem to be horribly transfigured in pieces and scattered around. The other sprites are fine though. There's also a copy of the original SMB2 players.
Alright. I can make a full sheet if you provide me the sprites, so the workload will be reduced. Thanks for the imgur tip!
Oh, alright. The issue with SMB2 Mario and Luigi is that the space between their hair and eyes is a bit too much. The head looks way oversized for the rest of the body. So I edited them a bit myself. Here's the image link since for me img doesn't work.
Hey there. This hack is pretty cool! Although, I'm in a mixed bag about SMB3 Mario and Luigi but they're good for the most part. I love their poses but the design of em is weird. I really don't like SMB2 Mario and Luigi. They just.. look weird aswell. I don't know how you can do the SMB2 ones better though, but I've made this SMB3 Mario. Me and my friend are gonna use him in a project (Although with color changes and some minor edits) but if you want I can make a sheet of him.