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It is a fine shrubbery.
Quote from: TheMasonGamer on January 12, 2022, 03:47:47 AM
This is super cool! I think it'd be great if you could open up a Discord server for this project. It would be a lot easier to reach you and see the newest updates when they're finished, along with community submissions/suggestions for sprite adjustments. It's also much easier to navigate than on these forums. I'd really love to join if you decide to make a server!  :)
That, I can agree on.
Personal Projects / Re: Simpsons Tapper
February 17, 2022, 06:57:30 AM
Let me repeat this: I didn't like Tapper's outfit in "Root Beer Tapper", I liked the original outfit; and that I wish the outfit was used in a hack for Tapper to mimic the Disney meshup that didn't exist; I never said the Root Beer version never existed, I said I wanted the original sprite to serve the Root Beer instead of his Soda Jerk outfit. Also, the A&W logo was never a thing, that was something I made up, as if the Arcade game would've been repurposed for A&W Restaurants instead of Budweiser Beer; and I already said that the logo was converted, as in it went from being a high quality visual to an 8-bit sprite.
Personal Projects / Re: Simpsons Tapper
January 20, 2022, 06:44:57 PM
What are your thoughts on making a Version of Tapper as seen in "Wreck-it Ralph"? In the movie, Sam (or Tapper) is in the outfit he wore in the Budwiser and Suntory versions of the game, but they replaced the Alcohol with Root Beer.
And if you don't mind extra changes, I would think having the 80's "A&W" Logo for Bonus Rounds would be nice to have, if people like to play the Arcade Version at A&W Restaurants, without extreme changes to the player character design (The logo being converted by Dolphman):
Personal Projects / Re: Simpsons Tapper
September 15, 2021, 01:46:18 AM
@simpsonstapper I would like to ask something, but I feel it might be too off-topic.
QuoteThose work surprisingly well but there is something off about them I just can't put my finger on, but I don't really know where those would fit in anyway.  We've already got sprites for SMB2,3, and Lost Levels, we're really just waiting for the SMB1 sprites from Metal Wario 64.

Well, if you could figure out how to make that work, let me know. I'm just thinking it would be nice to used the Hotel Mario head for reference, since the sprite from said CD-i game was based on the design from the 80s, including Menko cards by Amada:

If I were to go for a consistent art direction, I'd draw the characters in the Yoichi Kotabe style.
I know this might not be included in the project due to hardware limitations, but I made this using Mit and SuperSludgeBro's Mario sprites for the body, and the Mario Head from Hotel Mario. This is the result:
I know "Carnival Night" "Ice Cap", Launch Base", "Sandopolis", and "Death Egg" don't fit with Castle in the Sky, but I can tell that Sonic 3 would fit more with Castle in the Sky as a game moreso than SMB1, due to how Castle in the Sky is a more complicated story than Mario's. Word of advice, find a story that fits with the hack in terms of simplicity than just taking characters from a complicated background, giving it a simple hackneed slap, and calling it a day. Because that's what it looks like to me, and I didn't even play the hack.
Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario All-Stars Redrawn
August 23, 2020, 09:01:12 PM
Yo Pocket, is it okay if I join in? I'm very handy with sprites.
Wouldn't it be better if it was Sonic 3 for Castle in the Sky? using SMB1 for Castle in the Sky doesn't make any sense.