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Sure! I tested that after I defeated the Monster-in-a-box or Coliseum match they went from blank to showing up as "greyed out" here. Just a start, but a good one.

Very awesome indeed! I just did some preliminary testing with it (does require a header) but applying the extra patches for Siegfried, Typhoon and Death Warden all worked well with TWUE. This was with Main2 with the default color.

For people who aren't fans of the new intro, someone disclosed how to disable it here, however, there's a bug in the patch... When you confirm your name in Dragon Quest II, it crashes. This is because the game references the bootcode again. So here's the full method on how to disable the intro...

Code: [Select]
0x000000: D87818FBC210E220A9
0x04B002: 5C70FF09

To the left are the offsets to change and to the right are the byte values to change to.

Also, if the game just doesn't load at all with this fix, make sure the hash matches what's on the hack page and to use an emulator like BSNES.

In any case, the patch looks great, and I applaud the efforts of RodMerida.

Just to confirm, I got this to work, testing name inputs for both DQI and DQII on SNES9x.

Will be quite glad to add a bug-free SNES DQII to the collection, never completed DQII on this rom (or anywhere else for that matter) due to not wanting to worry about the bugs, so thanks for the patch... I do kind of miss my Ball of Light tho, not gonna lie.

Found an instance where Bartz's name displays as the default even though I changed his name right before you fight Magissa and he says "'d hunt a wind drake!?"

First off, thanks to the OP for this awesome project, can help me make a definitive FFV quite easily!

For this problem, since it seems like this topic is inactive, I went through and hex-searched the dialog and found 3 instances where Bartz is still hardcoded into the dialogue: 1 is right here, 2 are the conversation slightly before this when Galuf tells Bartz they should go through the air by drake. I used the hex editor to change them to the name the player has given to Bartz, but the problem is I'm not sure how to post it haha. Not sure how to post my tiny .ips file here, so here's a screenshot, change from the left to the right using any hex-editor.

Hey Rodimus,

Pretty big bug that I've tried to do some troubleshooting for. If you apply the full bug fix patch, the Rippler bug making you lose Interceptor bug is not fixed! I went and did the patch without any of the add-ons and applied either bug fix, either Terii's or Zombie/Rippler A, and the Rippler bug IS fixed, while redundantly applying those patches to the full bug fix patch did not fix it. I'm guessing it has some compatibility issue with another of the bug fixes, but I cannot identify which.

Also, the Ability name patch has received a few upgrades since you first used it (, the problems are detailed in the thread), I went through and found the exact hexadecimal values you need to change:

Bug fixes to Restored Name patch:

Size of magic spell name and item window in field menu:
00035845 from 07 to 08
00038A41 from 0D to 0C

Size of Control Menu text:
0002DDD6 from 0C to 12
00016ACC from 07 to 09
00016ABE from 03 to 07

Then, if you wish for the Esper Menu to show MP costs at the cost of a few letters in that particular menu:
Return Esper MP:

00035540: from FF to C7
0003553A: from 9A to 94

Finally, I had wiped bonus stats from my hack but was making a Vanilla version of it and found that the Crusader level up bonus in the Esper menu is misspelled "bouns".

And then, a quick question: Do you know why you stated not to use the Color Wheel patch with TWUE? I accidently missed that in your compatibility document, but checked for conflicts and found none, and have been playing with it for a while and saw no issues. This is with base+opera+bugfixes (no music player).

Okay, done! I just found one more...

The Minerva Bust says it provides a 25% bonus to maximum HP instead of MP in its description.

Thanks for the fun run! Was a great translation, added a lot to the vanilla experience, and all the bug fixes and addons were great as well!

Sounds very fair! Working on that in the next few weeks.

And my bad, especially for the second one I definitely could have been a little more clear.

Alright, 2 more for you (Using FF3USME Dialog Line):

When Ramuh is talking line 1086, the "Espers" is not capitalized:

Ramuh: That doesn't mean we can't live here, too. espers come in a variety of forms.<EOP>
My appearance is similar to yours, so I can live among you not worrying about anyone finding out the truth.

And the description for Kaiser Claws:

Set of spiked knukcle claws...

Found an interesting one: If you don't name Shadow in South Figaro and then talk to him in Sabin's scenario, he will use the name Mogret (his mog filler) until you can rename him. In vanilla, it would just say MAN until you could rename him.

On FF3usME, it just requires changing dialog lines 452 from <A3> to whatever it needs to be.

Thanks, just checked it and they worked perfectly.

...but now I'm getting a bit greedy! This patch seems really awesome, but I can't get it to work with WUE:

I'm a bit of a noob at these hacks at the moment, so is there any where in the patching order that could make this work?

Thanks for letting me know. I'll have those two corrected soon! Let me know if you find anything else.

Thank you! Will do!

Hey, just made an account to comment in this thread, absolutely love the work you've done so far!

Just two things stand out to me that I think are errors, and hopefully they aren't in this thread already (did skim through):

1) Snowstorm for Umaro with the Blizzard Orb is somehow translated as Holy Sword. Is that intentional?

2) The Thamasa's Soul's description states that it changes "Magic" to "Double" but my menu still says "X-Magic".

Would be great to be able to fix these, because this mod is otherwise perfect as far as I can tell!

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