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ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Symphony of the Night romhacking:
« on: May 18, 2015, 03:30:46 am »
I'd definitely make a SotN hack were there a fully featured editor for it. Or even a HoD or AoS hack (what about DoS or PoR?), should editors be released (and I assume editors for GBA games are easier to make; they'd be closer perhaps to SNES game editors like SMILE).

The problem I fear is that it's missing that one key guy like Jathys for SMILE, who is willing and able to go all in on the extremely hard task of making the editor. Nyxojaele did a lot of preliminary work and got his work to viewer level but seems to have stopped.

Perhaps a part of that problem is that making an editor for a PS1 game is harder than making one for a SNES game. Fans of the GBA or DS games may feel like SotN is overshadowing those games and that SotN would be the CV Metroidvania to make an editor for. This might be putting someone off from making an editor for the GBA games even though it might be easier and would likely still garner interest.

Furthermore, we know now that there won't be any more Metroidvania CVs coming out of Konami (if they even care to make any more CVs period given their recent mobile obsession). IGA went independent and is working on a 2.5D CVlike which looks like it could scratch the itch but is another point removed from an actual CV game, so pretty much the only type of experiences closer to SotN and its children (for those of us for whom "rehash" is a good word and not a bad one when it comes to these) would be hacks.

Ah, okay, so that was actually the intended way to go about it. I kind of just muddled through to get to that result -- I originally figured since there was nothing in the readme about extracting the map files that it was intended to just open them from the iso.

Having the edited maps separate from the rest of the game until they need to be re-added for testing will probably be an easier situation for people making a lot of backups as they edit maps anyway since the individual maps are rather small in size and thus easier to back up.

Alright, I think I found out what the issue was. 00067 is the version I'm using, but the editor perhaps doesn't like that my "iso" is actually a .bin file rather than a .iso and won't let me navigate it unless I mount it with daemon tools (thus probably messing with the way the editor wants to work; I thought perhaps since it was just viewing the files it wouldn't care if they were essentially read-only). I had to go in, grab all the files in one of the stage directories (the CHI files in this case as a test) and copy them out of the game file and into the file system. Opening them with the editor then allowed me to view the maps. Of course that probably won't do for future editing purposes so I guess I'll have to get a bin to iso converter or something unless .bin support is added later. But either way that should solve the issue.

I just get "error loading map zone" for any .bin in the /ST/ or /BOSS/ directories I try to open.

Keep up the good work, Nyxojaele. This editor may be one of the last hopes (along with ground up fan games) for the capability to see new CV-based Metroidvania-style level design in the future if LoS' success has persuaded Konami that they no longer need to make any more Metroidvania-style CVs.

As for an undo button, I was able to subsist in SMILE for the longest time without one, so I'm sure at least I can manage without one ;) That said, if the first release is going to be a strict viewer, an undo button won't be needed for obvious reasons.

Personal Projects / Re: FFVI ADVANCE European Color Restoration Patch
« on: March 08, 2011, 08:06:31 pm »
Well, at this point I'd have to concur that if one wants hacks that change the base game, the SNES version has got more available since all the information on it has allowed for a lot of extensive and interesting stuff. The Advance version hacks are mostly to spruce up the main game or make it more like the SNES version in areas where the Advance version was deficient, since a lot of the advantages of the Advance version are already present (some bug fixes, added dungeon, SS, longer namespaces, some lines clearer, bestiary, music player, extra espers, etc.)

Personal Projects / Re: FFVI ADVANCE European Color Restoration Patch
« on: March 07, 2011, 10:11:46 pm »
Well, I know it would be beyond me, since I don't know the offsets of the palettes in FF6A (E). I haven't seen any documents regarding where they'd be located either. The closest thing to a rom map for the Advance version I've seen is at However, it doesn't mention where the palettes are and it's not for the European version either (once one finds something in the US/JP versions, it's not hard to locate them in the European version though). I got the table files for the European version from However, obviously, the tables wouldn't help in locating palettes. Those who run those sites may have more information about FF6A than they have up on the sites, so they might know the palette locations.

Oh, I didn't know that was what you meant. By "version" I meant the specific performance he'd be using was later and it was on the Grand Finale album. Regarding what you're talking about, I don't know if it was written in Italian first and then translated into Japanese or if it was the reverse. I can't find any info confirming or denying that. I assume Uematsu and Kitase (both apparently collaborated to write it) don't know Italian, but maybe one of them does?

I think the Italian version was a later creation made for the Final Fantasy VI: Grand Finale album.

Firstly, I have to say I'm a big fan of the original version of the patch since it fixes a major issue with FF6A, so I look forward to these fixes. The sync issues were basically the only problems I had with 1.0.

Regarding the specific issues you bring up there, I don't think I ever noticed there were more people singing in the Japanese version than those who appeared on screen during the opera (if you mean it happens even in v1.0 and not just due to the fixes you'd be making). Obviously, I did notice the sync issue though. If it is present in 1.0 and they're just background singers rather than anyone having a solo role, then I may have noticed it but just didn't have a problem with it, since background singers could often be offstage or something. If it was someone with a solo role, then with just a casual listen I probably couldn't tell their voices apart from those of the primary characters who were on screen =P (Ralse, Celes, Draco, etc.) Since most of us don't understand Japanese, male voices will sometimes sorta be able to blend in with other male voices which don't sound too different and females with other females as long as the text is appearing while the lines are sung and disappears during periods of silence.

Anyway, I don't really like the idea of a mix of both versions if lyrics sung in both Japanese and English will be in there. That'd probably seem somewhat unprofessional and unnatural, although I can't entirely judge until I've seen it. (However, if an instrumental portion from, say, the English version would fit in un-awkwardly somewhere to replace a part of the Japanese instrumental segments and make the sync issue easier to fix then I'd say that'd likely be fine.)

Since the lyrics are different with the intro portion of the English opera, that might be a problem professionalism-wise too if you used the english audio. I wonder, however, if you might consider changing the text lines of that portion in FF6A to the ones sung in the audio file. I understand if that's a no-go though, since it might be altering a part of the game you don't really feel is part of the scope of this patch. Or it might be a no-go depending on what lines are being changed, since people familiar with that translation would notice it. Even barring that, it could be a no-go due to space issues in the opera segment of the script as well.

If not, then I'd say it'd probably be best just to go with the Japanese version with fixed sync.

When I saw the sync issue, however, I had wondered why it wasn't possible instead just to duplicate the SNES sound chip opera (garbled voices and all) in the same way the other songs were duplicated, but that sorta gets into the mechanics of making a patch like this one which I recognize I don't fully understand. I didn't realize you'd need to get sampling from real instruments to do so. To be perfectly honest, I'd probably prefer a version that does that over a streaming audio version with the real orchestra, since my priorities are mostly just making the game more like the SNES version. I understand if that isn't possible however. Although using the streaming audio version of the opera on the SNES FF6 OST would probably achieve basically the same thing. I guess you didn't feel that was the right way to go since you don't care too much for the garbled SNES voices or felt most people don't?

Regarding the FF5A patch, I haven't played FF5A with the old patch, so if I were to replay FF5 some time in the future, I'd probably use the newer one. I suppose you could chalk that up as at least one person who would use an improved version of the patch, but I have no idea whether I'm in the majority or minority there.

Personal Projects / Re: FFVI ADVANCE European Color Restoration Patch
« on: March 04, 2011, 10:38:21 am »
I was hoping someone else would necrobump this thread one day so I wouldn't have to  :thumbsup:

I'm also interested in getting a copy of this patch, but as noted, the link is dead. After playing through the game again recently to make my own patch changing other things in the GBA version, I was able to get used to the super-bright colors, but it'd still be nice to have this as an option. While I got used to it, it's actually pretty jarring when you go straight from the SNES version to the GBA version and see the brightness difference.

As a last resort, you might try IMing or emailing the creator, since it doesn't seem he's active on this site anymore. I was thinking about getting around to doing that one day.

IMHO, the ability to replace entity graphics with physically larger graphics, and the ability to replace rooms with larger ones (ones that take up more space in the game rather than just dimensionally larger ones I assume) are significantly advanced enough that I wouldn't say they'd have to be in the initial release - although they're definitely important to have eventually in order for people to have a lot more freedom in building the kind of game they want. It'll probably take a little while after the initial release of the editor for people to get the hang of the basic functions too. But who knows, I'd be happy with it either way.

I dunno, its spiritual progenitor, Super Metroid, supports at least 2 IRC channels that I know of and a couple of message boards dedicated to hacking it, so I could see SotN having some potential for a decent sized hacking community once the editor is out. About the only major obstacle is the size of the game, but people can gradually get used to that.

Anyway, good luck on getting up to speed at your new workplace.

I realize this is rather early in the development process, but do you have an IRC channel or something that is/will be dedicated to discussion of this editor and its development? It seems like a significant venture given the scale and popularity of SotN and it could be useful to get feedback from potential users.

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