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Personal Projects / Re: GodHands (Vagrant Story Editor)
« on: February 20, 2020, 09:08:32 am »
@Pezito: Yes export/import to standard 3D format is coming soon. Perhaps you can give me some advice. Can you suggest a 3D format that has these features
1) Simple (ideally text based)
2) Animations
3) Gouraud Shaded Polygons (used for baked in lighting)

If I go with OBJ format I don't have animations. Also Gouraud shading is nice to have but not essential.

FBX is probably the most common export/import 3D file format in graphics pipelines, I use it myself. It can be either binary or ASCII so I guess that makes it easier to work with? It does support animations, bones, vertex colors (which were used by most games on PSX to achieve fake shading and use less textures).

Otherwise you could try Collada (extension .DAE) which uses XML formatting; it's less common but still supported by most 3D tools, and it supports animations and vertex colors too.

I hope this helps. :)

Personal Projects / Re: GodHands (Vagrant Story Editor)
« on: February 14, 2020, 01:40:08 pm »
Sorry for the noob question but I'm curious: are you like looking for unused sectors in the disc image so you can make room for additional data without messing up the game?

Also I have a question for you @Valendian: do you think it would be possible to export 3D meshes from VS? I've been trying to, many years ago, but without coding skills all I could do was try to use some modified D3D9 dll to dump some stuff... But all I got was textures, no models. The monsters (dragons especially) were so badass, I wanted to collect and study them. xD

Personal Projects / Re: GodHands (Vagrant Story Editor)
« on: February 13, 2020, 06:20:16 am »
Anything Vagrant Story is good news to me! :thumbsup:

I've been wanting to try and upscale the game, I mean with texture replacements like some emulators allow, but I know it to be mostly impossible because the PS1 used bastardized 2D/3D techniques and had so few RAM and such... Other than a HD remaster/remake, I wouldn't want to mess with the game's graphics since they were so perfectly coherent. But to try and remake them in HD, sure!

Anyway. I'm curious to see what other people will think of as to what your tool can do. Thanks for your work. :)

Open the ROM with a hex editor, then change the following bytes:
Go to offset 7EAF, and change FF to FE.
Go to offset 7EB7, and change 01 to 02.
At offset 7EBC, change 24 to 20.
And at offset 7EBF, change FF to FE.

This does not increase speed like the Game Genie codes you can find online. But it does bypass the small build up to gain speed, so that Flink will start jogging as soon as you press left or right.

Edit: I released a small hack for this.

That's great! Thanks a lot! :) I just changed the offsets in my rom like you said, and it worked like a charm. (Saw your link to the patch but I wanted to do the editing by hand, frustrated as I was not to have figured out the offsets by myself. :P ) Now Flink moves just at the right pace. Funny how so slight a change can make the whole game much more enjoyable. Thanks again. :thumbsup:

How about hacking The Misadventures of Flink (Sega Megadrive/Genesis) so that the main character's walk isn't sluggish anymore? (Hi by the way. ^^/ )

I've always liked this game, one of the most beautifully done on that console (I mean look at those graphics, for once they weren't put to shame by the SNES larger color palette)... Problem is, the hero walks very slowly for a few steps when he starts walking, then after a distance he jogs to a more enjoyable speed. I've been wanting to "fix" that by making him jog all the time, bypassing the first two seconds of sluggish walk... But so far my attempts at generating a cheat code for this have failed. I would love to succeed and, why not, directly hack the rom for his walking speed to be permanently faster.

Any idea?

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