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Okay, so I went through again and didn't make any paffets I didn't have the full recipe for and Lrd. Stone's event happened as usual, but still cannot get Gomes to kidnap Booster. Can someone else try to trigger this on their first time through the game? The one time I got it to work was on a second playthrough on the same save, but I don't know if that was relevant. I did exactly the same thing I did now and it worked then, but not now. Can someone else test this?

I finished the summer stages, I went to Lrd. Stone's to make sure that event triggered which it did. I went to Gomes to get the recipe for Cageum and the Venus Flytrap. I got the MIS from the item and made Cageum, I went back to talk to Gomes, I went back to the yellow paffet room and nothing happens. I complete Lrd. Stone's event, go back to the yellow paffet room and nothing happens. I make the two paffets for Jackson (Mug and Fan) and get the request from Lrd. Stone's Doormat, go back to the yellow paffet room and nothing happens.

Could this be a bug as well? The only time I made Cageum for Gomes before completing the summer stages resulted in Lrd. Stone's event not triggering AND the kidnap not happening. It seems odd to me that simply making paffets without recipes would cause you to miss events? It's not advancing the story in some unnatural way or anything. If there's anyone else who can mess with this, start a new game and try to trigger this event. I'd love to know if it's just me or if this is happening to others as well.

I also noticed that after giving Cageum to Gomes, you can examine Cageum for a MIS message and comments from Porch and Straynap. There are two possible messages here. The first one says something like "Once it catches you, you'll never escape" and the second one is something like " It's going to die in there" as if something is in it, but there's nothing in it. I am wondering if the message changes based on whether the event was triggered or missed? IIRC, the second message is supposed to occur while Booster is inside of it, but it's empty. I am wondering if the event is being triggered, but for whatever reason, it's not executing as it should be.

I will just keep playing and try to get it to work on a second run on the same save again. For now, I'll move on checking for anymore typos and whatnot. Again, if someone else wants to test this on a first playthrough, please do so we can know if this is a bug or not.

January 11, 2021, 05:52:08 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Not really a typo, but the message suggests the platforms may fall off the ride. These platforms never fall off the ride, but YOU may fall off the platforms. It seems like the current message isn't worded correctly. Maybe something like:


Also, my run this time has similarities to my first run through the game in that the same three events are not triggering:
- Gomes doesn't kidnap Booster (though the messages when examining Cageum suggest that something is going wrong with the execution of that event)
- Lewis never "comes back" from his dream to tell me about it which should occur right after finishing the Autumn levels, so his event with the mermaid in Once Summer doesn't occur. His friend (forget his name) never gives me the Biography and the Storybook paffet is never made.

- Ralph never runs off into the Autumn gate needing rescue. Subsequently, this means Cole never requests the Grandfather Clock or Weathervane paffets.

These are the same three events that did not work the first playthrough when looking for Japanese text before. Maybe it's possible that the event with Gomes and Booster must happen for the other two to happen? All three events worked on the second playthrough on the same save, though. I will be checking to see if that happens again this time, but for now still on the first.

January 12, 2021, 10:47:04 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Found more Japanese text!

This is in the Pamera Room (only accessible using Rivachrono). In fact, there's not a single character of english text in this whole room. All text that appears when standing in front of a door, all doors, display Japanese text only.

Didn't even look in here before, so good thing I did this time.

I really don't know why this issue is happening in emulators, but in a real Dreamcast, at least with me, it doesn't happens. I tried yesterday to trigger this bug, in Once Summer level, in the same place of your images. I let Porch stopped for almost 30 minutes in every local with red plataforms, close to the waterfalls and none of them disappeared in any place. Really strange, though...

Yes, the readme that comes with Cargodin's patch has a mention of this bug occurring only in some emulators, so it's been long known. IIRC, it said that the platforms didn't load at all, but that's not true. It is really strange. I do know that all it takes is one character in a line of code to mess something up. Being that this does not happen using the unpatched version of the game in emulators, it must be something in the patch that is causing this to happen. I know someone who used to do localization work and he said it's really difficult to do it without introducing bugs. It's such a delicate process. I do hope that this, along with the memo bug, can and will be fixed eventually.

FWIW, this bug only happens with some (not all) of the red platforms in the section at the end of the level. It doesn't happen with any other red platforms that I've seen. Even in that final section, the red platforms that run along the bottom part are fine. It's the ones along the top part of this section that float away and it's only (that I've seen) in this final section. I've not noticed any other platforms disappearing or not being where they should be. Maybe I'll try to get a video of it.

Got a video! Will upload shortly and post here with a summary below it:

I rushed to the end of the level. The video starts just before I get to the problem area just in time to see the last of the platforms floating off into the foreground. I jump around the upper part of the level to show which platforms are affected, then enter the Summer Switch. Upon returning, all platforms are loaded. I jump around to show what it looks like with all the platforms there, then I wait under the Summer Switch. Eventually, one of the platforms floats off before the others. The remaining two I have in view then vanish as well: one floats into the foreground and the other disappears into the waterfall. If you look at the radar map, you can see another platform floating away when the last two in view disappear. I jump around again to show the difference, then show that the level can be completed anyway using Bridgino.

Note: Maybe one out of every 30 times, this glitch won't happen. The first time I tried, I climbed up to where you find Garg here and used Fluffly to float most of the way to the end of the level. The platforms did not disappear even after several minutes of waiting. That's only the second time out of dozens that the glitch didn't occur. I then did the level again jumping through it normally and the result is in the video. These are not only the only platforms in this level that have this issue, but in the entire game. I've not noticed anything like this in any other level in any other season. It's just these platforms in the "Once Summer" level.

It seems that some events will be trigger in a very specific conditions. If you lost a specific event, you'll not be able to trigger it again.


Thanks so much for the reply. However, even doing all that (more than once let me tell you!), the event in the yellow paffet room doesn't happen even after making Cageum for Gomes, talking to him and then returning. Nothing happens. I can't figure out what trigger isn't being hit. What's worse is now, the event with Lrd. Stone (honey on the desk) isn't happening either which is new. No honey at the entrance to Festival Nights, either. This is the first thing I hate about this game. There's no rhyme or reason why events do or don't happen and it's incredibly easy to miss events even if you do everything you're supposed to do in the right order. The event with the petal and Gomes must be done before Cageum can be made for him, so there's no missing that one.

I can make Cageum for Gomes before I finish the summer levels, I can do it after I finish, it doesn't seem to matter. No matter how many times I return to the yellow paffet room, the event doesn't trigger. The only thing I can think of that I'm doing differently is I mixed up Bumpert and Fluffly before I got the recipes for them which I could do before completing all of Spring. This means I can get all 16 treasure chests in every level the first time through. Perhaps this is throwing something off? If this is what's going on, that's pretty dumb. Maybe I will try to play through again and not do that.

I hope Cargodin and his group keeps an eye in this topic, so this way he can see all issues that needs to be fixed and we'll have a perfect english patch. And then, I'll update the GDI patch. See ya!

Indeed, I'm sure they are! This one is really bugging me. Maybe I'll try to start over one last time. This is really annoying me. lol Awesome on the GDI patch! Thanks so much for volunteering to do that!

If it's an emulation problem, then you really should be reporting to the people in charge of Redream, not the people who did the translation.

Actually, I just rechecked and you're right. I was thinking of the platform issue. The shadow thing definitely does occur in the Japan version. I was sure it didn't, so I will point that out. Thanks for making me double check that.

Edit: Shadow bug fixed!

January 03, 2021, 05:07:13 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
So far, I'm not seeing any Japanese text at all where I saw it before. Not in the paffet room, not with Mrs Winky and Potunia, nothing. Lovely!

January 03, 2021, 11:40:44 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Unfortunately, the platform bug in the Once Summer level remains which does not happen in the Japan version. It can be overcome by using Bridgino or Fluffly (if you know how to make her without a recipe) with the latter being easier. Getting all the coins in this section is still possible as well though you will need to lean heavily on your paffets: Booster, Bumpert, Bridgino and/or Fluffly.

It's a strange bug. I documented earlier how the missing platforms do load, but after 45 seconds or so, they float off into the foreground and disappear. I'm just glad it's not game breaking. You can, however, make them appear if you use the Summer Switch in this area. When you return to the level, the platforms will be there again temporarily. You won't be able to do this on your first visit to this level though.

January 05, 2021, 12:33:41 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

It should be "Dexterity", not Dextirity.

January 05, 2021, 10:49:45 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
So, if any experienced players here (probably none more so than Cargodin and his team) who are very experienced with this game, perhaps you can help me with something. I've had so much trouble triggering the event where Gomes kidnaps Booster. I can make Cageum for him and visit the Yellow Paffet room over and over but he never gets kidnapped. I got this to trigger one time when I was looking for Japanese text the first time, but I can't figure out what the game wants in order to trigger this event. I am trying to do it after completing the Summer stages and getting Porch's petal.

Also, an emulator exclusive workaround to the memo bug is to save a state before looking at the memo, then reload the state afterwards. This will allow you to use the memo as intended as it will load every time using this method. It's better than nothing.

This issue never happened to me, but I played this game directly in a real Dreamcast, using an ODE (Dreamshell or GDEmu). Just to be sure, I'll check this out when I'm home. Are you using an emulator?

Yes, I only use emulators these days. I use Redream's recent development build.

Yeah, probably they fixed many errors in their 1.0 patch. I suggest you to do a new gameplay and print every typo that you find out, then put them on a folder and send them to Cargodin and his group to help them make an update patch. But probably this update patch only will be released when the memo bug is fixed.

Yes, it's great! It really is amazing how good this patch was out of the gate. The only major issue that is universal is that memo bug. The missing platforms bug is emulator exclusive (Redream included), but as I showed, isn't game breaking. It is very odd how it presents itself though. I will just post pics of any text typos I find here like I did before.

Actually, I never played those games before, I must confess... But if none of them has a GDI patch, I think I can create one. If it happens, I'll create a new topic for the patches.

I know you're not replying to me, but I'd love to see more games get GDI patch love or even DC games getting translations. deSPIRIA is one such game. Anyway, getting off-topic. :) I will be (slowly) playing through Napple Tale again and I like to get 100%, so I will be talking to everyone and triggering every event.

So, the first place I saw Japanese text was during the tutorial in the paffet mixing room, but saw none this time! I saw some other corrections that were overlooked, though.

Text says "she's she's"

This should be "Hear, hear!", not "Here, here!"

Shadows still show through text boxes. I also found a typo I didn't see before:

"Becuase" being the typo, of course. :)

Also, good to see that it appears Cargodin's team has made several fixes to their patch. I posted a screenshot previously about "hold her punches" should be "pull her punches" and look here!

The change was made! This is a good sign, it seems maybe the Japanese characters and other things I pointed out before have been fixed. Playing on..

Hey thanks a lot for that! I already had everything I needed and patching was easy. I will play through it again thoroughly and hopefully won't find any Japanese text.  I thought Cargodin mentioned that the reason there was still Japanese text had something to do with the method they were using to insert the translated text and that some of it wasn't executing as intended. Since that has to do with the information being inserted into the disc image, I wouldn't think those issues would differ depending on what console/emulator the game is played on. Then again, I'm not a romhacker. :)

The memo bug is the big thing, though. I'll check back with updates.


I know, this is an old topic, but I really want to post here.


Hi there, Master X. That's great news about the GDI patch although yes, the Memo bug will hopefully be fixed at some point. As I showed in this thread, there were numerous places where Japanese text still appeared. Was there an update for this patch that fixed those spots?

The issue with the platforms disappearing is also significant, but it's not a show stopper so long as you have Bridgino and apparently only happens on some emulators.

If you have a GDI patch for the game with no Japanese text and would want to share it, I would certainly be interested in using it. I understand not wanting to release it until the memo bug is fixed, though. I hope it's not too hard of a task to accomplish.

Thanks for the tip on that Coilsnake program. If I expand the ROM to 6MB (48MB) and then apply the recent patch, it loads and runs fine in Snes9x. If I missed a reference to this program in the documentation, my bad. If there is no mention, perhaps there should be one. At the very least, people who use Snes9x as their primary SNES emulator should know that they have to expand the ROM to 6MB using Coilsnake before patching which can also be done in that program.

I can confirm as well. Works in ZSNES and bsnes for me, but not Snes9x at all.

By the way, it looks like the working patch is up. If it still doesn't work, let me know.

I just tried it, same thing.

If anyone else could confirm this, it would be nice as well. Did you try on Snes9x 1.60? I used to use ZSNES, but I think it's still a dead project unfortunately.

That is, assuming that patch actually works. I recently got a message from someone saying the patch didn't work. It is working, right? I'd like to know how urgently I need to reupload EightBound again.

It didn't work for me, either. I used this site's online patching utility which I've used successfully many times, but the resulting patched rom encounters a fatal error when attempting to load it in Snes9x 1.60. This is with using the correct dump (CRC is correct) which works fine unpatched.

It tells me the checksum is bad and the rom is corrupt after patching and trying to play. Unpatched game loads fine. Hope that helps.

It should be spelled "fagott" or "fagotto"... "Faggot" is simply a homophobic slur. But if it were me, I would use the more innocuous name for the instrument, the "bassoon"...

Yeah, I know it's a slur which is why it was surprising to see it there. Thanks for the clarification and yes, Bassoon would be a much better choice. I know what that is.

Thanks for pointing these out!

Okay there, Cargodin. I think that's about all I can find. I hope all that helps you improve the next patch. This is truly a fun game that I'll probably play a few more times since I play on doing a video for it eventually. Also in the paffet room, I was going to list all the ones that had Japanese characters after remixing them. However, it seems just about all of them do. Furniture paffets do if they weren't requested by anyone at the time of remixing, but if they are requested, it usually displays english.

Thanks again for your efforts! Look forward to the next patch!

Thanks for pointing these out!

That's all the corrections I found in my first playthrough. I decided to put them all in one message, but there were events that did not trigger for me in game and so I couldn't complete everything. Maybe I just didn't do things at the right time, I don't know. I will play again.

Events that didn't trigger for me:

- Gomes and Garg never kidnapped Booster even after I remixed Cageum for him. None of the events related to this happened either which means Jackson never asked for the milk maker.
- Ralph never needed any help, so Wananan was never requested. None of the events with Ralph happened. Cole also never requested the Grandfather Clock or the Weathervane.
- I wasn't able to "bring back" Lewis from his dream state. Jill was not in any of the Summer levels and Oliver never helped me remix Gehtorin.
- Straynap never requested the signboard (Kambii?) for Ice 13.
- Mokumokun was never requested by Barnes
- Never figured out what Pumpernel wanted.
- Never figured out the Summer ice cream flavor despite getting all chests in all levels.

At any rate, I can see why you loved the game enough to translate it. I really enjoyed it and your translation. I will continue adding things to here as I play through a second time. I hope that I can help to make v1.1/GDI patch as good as it can possibly be! Great work again! :)

Also, in the beginning song, the word "tail" appears several times, but is it possible that you mean "tale" there? I would assume "tale" meant "story" like in the title?

January 19, 2020, 06:59:46 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
I think "pull her punches" is the correct term you're looking for here.

Typo here with "she's" appearing twice.

"Here, here" should be "hear, hear" as this term is just a shortened version of "hear him/her, hear him/her".

The plural of "ego" is "egos", not "egoes."

Here is the Japanese characters in the tutorial for the remixer I mentioned before. I would say Japanese characters appear about 50% of the time in the text that follows a successful remix of a paffet.

Is "brusted" intentional? Maybe "busted"? Also, "Melle" be "Mele" if it's referring to the NPC Mele in the game.

"Make" appears twice here.

"Embarassed" should be "embarrassed", forgot an R there. :)

Is "the every sun" what you intended? It doesn't seem to make grammatical sense and I'm not sure what he means by "the every sun." I'm assuming you meant to say "see the sun every once in awhile."

More Japanese characters (I triggered the Booster theft this time. This is talking to Jackson while looking for him. The dialogue also ends with "It went down" and there's nothing else after it not even a period. Is this an incomplete line? Actually, it looks like the lines are just scrambled all up. It looks like it should read "Then that means... Ah-hah! It went down (Japanese characters) St.!)

More Japanese characters again when talking with Jackson this time while getting dirt on Gomes.

More repeating dialogue this time "to the Cattle Bar" appears twice.

More Japanese characters this time after Gomes drinks the golden milk.

There's an extra space here between "make" and "the"

"Why" should be "What" here.

I'm working on figuring out how to trigger all the things I missed the first time and now triggered saving Lewis. In the scene with him and Jill, it looks like one of Lewis's lines is being spoken by Jill. I will post that line and the line immediately after it. I think the first line should be spoken by Lewis, but it's attributed to Jill instead.

More Japanese characters this time while about to give Wortelpuff (chimney) to Bellowood (fireplace) in Barnes' house:

More Japanese characters when giving Sitene (chair) to T'blitella (table) in Barnes' house:

*Update about missing platforms glitch*

So, I actually figured out what's going on. It's not that these platforms aren't loading. They load normally. You can see this for yourself by entering the bonus level in the area. When you exit the bonus level, the platforms are there as normal. Also, if you just haul ass to the end, they will be there as well.

These platforms would normally follow a pattern: Protrude out of the waterfall so Porch can land on them, stop for a second or two, then retract back into the waterfall and repeats indefinitely.

What's actually happening is if you sit there long enough (a minute or two) and watch them, the protruding part doesn't stop for a second or two. They just keep going and float away into the foreground and vanish. It's weird. Also, this doesn't occur using an unpatched CDI. Additionally, neither does the Memo bug. It seems the patch may be having some other undesirable effects in addition to the Japanese characters and repeating dialog in some areas. :(

Red platforms appearing normally to the upper right and left of Porch (hauled ass to the end of the level before they float away, red platforms below the platform I'm standing on are not affected by this.)

Red platform to the upper right is already off the screen and red platform to the left is almost off the screen way in the foreground. It comes out of the waterfall (protruding), but doesn't stop coming out and just keeps going until it's off the screen and gone.

Porch standing on the platform as it goes off the screen. Porch is being pushed off of it by the edge of the level.

Japanese characters again in the Cattle Bar

In the credits, it says "Ale'ssandro Verrecchia (Faggot)" .. second line from the top. Is it supposed to say that? I checked to see if an obscure instrument had that name, but couldn't find anything.

Hey, man. Good to get a reply right from you and good to know those issues are known. I think there was another place this happened, but I can't recall now. I wish I would have kept better track, but I listed most of them. If I see any other instances, I'll let you know.

Also, is there any chance you will add subs for things Porch says when there's no text box?

About the Memo being blank issue, this only happens when using a patched CDI and occurs for me in both NullDC and Redream. If I use the GDI I have, the memo loads fine every time no matter how much I go in and out of the menu. It seems to be limited to the patched CDI version only as far as I can tell.

This is also true for the "missing platforms" glitch you mention in the documentation for your patch. In the Japanese GDI, the platforms (in the Once Summer level, for example) appear fine in the same emulator that they don't appear in with the CDI. So, being able to use a GDI would also eliminate that issue as well with some emulators. If I use the CDI with NullDC's most recent version, the Radar doesn't load properly. It's just an outline instead. You can see that in the second image below where the platforms do show, but in Redream they don't. However, using the GDI in Redream, the platforms are there plus the radar works.

Redream (CDI)

NullDC (CDI) (Image is cropped a bit, but you can see the radar is just an outline with a black triangle in it)

An interesting note about this glitch is that it's possible to use Bridgino to cross the gap and complete the level even without the platforms there, but the bridge has to just barely be touching the platform Porch is standing on to get the most length.

I also notice other little glitches with the CDI such as Porch getting stuck on the curbs that line the pathways in Napple Town when trying to walk over them though it's easy enough to break free of it. I couldn't get this to happen using the GDI.

I hope you had a good holiday and that a GDI patcher will be available soon! Again, great work by you and your team on this patch.

I took a screenshot of the Mrs Winky Japanese characters and other little oddities:
(I won't bother taking screenshots of the paffet room since you're already aware of that.)

Shadows show through the text boxes. Is this supposed to happen? Makes it slightly harder to read the text at times.

Mrs Winky Japanese Characters:

Little spelling error: "Harpischord" should be "Harpsichord". :)

Typo here with "the" appearing twice.

Typo in the Memo (first viewing, of course.. so it's populated) missing a space between "Littlemoney's" and "mansion" in the description box.

More Japanese characters.

"Dextirity" should be "Dexterity"

I just finished the game and I really enjoyed the translation.  I did notice a couple of things that were distracting.
  • After I check Porch's Memo once and check it again, all the text disappears.
  • None of the text in the Pamera Room was translated
Otherwise, this was a pretty quality translation.

This. The first thing makes the memo unusable. It seems to load fine when I first load the game from VMU, but any time after that and all the text disappears except for random times the memo will be correctly populated with useful checklists and stuff. Quite annoying.

(Edit: It is entirely possible that this is an emulator issue that can be fixed.)

There's quite a few spots where there is untranslated text to the point that it's surprising none of the people who tested the patch saw it. It makes me think no one tested it at all at least not thoroughly.

- during the tutorial about how to use the stuff in the machine room, there's untranslated text.
- after remixing a Paffet, the text is untranslated most of the time especially at the beginning of the game though later on, it's translated.
- when you give the planter to Mrs Willy, there's one word in the text that is untranslated.
- Porch frequently has spoken dialogue (when first arriving in a stage, when viewing the card collection at Ice 13, after certain conversations/events, when loading a game, when starting a new game, when collecting a health item etc..) that has no translation as to what she's saying.

I'm still playing through it and I love the game/translation overall, but it is definitely not a full translation. I imagine the memo bug may be CDI related as it's a hacked format created by removing data from the image to make it fit on a CD. I will echo the sentiment of others here; there should be a way to patch GDI versions of this game. Also, dragging a CDI onto the patcher doesn't work for me at all and no GDI version exists. It's about time we got rid of the hacky CDI formats really especially with translated games.

Hopefully, we can get a v1.1 version eventually with the translation finished and hopefully the memo bug fixed if possible. I don't imagine that bug would exist in a GDI/CHD patched version, but maybe something in the translation messed it up. Either way, it should probably be sorted. I have no idea how several people could have tested this patch and not seen all these issues. Oh well, I still love the game so far!

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