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While I was patching, I did add a header as I was adding those two mods and then removed it afterwards, but still lead to the freezing issue.

Well I tried doing the Woosley patch first, then the Resilient Morph and finished with the Sword Ready Stance. It makes it as far as the very first battle and then freezes. Previously I had did Sword, Morph, then Woosley and made it all the way to the Veldt before it froze up on the first battle to occur there.

Hello, my apologies for bothering y'all, but I'm having quite a bit of trouble trying to apply a few patches to the SNES version of 6. I'm trying to use the Ted Woosley uncensored patch, the Resilient Morph patch, and the Sword Tech Ready Stance patches, but the rom keeps being messed up. I probably should mention that I'm doing this to be used with my SNES Classic with the canoe emulator.

I just tried it out and unless I'm using the wrong version of Yoshi's Island (using Rev 1), it seems the patch does not do anything for the issue and instead only causes graphical glitches with the title screen and the end of stage results screens. :(

I do appreciate the attempt at helping though, I guess the correct patch may just be lost unless Mr. Sluffy comes back and shares it again.

It's been a while, so I was wondering if that patch turned out to be the right patch for Yoshi's Island or not? Still having no luck in finding any working links so far for the patch since my last post so I've no idea on how to get it currently.  :-[

My apologies, I noticed that there was a patch that partially fixes the whole wonkiness with the fuzzies in Yoshi's Island and I tried using the links to download the patch, but they no longer work. Does anyone have a working link to the patch? I tried looking in the google doc compatibility list, but it didn't have anything there.  :(

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