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Hello everyone!

In the game Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (video game) for the SNES the unmorphed carachters perform special moves by pressing X, but it consumes the "power" bar quite fast, so we really can't use these special moves that much in the game.

A hack that allowed for the special moves be performed without consuming the power bar, or consuming it less, would be great!

Bonus points if the special move can be mapped to a buttom different to the morph buttom (so we would still be able to use the special move without morphing (normally by pressing X when the power bar is full, instead of performing the special move, the character will morph)).

Here's a fun one i did quickly hope someone gets a kick out of this, Canoe fix for Blizzard's free release of Rock N' Roll Racing (for anyone trying to build a legit rom collection):

ROCK.BIN.ips - (based on rock2a.ips original patch for full Rock N' Roll Racing (U)

Fixes C7 error, invisible Title Screen and Menus

Rock N' Roll Racing (U)(2014 Version).bin

Download Page Link

Hi everyone, the download link seems to be dead. Can i get this patch somewhere? Thanks!

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