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Personal Projects / Re: Mega Man X6 Tweaks (v2.0, now with Retranslation)
« on: September 25, 2019, 09:54:27 pm »
Okay, I finally went through each secondary area with both characters three times each to check out the dialogs.  I assume Zero VS Zero Nightmare uses the same script for all eight locations?  I only did Amazon Area and Inami Temple before just moving onto High Max. 


- Amazon Area -

Zero VS Dynamo:  "And here I was thinking I'd show you some of these Nightmare Souls right here with you" sounds kind of awkward.  Maybe "show you" would work better as "share"?  "I'd share some of..." 

- Inami Temple -

Zero VS Dynamo:  "in hopes of matching up tothe best of the best..."  Split 'tothe'.  I don't think X's version had that error. 

- Laser Institute - 

X VS High Max:  "High Max! You and Isoc won't proceed further with yout plans!" should be 'your plans'. 

- North Pole Area -

X VS Dynamo: Should there be a comma after the 'huh' in "you sure play rough, huh X"? 

Zero VS Dynamo:  Post fight:  "No worries, we'll be seeing eachother again sooner or later."  Split 'eachother'. 

- Magma Area -

X VS High Max:  "Leave, at once" may not need the comma.  I guess you can say it puts emphasis on the 'leave' part, but "leave at once" works just as well here. 

"Funny... That's what I should be saying." probably needs 'that's' decapitalized. 

X VS Dynamo: Post fight:  "Well... 'till next time!"  Should be ''til next time' since it's shortening 'until'. 

Zero VS Dynamo:  "'till next time" needs to be "'til next time" as above. 

- Weapon Center -

X VS Dynamo:  "...but hey, since we're here, why don't you show me YOUR Souls?"  'But' probably needs to be capitalized (Dynamo mentions there not really being 'many trees left anyway' before this). 

Zero VS Dynamo:   "...but hey, since we're here" needs 'but' capped as above. 

- Recycle Lab -

X VS Dynamo:  Post fight:  "Bye, X!!"  Does it need two exclamation points here?  Zero's version only had the one. 

- Central Museum -

Zero VS Dynamo:  "Dynamo!  What are you doing here?"  "Nah, I just thought I'd get myself some Nightmare Souls."  This is pretty awkward.  Zero probably needs to ask something that Dynamo can deny. 

"The stuff's too dangerous, especially in the hands of numskulls like you."  I actually looked it up and it seems that numskull and numbskull are both valid spellings of the same term, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, but it says numskull is 'less commonly' used.  This one's up to you.  As are...uh, all of these, actually. 


- Magma Area -

Encountering Nightmare Snake as X:  Alia says "I'm not seeing anything, on my end."  Unnecessary comma. 

- Central Museum -

Capsule room as X:  "This area seems larger than the other ones, but it's still swarming with Nightmare... they sure aren't making this easy."  Shouldn't it be 'the Nightmare' or 'Nightmares'?  And 'they' needs capped. 

That's all for now, again. 

Personal Projects / Re: Mega Man X6 Tweaks (v2.0, now with Retranslation)
« on: September 24, 2019, 02:08:59 pm »
I thought I was done with X6, but then you just had to drag me back.  :D 

I should probably note all of my observations come from the sample hack, not using the Tweaker itself. 


In the intro sequence: 

"The collision had been prevented, they said... 
...But look at this." 

'But' might need to be decapitalized, since it seems like the two lines are meant to go together and just are separated by the text boxes.  You can consider 'they said' as an appositive. 

"To hell with the goody-two-shoes facade... this is amazing!" 

I want to argue that 'this' needs capitalized.  I'm of the idea that ellipses in the middle of a sentence are 'long commas' since they still provide a pause but a longer one than a normal comma, and replacing the ellipses with a comma kind of makes the sentence awkward.  So for me, I'd either cap the word or use an em-dash. 

"No, no... I must contain myself... 
...If I am to set my plan in motion." 

The 'If' probably needs to be decapitalized since you can consider it being part of the first line and was only broken up in text. 

"...All those inferior Reploids shall submit to me!" 

I'd decap 'All' for the same reasons as above. 

Gate also says 'an utopia' twice here, and it needs to be 'a utopia' even though it flies in the face of the 'an' before words starting with vowels rule, because of the way it's pronounced (you-topia).  I don't have many other examples where something similar happens, other than 'unique' being the same way. 

High Max in Intro Stage as X: 

"So, this was Zero's doing... our suspicions were well founded, after all."  'Our' probably needs to be capitalized, going back to the 'long comma' thing I said above.  I don't really use semicolons much so I'm not sure if that'd fit better than the ellipses, but then you lose the...I guess, impact or pace of the text by using it instead. 

Isoc post Intro Stage: 

"And now, I would like to call on for any individuals willing to volunteer!"  Either 'on' or 'for' need to be removed here. 

Signas says: 

"The Nightmare... it's going to be a dangerous mission" and 'it's' probably needs capped. 

Defeated One Investigator as X: 

Isoc says "I've seen him myself" with regards to his needle in a haystack, and this threw me off at first since the rest of the conversation flows as though Zero was still missing.  I guess Isoc meant he's seen him himself at some point in the past and I didn't catch that at first.  I don't know if it tripped anyone else up, but it probably doesn't need to be edited or clarified given I don't know what the actual Japanese text says here. 


Anyway, I'll stop the update for now.  I'm going to try to focus my efforts on checking the X/Zero VS Zero Nightmare/High Max/Dynamo dialogs. 

I have a feeling I'm going to hate Central Museum even more than I do already. 

Edit 1: 


Central Museum as X: 

I didn't catch the line, but there's one where you get warped at a totem pole and he says "...where am I, anyway?" at the end.  'Where' needs capped. 

Personal Projects / Re: Mega Man X6 Tweaks (v2.0, now with Retranslation!)
« on: September 14, 2019, 11:55:20 am »
Have a good week off, then!  I'll end up editing this post a bunch too for clarity's sake. 

You can use Exit Stage in the intro stage, and this skips not only the intro stage, but Isoc's speech as well as the initial briefing at Maverick Hunter HQ, putting you right at the eight boss screen.  I don't know if it's intended, but it definitely should stay in for those looking to jump right into the game proper.  So far, there aren't any issues with doing this skip. 

When encountering Zero Nightmare in Infinity Mijinion's secondary area, he asks "Zero... WHERE... is ZERO'?" with the apostrophe in there. 

Edit 2: 

Central Museum as Zero: 

(A bunch of these are to go with the ellipsis guidelines you posted before.  I reserve the right to be wrong!) 

Initial conversation with Alia "...the place is completely deserted." needs 'the' capped. 

One random room "Alia?  Great, the comm's off... what do I do now?" needs 'what' capped since it's the start of a new thought (arguably?). 

Another random "Alia?  ...the comm's dead?" needs 'the' capped. 

Another "...this is getting real old real fast." needs 'this' capped. 

Another "Again?  Tch, what a pain... well, no use worrying about it." needs 'well' capped. 

Zero VS Ground Scaravich "Oh-ho!  If it isn't mister Zero, right back from the underworld." 'mister' needs to be capitalized since it comes before a name. 

Alia's post-mission briefing says that Scaravich was rooting around "where Dr. Cain found you, X." even though you're playing as Zero.  I'm not sure how to suggest rewriting this since you'd have to account for every player configuration (X only, playing as Zero, X with Zero unlocked).  Is the assumption that X and Zero go through the stages together, just you only see and play as one?  One of the great mysteries in the X series is what the other player characters are doing while you're in the field.  :P 

Later in the briefing, Alia says "...the worst part is that Gate didn't even bat an eye..." needs 'the' capitalized. 

Back to the Central Museum proper, another random room has Zero say "...comm's dead... alright, then."  Both 'comm' and 'alright' need to be capped. 

Another "Oh no, not again... give me a break."  'Give' needs capped. 

Another "The comm's dead... what the hell is going on?" needs 'what' cappped. 

Edit 3: 

I noticed that both in the retranslation here and in the original English script, Dr. Light doesn't mention the spike immunity power of the Shadow Armor legs.  I know it goes beyond the scope of the 'retranslation' part of the hack on top of being a feature request to mention it, but I just thought it odd that this fairly useful aspect is not mentioned anywhere.  Especially since you can use the Shadow Armor legs as soon as you get them now. 

There's severe lag during the dialog with Blizzard Wolfang in both the original and hacked version of the game.  You're probably the best person to ask--what's causing that?  It doesn't happen during the rematch in Secret Lab 3, but it still does if he kills you and you try again in North Pole Area.  Weird! 

Edit 4: 

During Zero's version of the 3000 souls cutscene (or at least the one where he interjects with a cut-in and everything; I got it as him at least), Alia says "...even it they were just a fake."  'It' should be 'if' here.  During the same scene, Zero later says "Well, we can't be doing with a madman' pipe dream at a time like this." and it's missing the s on 'madman's'. 

Edit 5: 

[Non-Hack Bug]
This happens in the original game too, but when using Zero's double-jump rolling slash with Z-Saber Extend equipped, the extension waves appear inside of his sprite erratically.  I'm not sure if this can be fixed or is even a priority due to Z-Saber Extend having such a tiny additional range. 

Edit 6: 

When entering Infinity Mijinion's secondary area with Zero, he says he senses something nearby and " I imagining things?"  'Am' probably needs capped. 

When you talk with Dr. Light in that same area with Zero, he says " wouldn't perhaps know anything at all about me, would you?" and the first 'you' needs capped. 

Edit 7: 

There are a couple of lines where they're not changed at all from the original game (X meeting Infinity Mijinion being one case).  Are these worth pointing out, or were they deemed 'good enough' to remain? 

Zero VS Infinity Mijinion:  I'm not sure if the "clean up-- ...wait a minute" needs 'wait' capitalized (it's a new line of thought, right?), but "I'm sure I set up Illumina to guard this room!  ...don't tell me--" needs 'don't' capped. 

"W-WHAT'?" needs that apostrophe removed.  I kinda feel that "how COULD you!" needs a question mark with the exclamation since it technically is a question. 

Zero in Secret Lab:  "...Alia?  ...comm's already dead." after landing from the big hole; 'comm' needs capped. 

X in Secret Lab:  "...the communication's cut off already." needs 'the' capped. 

Edit 8: 

There's something wrong with the terrain in Secret Lab 1 as of RC4.  The first downward slope with ice on it has misplaced tiles that are oddly functional (didn't test the spikes), but the 'path' above goes nowhere. 


You can get around the obstacles easily enough, but the map wasn't like this when I went through the game on RC3 the other day.

Edit 9: 

Zero meets Gate after Secret Lab 1:  "...what?  You used my DNA!?" needs 'what' capped. 
"'re completely insane!" needs 'you're' capped. 
"Hah hah hah... now that's unusual." needs 'now' capped. 

Edit 10: 

Zero VS Gate intro:  "...are you telling me to simply give up?" needs 'are' capped. 

Zero VS Gate aftermath:  " think such an ancient program..." needs 'to' capped. 

Sigma's first line has "!..." at the end, but I didn't cap the quote itself, sorry.  'D-don't be cocky' or something? 

Zero's ending, Mysterious Scientist says ", according to my analysis..." and 'so' needs capped. 
" be honest," later needs 'to' capped. 
"...yes, I know."  'yes' needs capped. 
"...yeah, I'm ready."  'yeah' needs capped. 
" it."  'got' needs capped. 


Well, that's once through with X alone on RC3, and once with Zero on RC4.  I hope all of these help. 

Personal Projects / Re: Mega Man X6 Tweaks (v2.0, now with Retranslation!)
« on: September 12, 2019, 09:05:21 pm »
I applied the 'Mega Man X6 (USA) (v1.1) [Tweaks+Localization+Custom Art v2.0 RC3]' patch, but I'm not seeing any new mugshots.  X has changed ones, but the ones for the intro stage hunters or Dr. Light aren't appearing, though the player mugshot is still offset properly.  Though I don't have screenshots of Zero's run, it's the same way for him. 


I know other people are getting the mugshots, so I'm not sure if it's a problem with RC3 or my copy of the game.  But everything else is working fine so far?

Edit:  Turns out my emulator was out of date!  Updated and everything is showing up properly. 

Zero will put up his arms when taking damage during the intro stage, but won't in regular play.  A side effect of the game normally only allowing either Falcon Armor or Ultimate Armor there? 

The sound when the boss' soul descends onto the screen is absent.  Intentional? 

In Zero's version of the one Investigator defeated cutscene, Isoc says
"I have a report.  One of our investigator has been neutralized."  Investigator should be plural. 

He later mentions Zero may be a threat "If we don't take measures immediately..." and 'if' should be decapitalized since it's a continuation of the prior line. 

When you defeat the first Investigator as Zero, save, and then power off the system and reload, the game loads X's version of the conversation.  To be fair, the original game does this too. 

Would it be feasible to post the working script online (say, in a Google Docs file) so other people can see it, but leave it so people can only comment on errors without the ability to edit?  It'd allow more eyes to look at it, and it'd save people the trouble of trying to account for every situation (hello, random Museum rooms).  But then I've no idea how you have the text stored for you to edit, so that's probably too much trouble. 

Is it possible to allow the Auto Charge option to still charge just the X-Buster when a special weapon is equipped?  X5 behaved the same way as X6 even though it too had a dedicated buster button. 

Is there a consensus on the first letter in a sentence that starts with '...' being capitalized or not?  Alia's dialog during the initial briefing has it capitalized (when she's concerned about X), but Isoc's responses about his obsession with Zero during Zero's version of the One Investigator Defeated scene does not.  I personally write sentences starting with ellipses without the first letter capitalized, but I've no idea if that's actually proper or not. 

Edit 2: 

I cannot get the Nightmare Fire effect to show up in Blizzard Wolfang's secondary area (the one with Dante who holds the Jumper part).  I tested the untouched game and the screen will shake and start raining down meteors as soon as you walk onto the downward slope, but nothing happens here.  Tested this on my up-to-date emulator too, with both X and Zero.  This makes the rescue impossible without Shadow Armor. 

Edit 3: 

Alia refers to the 'North Pole area' in Wolfang's post-mission screen.  You could guess she means the general area as opposed to the actual North Pole Area you just cleared, but wouldn't it be consistent with other area->Area changes? 

Edit 4: 

During the cutscene after you get 3000 souls where Alia has finished her analysis of the Nightmare as X, Alia refers to it as being identical to the Maverick virus, and 'virus' should be capitalized due to it being an established term within the series. 

Edit 5: 

During the post-mission briefing on Metal Shark Player, she refers to him as 'Preyer'.  'Preyer a free pass to do as he pleased.' 

Edit 6: 

Probably better to screencap this one if that'd help figure out which room it is, but in one of the Central Museum warps, X says "I out of range" instead of "I'm out of range". 

Edit 7: 

During the cutscene after defeating the final Investigator, Gate's name is rendered in blue for "Precisely!  Don't you see?  This is the perfect opportunity!" and is blue for the remainder of the cutscene. 

Also for Gate's final line in the scene, "hehheh" shows up and should probably be split into two words. 

Edit 8: 

When encountering High Max in Secret Lab 2 as X, his name is spelled "Hi-Max" and it's pink instead of yellow. 

Edit 9: 

After defeating Gate and Sigma gets revived, Alia notes Isoc's body is similar to the 'Erasure incident'.  Incident probably needs to be capitalized and it was in the original game, so it's probably the official in-story title for the events of Xtreme 2. 

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