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Hehehe, all good; it's an easy mistake to make!

New version submitted to the main site, but for the early-birds: Super Star Stacker 1.1.

Here's a patch that fixes all of the bugs that have been mentioned so far: Link

I'm going to guess that you meant to upload a patch named 'sss_bugfix' but accidentally uploaded the older patch 'sss_buttons' instead?

Aaaaand this is precisely why we don't label things 'final'! =P
I played through the story in Pro mode for my testing, which apparently doesn't show the credits, so I missed that. (Makes sense; you've already seen them if you unlocked Pro mode.)

That actually is the game-over text as found in the original Japanese ROM for that mode when you score badly, and is supposed to represent how poorly Kirby was singing.  I'm pretty sure that leaving the original text was an intentional choice by TheDanaAddams and/or Reid.
Exactly this. ^^

Super lucky you caught that weird score display glitch; very specific circumstances like that are precisely why testers are invaluable!

As far as SuperStarFox's question about what's next I can't speak for Dana, but for myself I have another project (Shounen Ninja Sasuke) that stalled out due to a lack of a translator. Check my post history if you want to see where I was at with that. I basically just need to find someone to translate the script. I don't have anything else planned for the moment.
I'd offer to help, but I don't nearly have enough confidence in my Japanese knowledge to translate something like that. Kirby was kind of an easier thing to attempt, since by their nature Kirby games are simple and approachable.

As for what's next for me, I'm not sure! I have about 8 million different projects up in the air that I'd like to be doing, but time and health and tools... and money... are always an issue.
I've been building a hand-wired ZX Spectrum from scratch, but that's stalled until I can afford a part for my ROM programmer; I've been working on custom covers for my collection of cart-based games so I can put them all in clamshell cases; I've got a number of original game projects in various stages; documentary YouTube content; display and accessibility structures that need building; an old, neglected Don't Starve mod that I really want to try and fix and get working again... and goodness knows what else!

I've done some testing and nothing looks broken, so...

It looks incredible; you've done such an awesome job, and you should be proud as heck of this! You really made this into something special; thank you so much!

For the rest of you, here it is - Kirby's Super Star Stacker v1.0!
This applies to a clean ROM, and as a bonus, the checksum is fixed.

Sorry I'm taking so long. I haven't been able to put as much time into it as I'd like, and there are just a lot of little things to change. I am still working on it though. I should be done with it some time this week.
Great to hear!
No pressure, though; life always has to come first. I'm a very patient lass, but I don't think waiting a little longer will kill anyone!

Only thing remaining to be done right now before it's considered 'finished' is for Reld to complete the implementation of the 6-letter names - we're really close, and hopefully we'll hear good news soon!

I'll call it a 1.0 release, though - in my experience with the film and game industries, you should never call something "Final". It's a recipe for disaster; something will always go wrong to make sure it's not "final" at all. And then you get "Final v2" and other such silliness. Better not to tempt fate with Murphy's Law. =P


I have the foundation work for six-letter names done. Editing them works perfectly on the naming screen, and they save properly. No patch yet because every other screen that displays names shows garbled nonsense at the moment, but this was the major hurdle. I'm fairly confident now that I can make it work. Just giving a little update.
You are an absolute legend; congrats on getting this far!

Any chance you could share notes and compression tools that made this possible, to help the chances of other translations happening? The 8x16 font that's now included is one such major hurdle.

It was really sweet following this collaborative project and the ensuing result.
Sorry; forgot to reply to this!
My partner actually built a tool I used while formatting the text, but it's very buggy and I kinda hacked it to make it work one way, which broke other parts... essentially I need to get her to fix it and develop it to a point where people who aren't me can use it. xD
As it stands, it really just works because I know how to coax it to.
I would absolutely like to be able to share everything in case anyone else wants to try translating it!

Thanks to you all, I was able to introduce this game to my gf and now she's been kicking my butt at it.  ::)
Hahaha, my girlfriend started the biggest English Puyo Puyo Discord server, so I think you can guess how any games between US go! xD


Wouldn't it make more sense if it were LOSS rather than LOSE?
Hmm... yeah, assuming the same sprites aren't used elsewhere in a context where "LOSE" is more appropriate, you're right. I don't know if they are, so it's something to check first... but I don't THINK they are.

Practice vs. Practise? Are we going by British spelling conventions?
The Text "Practise" Should Be Changed To "Practice" And It Should Say: Practice Hard And Get Lots Of Stars!  :)
Actually, "practise" is the British spelling for the verb (but not noun) rendered as "practice" in American English.  So in the UK one could say that the doctor practised his golf swing before going to his medical practice.
As a loyal subject of the British Empire, I am sworn to honour and uphold The Queen's English and the proper spelling therein. =P

They definitely take a little getting used to, but I think the consistency is a genuine improvement. Looks great!

I'd try to update the VS character select names, but a lot of those are so tightly fit in the space as is that I think any attempt to create an AA effect will leave names like Kawasaki fuzzy and hard to read at best.
So I think all that's left now is lengthening the player names and replacing the default 'NONE' with Guest.
It might be easiest to just use the shortcut I suggested for 'Guest' - even if you can get the name entry extended, it feels like the simpler solution there would save messing about in the long term. And at that point everything should be in its fully translated state!

Kirby's Super Star Stacker Beta16 includes this update.

The issue doesn't appear on my end.
Clean SRAM gives me the proper translated names; definitely check you're not loading an old save file.

This doesn't occur for anyone else, does it?

@Reld, I've just gone through the text button sprites (retry/quit & player/modes) and replaced the text with anti-aliased versions. When you get a chance, check them out and see if you like how they look. No hard feelings if you think you can do better!
I'd rather not attempt to insert any compressed sprite stuff at this stage, lest it break something else, so here are the .bin files:

This translation is looking really good so far! Also, could I make an LP of this on my YT channel? Sorry if I'm asking for too much.
Sorry, missed this before; you're free to go ahead and do any LP or YT features you like on this, BUT I would advise you to wait until the full 'official' release if you want your content to be evergreen.
If you don't mind it getting outdated, go right ahead - but it would be a good idea to note in your video that it is a slightly unfinished beta.

Is The English Translation Complete?  :)
I believe all of the text is translated at this point. The only things left are little tweaks like this, and for me to finally buckle down and try to lengthen the player names.
Hopefully we've got everything now! It's up to the testers to find anything we've missed, though. If you see some new text if you hold the controller upside down, and press left 27 times at exactly 2:53am in January on a leap year, we won't know until someone encounters it! xD

Sorry it took so long to get to this; it's been more really rough health days, and I still haven't been able to even attempt updating the button sprites. But here's the updated master patch, Kirby's Super Star Stacker Beta15.

Looks great; haven't tested it much, but what I did see looked really good.
I've been pretty unwell overall, so all I have to add on top of that right now is a super small script edit.

Kirby's Super Star Stacker Beta 14.

"Wow!" seems spot-on to me!

Anyone testing this, please be on the lookout for any others here in Time Attack; especially if it happens to say "すとっぷ!" "STOP!"

Edit: Whoops! Looks like I started replying moments before you updated your post!

Those redone graphics look great! No worries about not using my version; whatever looks best is the important thing!

I think this means - barring anything we've so far missed - everything should be translated, and it's almost at the "v1.0" release stage!
Just have to copy those new pause graphics over to everything and maybe update those few buttons with the bitmap text.
I'll see if I can at least get something I hope is usable for those ready.

For everyone else, here's Kirby's Super Star Stacker Beta13!

My power is back on now. I guess they were just trying to give a really conservative estimate.
Long term blackouts are never good; hope it didn't cost you a bunch in spoiled food!

As for the Time Attack text... is it only those three?
If we consider the space available as an estimate... giving it at least one empty tile on either side... then I would say we get... say, a maximum of 10 8x16 characters for the text... considering that, I'd say...


"Not bad!"

"Way to go!"

I think a more fitting translation for まあまあ here would be "so-so", considering the repeated tiles.
I feel like that works, since it translates correctly and is patterned after the Maa maa.

"So-so" kinda fits as a direct literal translation, BUT it doesn't help the repetition of sprites - at best you'd get "So- So-"; the formatting is an issue.
I also don't think "so-so" truly encapsulates the meaning of the original phrase in tone; it's also a term of consolation. It's like, "hey, it's not so bad" where "so-so" is a very cold and analytical assessment.
I feel like the friendly warmth that 'Maa maa' is meant to convey is important in something like Kirby.

You should probably deal with the tilemap/sprite allocation for that repeating part properly to use unique tiles for all four 16x16 tiles.

I think this might be what has to be done; I'll have to let Reld assess the viability, though. The 8x16 alphabet probably isn't in memory at that point in the game, so we probably can't use the simple, direct approach...

How about just an abbreviated version? Like Cont. ??
Using abbvreviations is a last resort. It just never looks very good, and always stands out as a sort of embodiment of "oops, ran out of space" to my eye. With the half width font, we were able to eliminate the use of abbreviations entirely, so to add one now would really break the style.

I've managed to whip up the sprites for 'continue' - it spills over and requires 2 more tiles to fit, which isn't too bad, and shouldn't mess up the menu itself or anything.

This is the 'Game 1 Bitmaps' - all 5 'Game X Bitmaps' files have a version of largely the same sprites, give or take whatever is needed for the game. I used Game 1 as that has plenty of space to overflow into, while others are a bit more messy and full of extra sprites.

I've been thinking about the Time Attack text, and it poses more of a problem than initially thought...

Besides being a bit jumbled up, and difficult to translate... it also has the problem of reusing tiles multiple times.

This, for example. "Maa maa". It's 8 tiles in the source sprites, repeated twice.
Roughly translates to "not too bad" or "passable"... which is neither going to fit in the space of two 16x16 characters, or display correctly, since it will double anything in there.
It's also not unlikely that the same tiles are shared between multiple game over score evaluation phrases... so this is tricky.

They're obviously not crucial, so worst case, we could just blank them out and not lose anything important... but what do you folks think?

Dana: do you think you could work up a png or gif or something of a "Continue" graphic that matches the style of the current "Return"? That would be helpful when I try to rearrange the sprites to make it fit.
Absolutely; I have health issues and today is a bad day, but I'll get on it ASAP!

Here's Kirby's Super Star Stacker Beta12. It incorporates Reld's latest updates with the script layout change.

None of those really work - it's awkward, but it uses the same prompts for the pause screen as it does for the game over screen. So 'Continue' returns to the game from the pause screen, it starts another 2p VS match, or time attack game...

Really "Continue" is the only thing that makes perfect sense in all contexts.

There are at least two other versions as well:

The version you get seems to depend on how high your score is.

There's also a graphic in there that I think says "STOP!" in hiragana, but I don't know how to get it to come up in game. Unless I've just been missing it because I'm not paying enough attention. It would make sense if it came up when time runs out, but I don't remember seeing it.
I definitely remember seeing the "stop" text, which is why I thought it might just be unused... BUT it DOES also give you a message saying "Give up!" when you get a massive score (by, for example, cheating, hehe) in Challenge mode, so the same could be true here...
Which means... any testers, this would be a great place to focus your efforts!

Yeah I know some of the story pages are 24 tiles wide and some are 32. I initially figured this was one of the smaller ones and that's why it ended up on three lines. If that had been the case I think I could have worked around it, but I believe this is one of the wider ones.
Yeah, this was definitely wider. I've fixed the script file, and I'll update it with the next patch.

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