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Hi DurfarC,

thank you for fixing the bug! I played the 1.06 version a few days ago and now everything works fine.
Things like this can happen, after all you are not a professional game developing studio but guys who do this in their free time, so it's natural that sometimes little things are overseen.

Nevertheless, this game is really fantastic, I added a positive review on the main page beacause it really deserves it. For me, it's one of the best Mega Man games out there, including the official titles.

I only have one major issue with the game and that is the Flash Stopper and the fact that you cannot cancel it. I know it works like this in the original Mega Man 4, and as long as it is used to freeze enemies this works out ok.
In the Wily stages though, where it can be used to slow down some bosses instead of freezing them this can become a big problem. More precisely, I am talking about the final weapon archive fight in Wily 2/2. It happened to me quite often that i was entering the second phase and was facing Quickman whos boomerangs are hard to dodge for me and I was unable to enter the pause menu to take an E-tank beacuse the flash stopper was still activated. This resulted in a death, and I had to refight the boss with no Toad Flush and Flash Stopper left, so I had to game over.
The same also happened in the Copy Robot fight one level earlier, I was entering the second phase with the Flash Stopper still activated and was unable to switch to another weapon and died.

Due to the new behaviour of the Flash Stopper slowing down enemies instead of freezing them I think you should always be able to enter the Start Menu anytime to switch weapons or take an E-tank. Unlike the original behaviour where everything stands literally still, here the fights go on and it might be necessary to react to what is happening. The final weapon archive fight is the best example for this.

But this really is the only gripe I have with this game, everything else is just fantastic. Thank you so much for this masterpiece!

I have two minor suggestions if you ever plan to release another update:

To distinguish the new weapons more from the original Mega Man 4, why don't you rename them in the pause menu?
Later Mega Man games always displayed the weapon name instead of the robot master name (like mega man 4 did). When you take a look at the pause menu you could think you are playing the original mega man 4 beacuse everything is unchanged even though the weapons are different. But what if you display:
P.GUST, R.ORBITER, D.SPREAD, D.BLAST ...instead of Pharao, Ring, Dust or Drill? I think this would make it more clear that we are talking about different weapons and not the ones from MM4.

Second suggestion goes in the same direction, have you ever thought about changing Mega Man colors for your new weapons? Right now, they are the exact same than in the orginal Mega man 4. For example, Mega Man's Ring Orbiter suit is the same color as the Ring Boomerang suit from the original. I know the colors are always based on the color of the corresponding projectile, but there are so many possibilities to mix them up, invert them or slightly alter them.

Once again, thank you for this game and keep up the good work!

Personal Projects / Re: Mega Man 4 Voyage (MM4 hack) - Update: Released!
« on: February 03, 2019, 03:32:20 pm »
Hi DurfarC,

thanks for this masterpiece, i am enjoying this game very very much.
I will write a review on this site soon beacuse i think it is one of the best Mega Man games i have ever played.

However, i downloaded the latest version 1.05 today, and it is not possible to finish the game any longer with this version.
When you beat the second form of wily machine after the boss rematches, wily's machine freezes, the graphics on screen get glitchy and the fight doesn't stop but seems to go on. you cannot land a hit on the machine anymore, but you can take collision damage when you run into it. dying is the only way to exit the fight.

it happened to me three times in a row, so i think it's a serious issue.
before that, i always played the 1.0 version without any problems. Didn't play the 1.01 to 1.04 versions, so i don't know if this was an issue there too.

here is a screenshot of the glitchy graphics:

please have a look into that and fix it, this game is absolutely fantastic.

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