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Can you please tell me if there are games with gameplay like in the final part of Metal Slader Glory.

It's an emulation issue.
Nostalgia NES was helped by switching the ntsc mode to pal. There is no such function on nesoid. On nesterJ the switch did not help. After a problematic place, the game runs on all emulators in any mode.
Thank you for your help and for the excellent translation. Now this is one of my favorite games on nes.
I really hope that soon there will be a translation for snes. Thank you.

What emulator are you using? Also ... that's a game spoiler. You might want to use a spoiler tag.
I'm using NesterJ 1.12 plus 0.80 for PSP, Nesoid 2.5 and Nostalgia NES for Android

Hello there! I have a problem.
After they found out who is an alien on the t-stork, he disappears, the base begins to shake and we are told about an anomaly in the colony 35. And that's all. Then nothing happens.

On the screen I show the colony, the music is playing and that's it. The game does not hang, but nothing more.
Sorry for my bad English.

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