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To me, Kefka calling someone a brat fits much more with his character than a more serious insult like bitch.
Do you have a save file around the time of Magus' speech? Also, I don't remember seeing any display bug when learning Triple Raid in my recent playthrough not that long ago. :huh:
Didn't know they went with the -ga suffixes. Also completely forgot about blizzard being a thing for ice. lol
Quote from: Chronosplit on May 26, 2018, 06:54:41 PM
I did a quick check, and more menu space is used by adding stars in places than I had originally estimated.  I am not going to shorten any names for this sort of thing, as for a lot of these space is at a premium already.

As for outright removing them as an addon, that is possible and I'll look into it.  As for space opening, it won't make a suffixes patch easier or anything.  You get a space in Lightning 2 and that's about it.

Are suffixes held back by a space problem? *Lightning2 is eleven characters while *Thundara is only nine. Multi techs that use things like Fire or Ice don't seem like they would have space problems either (Fire Tackle -> Fira Tackle, FireSword 2 -> Fira Sword, Ice Sword 2 -> Ica Sword, etc.)
All of the techs tagged with stars are actual magic while the ones that are not come from more physical means. To be honest it would be more consistent to remove the stars all together since techs that use magic are not tagged with them and they really can't be since a lot use the max space possible for naming. Which also would mean they can't be tagged with their element outside of the tech's description.
Doesn't happen with the snes9x core in Retroarch.
Quote from: thr on April 12, 2018, 12:22:37 AM
so they added the option to remove the filter altogether, so you can now choose between no filter or crappy filter. either way it still looks worse than with super eagle, 2xsai or whatever on an emu.

That's pretty subjective and you also have the option of using sweetfx/reshade for similar effects.
Quote from: Gemini on April 12, 2018, 08:10:48 AM
Well, it it kinda true with FF4 and 5, since they have updated graphics for the ugly-ass backgrounds and 16 colors for everything on 4. With sound patches and reduced lag they are pretty decent, despite FF4 having the worst extras ever.

Yea. 6 is the only one that really suffers and even with the sound patch the sound is subpar and it's still laggy compared to the SNES version. And with 5 I actually like the GBA soundtrack (and I think the battle backgrounds are way better) but use the sound restoration for it's lag fixes. If only there was a fix for just the lag. lol
Personal Projects / Re: Chrono trigger plus
March 29, 2018, 09:48:07 PM
Quote from: ThegreatBen on March 29, 2018, 06:35:45 PM
must be something related to your own work.

But the descriptions are missing in the vanilla rom too and looking at yours in TF shows they don't have descriptions either.  :huh:
Do you think Condensed Spell List is compatible with this? Really makes the spell list a lot better for me.