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 :) cool then we have a propper Wolfenstein on Snes soon. :thumbsup:

I'm curious how it will work and look ;D
the new uncut stuff i told about.
also limited to the required colors.

its strange they changed the chaingun on snes a lot

this one here is exactly the Mac version.

Flamethrower with lighning effect
Had to reduce the Face colors from 59 to 16 and it has now 100% snes colors and the third god mode face i forgot ::)

EDIT: thats final

in the end there where two little errors in the orginal pics, on the left side a darker dot in the face and right one dot in the hair.
you can observe this any time in every version...if you focus on the face its visible

its no more, now i can sleep well again :D

would you like to ask you Ghostbusters style "are you a god?"  :laugh:

seriously man you do a great job!

here is the Final sheet, i had to erase some white pixels and i replaced the last hard hit picture with the one from pc so its consistent to the last dead pic. he gets hit hard screams and die thas the idea. on this stage of health a crit hit should kill him
hope you like it.

@DarkSamus, please use this new sheet :)

btw some new uncut content is also ready. like the the real fireball for the Flamethrower and some other stuff what needs testing first if it fits in. A new explsion for bazooka for example. the new one is 10% bigger than the old one but is the same from mac. Stuff for testing with the tool when its ready.
its done
thats done :)
Mac/Jaguar Fireball for the flamethrower
i tested Trans Grosse Level and in the room after the Rocket Launcher there are 5-6 soldiers inside. After i killed them it leaves a frame rate drop around the corpses. I did the same with the version with beta sprites in it and there is no or less frame rate drop as usual.
The framedrop isnt that huge as in the old version but its still there.


Did a new rom and luckily i couldnt recreate the issue!

i added the faces where bj looks directly to the player so the sprite set is now jaguar complete and snes unique.
I found out that the guys from Id changed the sides of the dying pictures and used the middle position als left side, thats also fixed now.

it could be fire-wsp misplaced the dog as sprite itself. since the rats are so fat i had the same problem on a test sprite^^
had a look in and i dont like it...this Rocketlauncher fits only in the Jaguar version.
the mac/3do/jaguar machine gun, what model is that? looks like a hybrid of a MP40 and a American Gun. on Pc he holds a mp40. I tried to make a propper mp40 model with this Mac/3do/jaguar sprite.

Flamethrower and Rocketlauncher is not on the List because the Flamer on mac/jag has a gasolinetank as backpack but there is already a ammo backpack. and the snes flamer is unique.
Rocketlauncher looks to different for snes but the Rocketcrate with the blue rockets is in.
All BJ Faces done
had to change something on the last pictures when he gets shot left or right. Its more Snes orginal with closed mouth and open.

Overall Picture
ok, its done.
iam fine and you?
thats what i can offer you, if it goes in decides fire-wsp
the skeleton wall is already in, but its very pixelated and there is no way to make it better. firewsp did it and i tried also and came to the same result. but i like it.

April 23, 2018, 12:31:41 PM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

scd, do it if you like. scale those metalwall spites down and see if it works with skrews. when its look good why not. but i think there is not enough space for the skrews on 32x32.
the orginal snes tile, it has the skrews already
The Ideas sounds good.

I have an ad idea to the dogs and to some wall textures.
The snes version features only a few walls and only one version of it.
For Example the Cage (orginal without skeleton) Idea is to give the game a rougelike feature. everytime you start a NEW game some walls could be different. The same with the Dogs/rats or even the doberman watchdogs from those spear of destiny return to danger games.
its no must have its just an idea :)

Weaponswitch would be nice because this orginal solution makes a feel of not full control but with free switch it would be perfect.

about the Faces, i try to get all faces snes ready.