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Newcomer's Board / Re: Modding Bayonetta 2
« on: October 01, 2018, 01:40:48 pm »
Yes - you should use an emulator.


Hi! What kind of emulator would you suggest me?

Newcomer's Board / Modding Bayonetta 2
« on: September 30, 2018, 04:19:00 am »
Good day guys :)
Me and another person are searching for a way to mod Bayonetta 2 (the versions doesn't matter, Wii U, Switch or Internet ROM all works for us), however, we don't have experience in modding console games, do you have any advice to give us? For example, should we use an emulator? Thanks for your time, and have a good day ;D

Anyone remembers that game for PS1, Guardian's Crusade (AKA Knight & Baby)? The one with the azure knight and the little pinky dragon? That game was amazing (at least at my eyes lol);well, at the North Temple you had to face a Blue Monster, while 2 other characters named Darkbeat & Ibkee (some sort of Yellow dinosaur-monster) faced his Red Monster twin off-screen. Anyone here thinks it could be possible to hack/mod the game to recreate (in an automatic fight fashion, so not controlled by the player? The game is full of those kind of fights) the Darkbeat & Ibkee VS Red Monster fight? Maybe recoloring the Blue Monster model?

I'd really like an hack of Final Fantasy 9 for PS1 (you know, the one with Zidane, Steiner, Vivi, Kuja, etc) where you could fight all 4 of the Guardians of Terra in Disc 3 (or whatever that point is in the PC version) and not just 1 of them (the Earth Guardian, with Zidane and Quina). And yes, I know you must face them later anyway, but I think it'd be cool to face all of them there, in their original form, one after the other, in a boss rush with all the couples of characters. I think they were cut from the final game, but all the models and stuff should be there. Btw, I want to specify, I'm NOT necessarily asking this for free. If you want to discuss this privately, just contact me, or answer this message here.

About Sonic 3 & Knuckles (or his perfectioned hacked version, Sonic 3 Complete), what about adding some sort of "extra", obtainable only after finishing the game with every possible finale, and with every character (to explain, after obtaining every finale with every character, like Normal, Super, and Hyper Sonic endings, Normal and Super Tails, Normal, Super and Hyper Knuckles, etc...)? Something like a cutscene (made with the game graphics of course) of Sonic running through the grass, or even just a final "CONGRATULATIONS" message, appearing right after the credits? Also, what about changing (this is something which could apply to Sonic 2 too, btw) the title screens for every character depending on the selected character? For example, keeping Sonic in the big icon at the beginning only if using Sonic alone, and adding Tails if he follows Sonic during the gameplay. You know, like with the lock-on technology games, and with the 2013 Android re-release of Sonic 1.

Hi guys!
Not requesting or ordering anything, I just want to know if you think it'd be a good idea (and phisically possible, by the way) to add just this one feature to The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening: the Final Boss, DeathI, can be killed in 2 ways:
1) With the Bow and 16 arrows;
2) With a single swing of the Boomerang;
in the second case tho, it's a bit of a letdown the ending remains totally unaltered (considering obtaining the Boomerang is no easy task :(); what about adding some sort of secret/bonus/joke/special ending to the game, or something that alter the ending of the game, obtainable only after defeating the Final Boss with the Boomerang? Or if not an ending, at least a final "Congratulations" message for defeating the Final Boss with just an hit  :laugh: That's something I'd really like to see, and I think it'd be seriously cool :)

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