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Personal Projects / Re: My Captain Rainbow Translation Project for Wii
« on: April 04, 2018, 12:50:34 am »
Hey Guys,

I'm trying to get the patch to work for me, but I'm having issues I don't know how to troubleshoot. I've got a Captain Rainbow iso, which works just fine in both my USB Loader GX running on Wii and Dolphin emulator. I downloaded the V1_10_31_2017 files from MarkAss's wordpress/google drive. It appears official. I extract the files and find CRPatch file with a data file, patch.bat, and a text file that says put iso here. I put my clean iso in the same file with those 3 items, and i ran the .bat file. My CR iso disappears and a game.iso file appears in the data file. I put that iso into my wbfs converter and it comes out of that with the proper 6 digit code and my program recognizes it as CR. I slapped it on my Wii HDD, and booted up USB Loader GX. CR shows up in the menu and runs when I click start. The game boots in mostly Japanese, nearly unchanged, but there are some text errors. The initial cut scene remains unchanged. The patch also fails to show up when i take the same iso and run it in Dolphin. I restarted the entire process from scratch a second time, with the same results. What am I doing wrong? I'm a Mac user, booting into a Bootcamp partition of Windows 7 to do the file patching, so maybe there's a step I'm missing due to my inexperience with windows? IDK Any help would be greatly appreciated.


If you look at the command window as the script attempts to run, it displays status for everything it does, and the files provided have logic errors. The patch will get to the xdelta step and say the files aren't found, because they extracted to a different location than the xdelta program is told to look. I have been able to fix that, as described in my earlier post, but then I get more errors about file access permissions or such.

I'm very excited to try this translation! I was able to use a number of tools to extract all the files from my Captain Rainbow disc and patch the required files using MarkAss's 10/30/2017 patch download. I didn't run the batch file like some have tried, but instead did the individual steps myself and made a Riivolution patch. The patched files (so far) end up being under 100 MB, and you don't need to reassemble an ISO or anything - you just need an SD card, the patched files, a patch XML file, an original Captain Rainbow disc, and the Riivolution channel on your Wii (installed as a channel by itself or run via HBC)

I think I did everything right, and so far after playing for 30 minutes, most everything is in English, but I've run into a few things that haven't been translated. I understand the patch is not 100% done, so it'd be best to have as many people play-test the game as possible to help MarkAss in his work. For example, I just got the transformation belt, and here are a few things I noticed that weren't translated:

- A message that pops up when you try to Yo-yo attack the big rock on the starting beach (in front of the sealed door) or the big rock near where Little Mac can be seen in the distance.
- A few dialog boxes (maybe just "Yes/No" choices) when you get the transformation belt and are being taught how it works.
- A few words that Mappo says when you meet him after exiting the transformation belt cave.
- A bunch of messages that happens when your transformation meter starts running low for the first time and you're about to revert back to normal Nick (likely the explanation for how it works).

Also, I was kind of taken aback by the mixture of Hikari's dialog. The "Yer" and "Ya" and  "Ya'll" seemed out of place, and then when I met her inside the shrine at night, she was speaking in a Jamaiican-like accent, using words like, "Dis" instead of "This", and that was even more jarring. It's really strange... not sure if I like it, but it is playable. Thoughts?

UPDATE: if you need help using Riivolution to play this, please let me know. I may even post/upload a mini guide and my patch XML file, provided there is interest. Keep in mind you need the real Captain Rainbow disc to play it, which is what I recommend cause everyone should purchase the game and not resort to piracy, and because it's very easy to use and update the files later if any of the translation is updated.

I can't use Riivolution, the optical drive in my Wii is dead. I exclusively load games from ISO off of USB Loader GX after ripping it with my PC. I have to have a working patched ISO. The problem is having to run xdelta manually on each file since the script is busted, and that is a huge list. I just need the batch file to be fixed so that it actually runs without error. I can't believe this wasn't found during testing and released in a state so broken that the patch process won't work as provided.

Personal Projects / Re: My Captain Rainbow Translation Project for Wii
« on: March 01, 2018, 12:37:29 am »
The batch starts returning path not found errors when running the xdelta part of it. Extracted files seem to be fine, but then they can't be found, yet I see them in explorer.

So I got the script to run without errors after making a DATA folder inside the Extracted folder and copying the contents into said folder. However, the resulting file is still in Japanese when I try to run it.

I have no idea how to use Riivolution and it isn't set up on my Wii.

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