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I heard about this place on /v/ IRC just now. I own a copy of Blood Omen which I got back into when my PS2 got busted and I managed to snag an old PS1 at Salvation Army for $10 to play it on.

I think I'm perceiving differences in the speed at which Kain sucks blood depending on how close he is to his targets, and maybe if he is sucking multiple targets at once, but I'm not entirely sure. I'm also curious at the AI behind his target selection. Best I can tell he prioritizes the closest one, but I could be wrong.

I'm interested in acquiring a ROM for my game and learning how to understand the source code behind Kain's bloodsucking just so I can look at the mechanics and not try to assess it in my head, which is prone to flaws.

Also wondering if there are ways I could make the game harder by making it take longer to suck blood if he's further off, if I was wrong about that being the case.

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