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I worked on this rom for months, and I got really close to finishing it.  I was not very good at Changing The opening letters, and some other stuff.

The levels are done, at least 10 of them.  I wanted to do more, I had so many more plans.. But I havent touched it in months.

I'd like to just put it out there.  Whether the opening looks like crap and didn't get fixed or not.

Maybe one day I will continue it.

My ultimate goal was to have a player beat the game.  Then in the Princess box, Type a secret message.  Such as... "Go to the 2nd level, and over the 2nd block there is a hidden Whistle."

The whistle then takes you to the special world.  where the kaizo levels were even harder.

Maybe 1 day... But for now.  Hopefully people enjoy the 10 kaizo levels.  The first level is plain, as you go further... my experience with SMW shop got a bit better. 

I see an attachment option, Not sure if I am allowed to just post it here now.  Or who I have to contact to hopefully have it updated to the site.

I'm struggling pretty hard right now.  I was going to make the game longer but at this point I'm done once I figure this out.  I wanted to get the Bowser Castle out of the way.

Whenever I use workshop... It crashes and screws up my level.  Let me explain...

I completed Bowsers Castle, and at the end is a Door.  I'm assuming the door is suppose to lead to Bowsers Layer.   I copied Kamikaze's Castle + Layer layout and simply redid the level.

Whenever I play the game and enter the door, the game crashes.  Not only that, whenever I try to edit Bowsers layer, it completely screws up the Bowser castle level.  It completely changes everything.

I'm not good with pointers...  But this seems to be more than that.

My game is pretty much finished... I just need to figure out how to connect Castle to Layer... without it screwing up my level or crashing.

At this point I am willing to take screen shots and show what I mean.  Or possibly send someone the game to try to fix it.

Thanks again Quick.  I wouldn't have gotten this far without the help.  I'm eager to finish the game just to get it out there, but i have to fight the temptation of short changing it.  I'd like to do 15-20 levels min, I'm roughly at 8 right now.  I'm trying to create some new kaizo tricks, and twist some older ones.

I tend to get stuck for a couple days, then usually figure something out.

Here's 2 of my levels if people want to check them out.  I had to use save states, and edit the video for the most part.     

I also have a couple cool ideas.. but not sure if they will work.  ;)

As of right now I am roughly 7 boards in.  I am excited to have people try this kaizo type game.   I tried to add some new, or altered tricks :)

I am having an issue right now with the Spade card game.  Having power ups would defeat the purpose.  I thought of keeping them there for people who prefer or need them, but honestly.. I'd like to remove them.

Either by completely removing, or switching them to coins + 1 ups. 

Is there a way to edit this with Workshop or map editor?  I have nesam but I don't know how to transfer levels so I continued using workshop right this second.  At least for the first game I make.

Anyone able to give me steps, video, or link to change the spade game?

The 1 idea I have.. which would be a tad annoying, but should work would be using a game like kaizo, or kamikaze and transferring my levels over.  Im assuming that would work?  But if there's an easier way, please tell!

Thanks again curly + sicks.   Ive invested many hours in just these basic programs alone.  I give you guys props if you actually write the codes yourself.

I am wondering... is there a way to upload the 2-3 levels I have made on Workshop, to No dice?

If not I will just redo them. 

ugh... I was also really happy to see your post.

The problem is.. I have no idea where to start.  I don't even know how to open the file, it won't open.

From this site...

 I assumed you would have to use command prompt?  About 5 posts down someone actually showed viewers how to open these files.

Command prompt, nesasm smb3.asm    but after I type this stuff in, it errors or says not an open code? or something like that.

Basically.. everytime I enter it in, it fails.

I'm not even sure I'm doing it right.

Ah... Thank you soo much.  You answered many of my original questions, and the follow up ones.  I guess at this point I will just practice, and reread everything you gave me.  I really appreciate it.  I will post an update in a week or so.  I have 1 level finished, and I was pretty happy with it.

Long story short... I dont see many tutorials.  Even on youtube, there are only a few small tutorials.

Im assuming Mario workshop is my best option to make a nintendo rom hack?

I tried to use it.. but am struggling pretty hard.

If I click add 3 or 4bit, or even enemy, it wont pop up.

In order to change or add anything, i have to click on something thats already there.

I want to make a great hack... I have time.. I just don't know where to start.

Any help would be awesome.

April 10, 2018, 05:43:18 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
100 views, nothing yet.

Let me open it up a tad more.

So i Finally got it to where it allows me to add enemies and objects, i had someone checked where it wouldn't let me.

My recent problem is this....

I am on level 2, and it goes to m3 level 2, which is that hilly level.  I prefer not to have to copy each level design.

I wanted to use sky, level 6s format, for level 2.

However, every time I try, it either crashes, or goes back to hilly.

I tried to copy the code for objects and enemies, but when I reload it... like i said.. back to hilly.

I wish there were hot keys also.  Maybe there is?

Do  i have to click  add enemy or object every time?  is there way to hit a key and allow me to just spam what I need to?

Personal Projects / Re: Secret Of Mana Gameplay Improvement Hack
« on: February 11, 2018, 09:07:06 pm »
Does anyone know a way to contact Zhade?  I really want to play this game again with a friend.  And the ability to use hotkeys as spells seems awesome.

Version 10 seems bugged.  I cant seem to set the spells as hotkeys.  When it randomly does work, it always is an attack spell vs my party.

However.. version 7 works pretty well.  But I can only use magic on 1 person.

Wondering if I am the only one.  Also surprised this game isn't on the rom hack list.

I hope I'm patching it right.  I can tell it works, because the MP, and Bow shows.

Version 10-  I hear the sound when I hold R + select a spell, -hold R- + hit A.  But then when I leave the screen and hit R, and pick a person, nothing happens.

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