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Quote from: svenge on December 28, 2018, 03:04:00 AM
Is it possible to modify the ROM for the Satelleview game Special Tee Shot [filename: "BS Special Tee Shot (J).smc", headerless, CRC: 841C8EB9] to work on Canoe like what has been done for "Golf Daisuki!: O.B. Club"? 

Based on reading a bunch of things I think that monkeying around with some of the SNES header (not the SMC header) might do the trick, but I would have no idea how to actually do that successfully.  On the plus side, the game is already 100% in English to begin with, so no game translation would be needed.
Did you ever figure out how to do this? I found these tips re. headers, but couldn't find the right spots in a hex editor. I did manage to get Special Tee Shot working through SNEX9x 16 through Retroarch, using the BSX bios. But a Canoe fix would be great.
OK. Thanks all.... one more question :-)

So is it worth putting 0B in the Super FX box with the preset id? My copy seems to work fine, but if this gives it some more boost It's worth adding.
Can those extra bytes be applied in SFROM Tool? Or another way? Latest hakchi with SFROM Tool looks like this when I open Marvelous:

Quote from: pimpinelephant on April 28, 2018, 11:47:45 AMAlso, just in case anybody might want some more information on the "Extra Bytes" SA-1 values (06-0B).
I was able to accomplish some more in depth testing on the different values with the help of a friend's TV.

I have concluded that 06 is the slower clock speed, while 0B is the faster clock speed. The values in between follow the same pattern.
(slowest) 06 <-----> 0B (fastest)

I was testing out the ending credits of Marvelous, and in doing so, I had to play out the final sequence.
Playing Marvelous with 06 compared to 0B is honestly like night and day!

06 was very slow and sluggish in its gameplay.
0B on the other hand was smoother than a baby's bottom for its gameplay!

It makes complete sense with the sound slowdown as well!

Lower SA-1 clock speed = Less stress on Classic's CPU = No sound slowdown.
Higher SA-1 clock speed = More stress on Classic's CPU = Sound slowdown.

The best part is that the sound slowdown can be resolved!

Due to the sound slowdown being Canoe related (stress on Classic's CPU), we are able to use -no-lowlatency to really remedy the sound slowdown.
Now, 0B along with -no-lowlatency will not work perfectly for every game! There might still be sound slowdown even with -no-lowlatency.

The best way to figure out which SA-1 value would be best to use for any given game would be to first test with 0B along with -no-lowlatency, and keep going in descending order (0B -> 06), remembering to use -no-lowlatency, until you find the "perfect" value with no sound slowdown.
Sorry to be a dumb ass, but how exactly are the different values mentioned applied?

Does this solve the mystery as to why some people get a lot of slowdown in Marvelous on Canoe - even with the -no-lowlatency and borders removed - and some people don't get any slowdown? (My version of Marvelous seems to run fine, for instance)
Relating to Excite Bike bun bun whatever... I have a working version of Stadium 4 from long before it was brought up here. I can't link to it obviously but somebody called dforce3000 patched it for another reason some years ago and it loads in Canoe no problem. Google and ye shall find.

Any further luck on Lemmings, Space Megaforce, Troddlers or Earthworm Jim 2?

Also, did anyone ever mention the Family Super Tennis menu problem here?
Was there ever an update on the Front Missions: Gun Hazard explosion glitches? I have played a bit more and the sprites do get quite a bit messed up when explosions are involved.
Troddlers is a sound issue too, with pops at the high end of the music at the beginning. Might be similar to Space Megaforce/Super Aleste
Quote from: arkiokin on March 30, 2018, 07:02:43 PMBtw, I don't understand what is the sound glitch on "Space Megaforce" ? I only played level 1 of this game, but I played entirely the japanese version, so "Super Aleste" (the 12 levels until ending cut scenes) on Canoe, to try to understand what sound glitch it could be, but not only I've heard absolutely nothing strange, in fact the sound BGM was one of the most limpid and the most rythmic BGM I heard on the SNESC, without any sound distorsion (with Stereo mode in the options), unlike, for example, another game like "Macross-scrambled valkyrie", where the sound issues are clearly identified. Is there somewhere a video to listen this issue ?
I just tried out both the European and Japanese versions of Aleste, and the sound pop is still there. You don't need to play through the game to hear it, it begins as soon as the music kicks in as the game loads. At the top of every bass thump the sound 'clips' and makes a sharp rasping noise. In sound design this would be called clipping, where the signal simply "cuts" or "clips" at the maximum capacity of the amplifier. There's not enough room, basically, for the sound wave to reach its peak, so it gets clipped off and makes the rasping noise. It's hard to get a good audio/video recording of it. Try again and see if you notice it.
Sorry if I missed this... But is there any reason why Earthworm Jim 2 hasn't been tackled here? Seems like a big nonworking game still on the list.
Thing I noticed in Front Mission: Gun. Hazard, after playing it in Canoe.

There are minor glitches for sprite explosions. These happen all the way through the game. This video shows the glitching :
-no-cpurender or -cpurender have no effect on Little Magic
Nice! Rendering Ranger seems like it is working now with both those patches applied. Not played through a lot though. Anything to look out for?
Quote from: sluffy on March 08, 2018, 02:04:32 PMRendering Ranger R2 - wip2

Sanity check. Lots and lots of handshake "errors". Relies too much on precise timing. Haven't caught all code paths yet on cpu and apu (23/24 done).
Rendering Ranger now loads with this patch, and seems playable. But there is an overscan issue, as outlined in this post:

I opened the wip2 patched rom in a hex editor and changed the values as outlined above (2 instances of "8d 33 21" changed to "9c 33 21") and this fixed the overscan, buuuuuuuuuut turns the colours psychedelic (see here: I figured out that only the 1st instance of the hex value edit fixes overscan issues, but this also screws the colours.
Quote from: sluffy on March 06, 2018, 11:32:17 PM
Little Magic debug test3 -- try 8x8 bg1 tiles (MK2,MK3)

Working on Rendering Ranger R2. Rewriting transfer routines. Messy but maybe doable. Unless they put in lots of them.
Little Magic now shows some tiles, but they are a mess: Interestingly, the entire first level shows up in the top left corner. Is that the sprite for the level map maybe? 1st level looks like this:
Quote from: sluffy on March 06, 2018, 08:27:24 AMLittle Magic ... more likely be transparency issue with Canoe. Would be faster if someone could find preset id that toggles this. Even if add dsp-1, sa-1, s-dd1 header because doesn't use chips anyway.

Little Magic. Another idea later.
I tried the A210 preset ID - which enables transparency in Jurassic Park and Kirby - but this had no effect.
Quote from: sluffy on March 05, 2018, 06:03:02 PMnews1:
Sorry folks. Truly shocked at how much of a fight Gun Hazard put up solely on Canoe side.

This will run wake2 $4000 times. If it doesn't see sram, it will boot normal. Note that I'm not allowed to write sram -- this caused a "reset" and throws away your data. So blindly read 16384 * 256 banks and hope Canoe finally decides to load your data.
re. Gun Hazard... I deleted my saves and just started a brand new game with this Wake2 patch and the game loaded fine. Played to the end of level 1 and saved the game. Exited and restarted, the save is there. So all is fixed!!!

Thanks Sluffy!! Amazing work.
Quote from: sluffy on March 05, 2018, 06:03:02 PMnews1:
Sorry folks. Truly shocked at how much of a fight Gun Hazard put up solely on Canoe side.

This will run wake2 $4000 times. If it doesn't see sram, it will boot normal. Note that I'm not allowed to write sram -- this caused a "reset" and throws away your data. So blindly read 16384 * 256 banks and hope Canoe finally decides to load your data.
This patch seems to work, and loads my saves fine. I haven't tried this on a fresh game (without previous saves). I added the patch to the pre-patched Aeon Genesis translation of the ROM. Just to be clear.
Quote from: sluffy on March 05, 2018, 12:53:11 PM
Gun Hazard saves

Give me sram or die. Nice or mean version.
I didn't have luck with japan2 patch. My GH saves disappeared on load. Still only patch that has had an effect is wake2.
I tried the patch for Cu-on-pa SFC. The game sticks at the start new game menu (where you create your first save). I hadn't tried the game before, so not sure if this was the original problem.
I can also verify that the wake2.ips for Gun Hazard works! It loaded my previously converted retroarch save in Canoe. I tried the second .ips you posted later here and that had no effect.