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I want edit image with alpha+rgb.

Then... if i use imagestudio, can i edit it?

How to convert the 8bit png to rgb+alpha that editable?

I think one of the reasons is that the version of using Photoshop. It is 7.0

December 17, 2017, 10:06:24 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
I understand what you said.
Your mean, my png's Alpha chn is broken(merge with RGB chn), so i have to use the right convert tool to original PNG. right?

I've installed Image Studio Lite.
it's.... so hard..  :(

I will keep trying. thx :D

What you do not understand is that I am not good at English.

This is sample image that 530% zoom with photoshop.

and i cant find alpha mask channel.
This picture was transformed(8bit->32bit) from the site that weissvulf gave me.
In this picture,It looks like the green and the transparent color are merged around the letters.
I dont know how to edit like this.

I am sorry if I am wrong.


Thanks to mugi, it works very well.

@weissvulf, Thank you for caring me. There is no problem with the previous case anymore.

And another question.

It uses a transparent color for the background.
and It also uses about 50% transparent colors.
Do you know about this?
I mean, how to edit this.

hear is sample gim and 8bit png.

Thank you very much,mugi god :angel:.
And I'm sorry that I didt mean to let you work. :'(
I writed reply that first gim of you first gave me is perfectly work very well.but reply was deleted by moderactor.

I just want you to tell me how to repack gim.
Because there are many files to edit from now on.

I can not ask for your help will only take away your time.

Can you help me please?

I can use gimconv,photoshop,pngout or any software with windows.

Code: [Select]
im sorry that i have another question.

this code is original 0746.gim's palette code
I think it is only 64 color. because it have 8 line

but why png file have 128 color?

wait for your reply

thanks for your reply!

I will edit it soon.

Is it possible to convert to gim again?
I mean, I want to reinsert in the ISO file.
For that, I want a file of the same format as the original.


Do the DigimonAdventure (psp) Hacking now.
I want just edit the logo title image.

it is made by gim.
I dont know that how can i edit by photoshop.
gim to png is perfectly by gimconv (8bit). but its INDEX file, so i cant edit.

anyone know how to edit this file?

hear is the sample file.

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