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I had been using ISO/WAV/CUE. Would my CUE still be of use?

I'll try to get this fixed sometime, sorry I haven't had the chance to so far. I've been thinking of techniques to make the patch more robust and work better with different BIN/CUE sets.

OpenEmu's Genesis Plus GX core appears to intentionally simulate seek times, so it has the same bug as on real hardware. Like you mentioned, Kega Fusion doesn't have it. It's possible to get Kega working on recent versions of OS X, but it's a total pain to do. :/

I ended up playing through the whole game in Kega in a dual-boot setup, so don't worry about it on my account!

The patch worked perfectly with no issues - just some slight screen tearing on Kega's end that I could never quite completely get rid of.

Reading back a few pages, apparently Ms. Tea's patch is only supposed to be necessary for real hardware, and Supper's version is supposed to work fine in emulators? I hadn't realized this until now, so even though I was planning to play in an emulator I had held off on even trying Supper's version. However, now that I have tried his version in OpenEmu (Genesis Plus), I'm getting the same kinds of skipping/desync issues during the opening. Any ideas on what I could do to fix this?

edit: I did manage to get it working with no desyncs in the opening in Kega Fusion, but only on Windows since the OS X version of Fusion is broken on current versions. And Fusion has its own issues anyway, so I think I'll just continue waiting until Ms. Tea releases a fixed version of her patch.

I'm also definitely looking forward to the fix. Thanks for all your hard work on it!

July 03, 2018, 06:01:57 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Sorry about that! You're right that I probably didn't target the same dump that Supper used. I wonder if there's a way I can make it a bit more resilient to that...
Is there any way at all for others to get the fix working currently, or is the dump you used one that hasn't been distributed online (for example, your personal dump)?

Now that I've finished TSS for the first time, using its patch, I'm looking forward to playing EB even more! The only issue I noticed (an extremely minor one) was a lack of a space in the "amulet used" message.

Falcom's own official romanization of セリオス is Selios, as per LoH II's soundtrack. I see no reason not to use it.

I'd be very interested in doing editing for this project if it gets off the ground. I did editing on Brandish 2 Renewal, which should be releasing soon.

The official English name of the franchise is The Legend of Heroes, by the way, not Heroes Legend, so you should probably go with something like The New Legend of Heroes for the name instead, I think.

Additionally - Falcom's own official romanization of セリオス is Selios, not Selious. Granted, quite a few of their romanizations are pretty poor, and thus they shouldn't always be taken as the only acceptable ones, but I see no reason not to use the official romanizations that are already perfectly good.

And are you sure that your character count is correct? The Legend of Heroes II has only a bit over half as many Japanese characters. Are you counting letters in the Google Translated English script? The Japanese character count is what would be useful.

Yes I could assist.  I am no professional translator, but I have read Japanese novels and have beaten several games in Japanese.  Also where do I get this game so I can play it?  Could you link me to an amazon page or to the game page on Falcom's site?

Although if this game is already translated in the Turbographix CD version, it may just be a matter of matching up the scripts I suppose. A remake may have most of the text as the same.

You can get it here for 540 yen.

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