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ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Extract Music/SFX and maybe change it.
« on: August 03, 2020, 02:38:50 pm »
Understood Fast6191, but I think you must play and listen the audio changes we actually did.

Ok, I will say a tip.

Open on an Audio Editor (Sony SoundForge, Goldwave, Audacity, etc.) for example, a Mega Drive/Sega Genesis rom.

Normally with this settings: On SoundForge (to the app import and work with the rom) per example
Sample rate 11025 , Sample tipe 8bit PCM, Format Unsigned, Byte order (none), Format: Mono

You click to open and voilá! Appears the track, you can click and play, with success you will find the audio and maybe some music in it.

But this settings vary from game to game.  So, you may try changing from 11025 to 8000, 5500 or even 4000 (sample rate) ... And some games only open with Stereo , or even Signed  bit.

To change, you must respect the format you'd imported and the same duration of the clip.

To export, simply go to File/export/ As raw
Finished, exported? Now , rename the extension to .bin (Mega Drive)

Do the checksum fix and play to see if worked... sometimes fail, but we are having success...

Please, if you try Fifa 20 by T.A. Marcos, you will listen my voice in the beginning and several new sounds into the game.


ps: Of course this tip works for other system console roms.... :thumbsup:

Personal Projects / Re: My translations of NES games into Spanish
« on: August 03, 2020, 02:20:43 pm »
Just to say how much I love Zippy Race and Circus Charlie!  :woot!:

Buenas traduciones usted ha hecho sics! Felicitaciones de un brasileño...jajaja
Great translation you did, sics! Congrats from a brazilian... lol

And your Nes Sonic was very much commented even in a FB Mega Drive Community in Brazil


ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Extract Music/SFX and maybe change it.
« on: August 02, 2020, 08:07:42 pm »
How complete your reply, Fast6191  :o

But I need to say, that we are successfully changing audio from Mega Drive games.
For example, Fifa 2020 our (me and T.A. Marcos) last hack , published here... we had changed chantes from the crowd in the game even with audible voices. The goal when you press A, and another voice when you press C (after the goal) , and when a player suffer foul, there is a voice saying this, not present in original Fifa 95.

And I'm with another project SSF2 that I'm changing with success voices and other sound effects by the Arcade ones.

So, because of this, I am curious about what system and the solution ivecocrossway did...


ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Help with editing text in genesis games
« on: August 02, 2020, 01:58:49 pm »
Yes, you'll be amazed with the music, the whole game feel and with....everything


ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Help with editing text in genesis games
« on: August 02, 2020, 01:45:02 pm »
If you're looking at SoR1, not sure I can be of help there.  Never played it.

This surprises me, eskayelle.
Streets of Rage 1 deserves a play from you...

And PacSonic, success... This utility, MDV, is really a great tool, I'd used in a hack that I didn't published "Ruas de Furia"


ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Extract Music/SFX and maybe change it.
« on: August 02, 2020, 01:36:46 pm »
Hi ivecocrossway , would you please say for what system was and the solution?

I'm definitely interested in Music/SFX change and I think some others too.


ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: aladdin sega genesis - hacking notes
« on: August 02, 2020, 01:25:27 pm »
Hi Metal64 , great findings you did on this awesome game...
Does the 1st addresses may be found in Hex Editor?

And I think you're aware of Alladin secrets
If not, it may help you in some way or just for curiosity...


jjjewel, I'd listened in normal speed, and in Sound Forge, decreased the speed.

For me it sounds... "I won't come beating you"

Does it makes any sense now?


There's an old program called SNESSOR v2.1 which can rip and insert SNES sound samples. It's a DOS command line program (from over 22 years ago lol), it will not run under Windows so you'll need to run a DOS emulator first like DOSBox to run the program. It's not an easy task, but it's another option for you. SNESSOR 95 might run in Windows, but it can't insert sound samples.

Yes, phonymike, I had used to change a sound in International Superstar Soccer with success...thought , I didn't continued... Must continue someday...

Me and T.A. Marcos (Fifa 2020) are changing Sega Genesis/Mega Drive sounds...

Success for you , ValcristRoda


ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Exhaust Heat SNES Project
« on: August 02, 2020, 12:20:39 pm »
Sucesso no seu projeto, Pedro!  - Success on your project, Pedro!
Ansioso para poder correr nesse F1... - Anxious to run in this F1 game
Eu fiz o hack Super Monaco GP Morena (Brunette) Edition para o Mega, com cores reais dos carros, nomes de equipes/pilotos e outras coisas. - I did Super Monaco GP Brunette Edition for Mega Drive, with real car colors, team/drivers names and other things.

Você está no caminho certo! - You're in the way!

Nelson :woot!:

ps: on Smgp I'd used WindHex to change hidden text with table

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Help with icons in Streets of Rage 2
« on: August 02, 2020, 12:12:03 pm »
Yes, this issue is because of the wrong CheckSum when you change anything in a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive rom...

This is the best/simple tool to fix this...


Thank you for replying

Yes, you're correct... Rainbow Edition, here we call Rodoviaria (Bus Station

My idea is to do an ips patch with this whole game hack, and yes, as some people dislike this crazy things, an ips patch with the audio+my color change "vision"+graphics changed.

Nelson  8)

MD sound change it´s starting to be improved!!!

This hack have the following:

Super Street Fighter 2 New Challengers Rodoviaria(here in Brazil, some arcades have crazy things like you can do shoryukens in the air)

Version 0.01

Thanks to:
Stef, Kamming - 2007 and Pyron - Enhanced colors

But, some colors bothered me ....


- Text Rodoviaria (I may change for international edition)
- The volume of the sounds in the sound editor was bursting, so I'd decreased slightly, now it´s better.

- Soviet Union stage (Zangief)
Details in Red instead of Green.
Russian Plate redone

- USA stage (Ken Masters)
Best shade of blue for the sea.
Softer skin colors for people on the boat
2 secrets to look for

- USA stage (Balrog)
Black cars instead of green
Red/dark red person instead of yellow and brown

- USA stage (Guile)
1 secret to look for

- China Stage (Chun-Li)
1 secret to look for

- Cammy
Do not select her with Start to fight (+18)

Possible changes in new versions:

- Change voices for better ones (I have already done successful tests)
- Change the names of some fighters (I already got text and graphics, but I need to change the pointer of a single name to work):
Balrog to M Tyson (successfully tested)
M Bison to Vega
Vega to Balrog (but this one, I need to find the pointer, or go back and keep Vega)

My past contributions to MD Scene was on Super Monaco GP Brunette (Morena) Edition , that was the 1st one to change all drivers/cars/teams to their real colors/names. After that, me and a spanish friend T.A. Marcos, that with all the tools that I have, realized how to change the drivers images, and next to the game 30 years, we did almost everything we wanted, only the audio part, we want to improve too. We did in cooperation, Zakspeed Challenge with 1989 drivers and F1 2019.

Right now, we are finishing a Fifa 20 hack.

I will improve a little more and do an ips file

Want to know your opinions about... 


June 04, 2020, 01:20:03 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Progress :woot!: :woot!: :woot!:

Changed countries sound for Arcade sounds...

Let's goooooooooo



My hope someday is to replace that boss with something new or original, as was done here in an openbor version of SOR2

In that case, they took a boss named "Hakikari" from Streets of Rage game gear and used him, which was cool because the camouflage pants made sense out of that environment, and he still looked enough like the red souther that it should feel familiar to die hard fans of the original.

Anyhow, in theory, could it be possible (uncompressed or not) to update that boss ever?

Pleiades just for your knowledge, this Hakikari boss is the same boss HaraKiri on Streets of Rage Mobile.

eskayelle, just great all your infos, me and all people keep appreciating..


Personal Projects / Re: Starting up Final Fantasy III (NES) [PT-BR]
« on: May 12, 2020, 04:35:13 pm »
Grande! Great!

Fiz uma procura e só tem rom de FF3 traduzida pra Snes em portugues... Did a search and only FF3 Snes was translated to portuguese.

Entretanto, não curto rpg kkk... Thought I don't like Rpg games ... lol


Keep safe!


Liked some of your projects and amazed how many you are

Castlevania Umbral it´s a great name, Saint Seiya and Mario Kart on F-Zero will be a must.

Success and focus on finish, go to another one...


Great, eskayelle!

I´m always interested on your rom hack knowledge. Great what you're doing with SoR and other games as you did with NBA Jam.

Do you have any intention to bring SoR 4 sprites to a new SoR 2 version?  And the stage backgrounds? I've decompressed some parts from SoR with Nemesis decompressor tool, but only a few parts of the background are visible.

Pleiades7 , Shell Shock is a common name in the TMNT "world"


Parabéns Lucas!

Cemetery stage art helps you to put on next version?


Personal Projects / Re: Sonic 5 - Improvement Vol.2 (Nes) [Finished]
« on: March 29, 2020, 03:38:20 am »
Only to say that this port of Sonic MD :laugh: to Nes is wonderful!  :thumbsup:
I have no complains about it...  :woot!:

And you don't never studied Assembly  :o

So... we both



ps: Sics, you're from Spain? T.A. Marcos , from Spain is my partner on romhacks ,Super Monaco GP and Fifa 2020, and he consider your hack one of the bests he ever seen.

Personal Projects / Re: Sonic 5 - Improvement Vol.2 (Nes) [Finished]
« on: March 28, 2020, 08:49:26 pm »
There is a program you can get, in the "Utilities" section of RHDN, called

xdelta UI

Made by KaioShin, one of the founding members of RHDN.

Thank you Spooniest!!!

Never heard about this tool... lol


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