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ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: super mario arcade
« on: April 14, 2017, 01:39:28 am »
Zacmario, man I have played your hack for a few hours.  I actually reviewed it before I seen this post but it hasnt been posted yet.  I really like your hack.  It really does feel like it is designed to eat quarters and lots of them.  Since I own more arcades than consoles I figured I would chime in.  Its an awesome game, I like the level layout, the enemies population is just right, it has a Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Vs. feel to it.  The new enemy sprites are cool and so is the invisible coins.  Unable to scroll backwards is a nice challenge too.  Overall, I really like what I've played thus far.

Onto a few things.  On World 1, when you hit the vine block, climb to the "!" and warp to the cloud level, I found a small glitch after you come out of the pipe back on the main level, you can move Mario slightly to the right a little bit at a time and the screen will scroll backwards a just enough for Mario to hit the vine block again.  Now normally this wouldnt be a big deal, but since a 1 up is possible every time one warps to the cloud level, a player could easily exploit this for 100 lives.  I personally dont know what would fix this, but I would like to see if you could fix it somehow.

Last thing, and this is just me personally, I feel like the stages are lacking a few powerup blocks.  I believe you are shooting for an arcade feel, but even then, I feel like a powerup should be somewhere near the middle.  I might have missed them, but I tried to get every block I seen on each level.  Other than that, I think this hack is rocking.

I am wanting to play through the entire game this weekend and maybe see if I can find any glitches or bugs and hopefully beat it.

Newcomer's Board / A Simple Thank You
« on: April 14, 2017, 01:21:20 am »
I'm new to the forums but have lurking in the shadows for a few years now and have used a lot of patches over the years to refine a lot of NES/SNES/Genesis games for fixing bugs and adding new challenges to old games.  I know a lot of hard work goes into translating, bug fixing and creating new levels, so I want to simply say, Thank You, to all the hackers old and new and Thank You to the community for continuing to make awesome hacks.  You guys and girls are amazing!

 ;D :thumbsup: :beer:

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