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I think it would be cool if someone could fix the slow down issues with Marvel Super Heroes on the Sega Saturn. I know that these issues aren't as prevalent if you don't use the optional ram expansion. It utilizes the 1 Meg expansion for more frames of animation. It will work with the 4 Meg expansion, but I don't believe it utilizes any more memory than it does with the 1 meg expansion.

My guess is that the extra frames are too much for the 1 Meg expansion, so some cpu intensive compression is used to load the frames into the 1 mega expansion causing slow down on decompression. If this were the case, maybe someone could hack the game by uncompressing the graphics and loading them in utilizing the 4 meg expansion instead.

I have no idea if the game actually works this way, or if this is the actual cause of the slow downs. It's just a hypothesis.
It would be cool if someone could hack the Saturn version of Mortal Kombat II to replace the music with the arcade soundtrack.
I think what would be a nice hack would be a fix for the shuttering background scrolling in the PC-Engine port of Ninja Gaiden. Also maybe replacing the OST with the NES version OST.