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Help Wanted Ads / Looking to get some bugs fixed in Sweet Home NES
« on: May 18, 2019, 02:00:01 pm »
Hello all. I am the co-author of a translation hack for Sweet Home for the NES. I've learned a lot since my time working on this project and although I am pleased that it got as far as it did. JMN did a fantastic job with the tools that we had at the time, but it still needs a lot of polish.

The main points of contention that still bother me to this day concerning the patch:
* JMN used the original translation by suicidal as a base, cementing its status as an addendum, rather than a full translation.
* There's a major bug that can soft lock the game if you examine the statues guarding the final area at a certain moment in the game.
* This point about timing is a bit difficult to explain, so I'll give RaneofSOTN's explanation from the Speedrun forums:

"To be honest. You can't compare the two translations. TheSiege's version is inheritantly faster. It does NOT play exactly the same as the japanese version. Case and point: Play the 3 versions off the same input on an emulator. The emulator basically makes it so the console is the same. What you will see is that the J and old trans patch will keep in sync as the game goes on, but TheSiege's patch will start to break off as little as 1-2 combats in. The revisions to the text system make it the ¤faster¤ version but it isn't correct. It leads to impossible RNG seeds comparing into the original game. This is very easy as I can de-sync them on the first combat VERY easily, which means that due to the frame rules this game uses... TheSiege's patch has options to improbable seeds that may or may not be possible in the original."

* I've always wanted to add some touch ups to the translation itself as well.

I'd like to see these problems finally get fixed. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

From what I understand, Rimsalia herself has a special attribute that has her take extra damage from the sword you're using.

I don't think anyone in your group ever gets paralyzed. Petrify seems to exist for story purposes only. The only thing left is sleep. This means that tents don't do everything they're advertised to do.
One funny side effect of this is that it's possible to get the unpetrify spell for rooks after he's already cast it.

Join Luke and Sarah as they slay a cloud with his trusty buster sword.

Actually, it turns out that the information about 25% resistance could very well be incorrect. I just saw another guide here that I've been testing and finding to be more accurate here:

No attribute takes 100% from all. Same attributes are 80%, advantages are 160%/40%, and opposite attributes are 120%

Opposite attributes are Wind/Water and Fire/Earth, so for example
Changing Attribute to Wind against Darah will have you doing 120% damage to him, but only take 80% from his newly found Lightning 2 spell (or only 40% from his Smash 1 spell if you're playing the original), but you wouldn't want to do that before defeating Barah as he can get a lucky critical and potentially end your game.

I first noticed this when I was able to one shot a Gurgeon/Chimera as a none attribute, but could no longer do so after matching its attribute.

So I've been playing the Japanese version of this recently, and I've noticed a lot of translation errors in the game. I figured I'd post my translations here.

The Desiree is actually the Ragnarok
The Flying Axe = Francisca
The Giant Sword = Strongest (Best) Sword
Grand = The Strongest (Good change)
Demon = Devil (Not sure why you changed it to Medusa Axe when it's weak against Medusa)
Battle Hammer = Warhammer
Blackthorne Whip = Thorn Whip
Wish Wand = Soul Wand
Memory Wand = Wand (It's just a wand)
Scimitar = Buster Sword (This is a translation that I actually agree with, but consistency is fine too)
Seam Mail = Splint Mail
Mithril = Silver (I'm guessing the translator was at least somewhat familiar with Tolkien's work, but decided to keep the Robe as Silver)
Rococo Armor = Gorgeous Mail (rococo is a very fancy word for "Antique")
Robe of Valor = Mage Robe
Shaman Robe = Sacred Robe
Caeser Shield = Kaiser Shield
Gauntlet = Bracelet (Armlet)

Monsters (by area):
Barnia Temple = Barniba Temple
Gurgeon = Chimera
Hound = Dog
Lupus = Wolf
Jell = Pudding
Saurian = Valium/Barium (I 100% agree with the change)

Draven Pass = Dwarven Pass
Forest of Doubt = Lost Woods
Crimson Valley = Red Valley
Trunk Man = Dryad
Flytrap = Cloud (Funny thing to note is that means that Cloud and the Buster Sword are both in this game)
Huetree = Tree with a Face
Wolfsbane = Aconite (both mean the same thing)Zerel = Zero (which I believe you caught already)

Jeru = Gel (pretty obvious one)
Manteco = Manticore
Raiton = Lute
Bajis = Basilisk
Undead = Zombie
Sauza = Sauzer/Salza/Souther (common Japanese antagonist name, also featured in Dragon Ball Z as "Salza" and Fist of the North Star as "Souther", both with the same Japanese Romanji spelling)

Stavery Tower = Endless/Topless Tower
Jara = Wight
Fult = Ghoul
Reach = Lich
Aurane = Alraune
Rilus - Lilith
Merlini = Sorcerer
Nostrus = Knight
Darah = Durham
Barah = Balam
Ariel = Alan

Bintel Castle = Byzantine Castle
Shaman = Bishop
Karul = Karura (Carla)
A Tunnel = Underpass
Desurin = Death Lich
Minotaurus = Minotaur (just minotaur)
Rimsala = Rimsalia

Most of the translations for spells are serviceable, so I'll just do the more noteworthy ones.
Restore All (Marid) = Mist of Purification
HP Restore All (Marid) = Sparkling Water Therapy
HP Restore (Ifrite) = Flame of Life
Destroy (Ifrite) = Death
Change to x Attribute = Whirlwand Wall, Stone Wall, Flame Wall, and Water Wall
Restoration of Spirit = Elemental Prayer
Home = Interdimensional Portal

And now the moment you've been waiting for: Attribute spells
Sky Blast
Flame Windmill
Ice Vacuum
Hellfire Lava
Soil Dragon
Ice Flame Slash
Ice Crushing Storm
Lava Storm
Ice Flame Tornado
Thermonuclear Explosion
Explosion of Heaven and Earth

(who casts Smash 1 in Chapter 4?!)

The kind of boss that lets me pass by at level 14
especially when he shows up later alongside his even stronger counterpart

Seeing as Darah now casts Lightning 2 in the latest patch as opposed to Smash 1, I've decided to amend what I wrote about the battle previously. The battle against Darah alone seems more reasonable now, especially when you compare it to the infinitely harder Hydra battle from the previous chapter. Darah also now has 500 HP and Barah has 750 HP. Both of these changes are very welcome in creating a balance in both battles that simply didn't exist before.

Here's a bit of a pro-tip. The elements go in a cycle of weakness: Wind < Fire < Water < Earth < Wind. From what I understand, if you don't have an element, then you have a 25% resistance against all elements. Normally you'll want to change the team's attribute to make you both attack harder and take less damage. However, in a case that an enemy is attacking with a spell using an element that is on the opposite end of the spectrum, it's better to do nothing and retain that 25% resistance.

Edit: Made the entire comment a spoiler alert as opposed to just the suggestion and corrected a few mistakes.

Can anyone provide a link for the level up patch? The links no longer work.

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