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V1.01 can be found on D-D now that fixes the intro and hopefully soon on

BTW:  I should probably throw this out there.  You don't have to worry about us breaking the fourth wall on Princess Minerva, this Japanese game did it quite regularly without our help.  The girls talk to you the player on a few occasions as well as making comments about the game designers.  We did not add these things, they're in the Japanese game.

Sorry guys, we are aware of the beginning intro issue, unfortunately that seems to have broken during last minute bug fixing and I didn't notice it before release.  We'll get it fixed and get a corrected patch released as soon as we can.

Patch version 1.01 released with a new more legible font and pause screen translation.  Get it at Dynamic Designs or grab a copy here on shortly.

Thanks NoOneee.  Glad you and others are enjoying it.

How do you guys like this?  This is the best compromise I can come up with.  It's more readable than before, isn't quite as strange as bolding only pieces of letters and also doesn't suffer from loss of whitespace like bolding which actually hurt readability.  The only problem is the y and g I had to raise the bottom up 1 pixel from baseline so that they'd have whitespace.  Noticeable but worth it if it reads better.

You'll have to give me a few days to get this new patch out.  It takes time to get this copied into all the graphical hacks.  (A lot of the stuff in this game doesn't use the main font and has to be edited individually.)

Yeah, I'm definitely listening and looking at alternatives in game.  It is just that after seeing them in action, they don't help as much as you might think they would, and make things even harder at times to read.  I have one more idea I'm going to look into over the weekend.  We'll see where that goes.  I can't promise a font change in the next release, but I am taking it seriously.

Is there any reason you're averse to doing something like this?

I do know, as well as anyone in the modding scene, that sometimes compromises have to be made...

Yeah, IMO the loss of the whitespace between letters makes things even more difficult to read.

I realize that you wouldn't always have loss of whitespace, and I did do it on a couple of larger graphics, but that actually does get harder to read when they would wind up touching.

First sight, I thought it says "pa-su" or "pass"; but it actually says "po-zu" or "pause"(?)
Does that appear when pausing? (yeah not have played it yet)

Yeah, its Po~Zu or Pause.  Not the only place they did this in this game.  There were a few other places they did things like this. 

As for the font.  I've tried some other ideas, but they just don't look right in context with the other graphics in the game, so I'm very inclined to leave it as is.  I'm definitely taking everyone's comments seriously, but while leaving the outline it is impossible to bolden the font because of letters like m and w.  And a vwf would require a LOT of assembly code for certain reasons other than the vwf itself.  It is Just not worth it.

I also found an untranslated graphic.

Ah, I figured there would be something we missed.  We'll get a new patch out with that soon.  Thanks for the report.

Curious, were you able to decipher the compression scheme it used and recompress all the graphics back in?

Yeah, Bongo` was able to reverse engineer the compression but the compression was pretty poorly written so he replaced the routine with better written code.  We also redid tilemaps when necessary and the onscreen space was available to make more room for graphics.

As for the font guys, when I release the next version of the patch, I'll look into making a more pleasing font.  Though, to make one to my liking might mean dumping the outline in favor of a black drop shadow instead.  We'll see what I can come up with.

Just one question, do you have any plans to translate the other SNES Sailor Moon games and if so, which one will it be?

Who knows what the other guys (mainly Bongo`) might decide to work on.  However, as for me, this was the only Sailor Moon game I was really interested in.  I'm not a big Sailor Moon fan.  In fact, after Chibiusa/Rini enters the series I absolutely can't stand it.  However, this game was extremely enjoyable and I wanted to translate it just because it was.  I'd be okay doing the sequel for completeness, but the sequel just isn't as fan as this one. The controls aren't as tight as this game and it just seems more clunky overall.  If the other D-D guys were to decide to do any of the others, I'd be happy to help them out,  Personally though, no I don't have enough investment in Sailor Moon itself to request we do more.

After watching a couple videos on Youtube, it is pretty clear that I might want to provide some tips. These are just simple things to help you get the most out of the game and are not any way cheating.

First: During Story and Versus you do not have to wait around for more balloons. Pushing up on the controller will make more balloons load into your playfield. A row of 6 at a time. Don't wait, get more balloons as soon as you need them.

Second: Your playfield collapsing has to do with how many balloons your opponent has popped. On Normal your field collapses every 40 balloons popped by your opponent.

Third: Save those balloons. The more balloons you pop at one time of the same color will cause your opponent to get hit with gray balloons. They start getting gray balloons with 5 or more balloons. But the payout isn't 1:1. It gets exponentially bigger. The more you pop, the more they get buried by. I'm not sure what the ratio is, but if you pop 5 balloons they only get 1, however if you pop 10 balloons, they get more than 5.

Finally: Keep your eyes on what your opponent is doing as well as your own board. You need to be prepared if they are close to popping (or just did pop) a massive amount of balloons of the same color. The last thing you want to do is have your board all loaded up with a single color so you can setup a big payout of gray balloons on them just to have yourself buried by gray balloons which end your round.

This is just a few tips and general info to make the game more fun for you.

justin3009:  Just because we released shouldn't stop you.  Go right ahead. 

As for the font color, that is the colors the game uses.  It wasn't a personal choice.  I just tried to mimic what the Japanese did.  However, I will say that I personally have VERY bad eye issues and I have no trouble reading it in game.  I do typically like a bolder font as well, but I felt keeping the black outline the game had for the Japanese was also important.

I hope you guys enjoy it.  It is a really fun game.

Here is a 1.1 to hacked 1.0 ips patch

Golf Fix makes Rom with CRC 6713835E the same as the one used by Dynamic Designs

Do not worry, the file is extremely small.

Just to put everyone's mind a bit more at ease.  It seems what happened here is that we used revision 1.0 of the rom.  The main one floating around on the net is revision 1.1.  However, I've done some pretty extensive testing and the translation works just fine with revision 1.1 of the rom.  So, feel free to use that version and the IPS patch or our xdelta and turn off CRC checking.  From my testing so far, the game should play without issues.  If you do happen to encounter any, please let us know.

You should find the questions easier to find now, most of them are on the project pages. 

Just as visualdefenition has mentioned above.  All of the assembly and hacking chores like dealing with Vertical text have already been dealt with.  Bongo` already has an insertion package done.  We are simply lacking translation support to see this project to completion.

February 03, 2015, 02:38:00 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
A translator has graciously come forward to help with this project.  He assures us the size isn't an issue and he'll see it through to the end.  Thanks to everyone who has read this and anyone who was thinking about helping.

896kb (and it seems Bongo` dumped them in UTF8)

Hello everyone.  I would like to request translation support for Oni II for SNES from any qualified individual that would like to work on this game.  We already have a few files that another translator did for us and then vanished but there is still the lions share of files left to translate.  I should warn any potential translators that I've been told this game can be harder than your standard SNES game to translate due to containing some old formal Japanese.  I'm not a translator but that is what someone told me who did translate.  If you would be willing to help us out, we'd be greatly appreciative.  You can contact me at or Bongo` at and we'll be glad to answer any questions you might have (if there are concerns you have before you start, please talk to us about them) or mail you the scripts if you are willing. Also, I must warn any potential translator, the scripts are rather big.  The zip file containing the scripts is 281kb.  I don't want to hold anything back from anyone interested in helping out.  Thank you for reading this and for any help anyone can provide.

Thanks Seihen.  You're right, it is Kanon 2002.  Sorry I failed to mention that.  I really appreciate the help, this is the one ep that didn't have a preview translation.  Now I can finally get these softsubs finished.  Again, thanks so much, it was a tremendous help.

What an awesome game!  I've never played anything like it.  Great job on the translation.  There's one thing though that really bothers me:

This happens whenever you clear a room.

For reference, I'm using snes9x.

We've released patch v1.01 to fix this issue.  I'm not sure when RHDN will get the patch updated, but until then, feel free to head on over to the Dynamic Designs homepage and pick up a copy on either the Download or project pages.

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