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Can we get Wrestling Angel 1&2 for PS2 fan Translated as well ask Sakura Taisen 2 for Saturn

Growlanser VI: Precarious World PS2 needs a fan translation asap thanks

A good hack for PS II is a 4x exp multiplier(Same as in Sega Ages vol 32)very easy mode
making it easier to get through the game(less grinding)

We need a Super monico GP Gen hack(2020-2021)F1 Season and able to change the outfit on the girl in the intro

When Pokemon Snap is out can somebody make an NDS romhack of this game thanks

We need a fan translation of Sakura Wars 2(Saturn) also a bunch of other Japan only Saturn games

A good NDS hack would be Fire Emblem 3 Houses since it's only on the switch

We're overdue on a Pokemon Sword&Shield NDS hack
Also Calvin and Hobbes Nes roms,PSIII Rom hack(Major improvements to storyline,npcs,grahpics,exp&money multiplier)

Overdue for an update since this is the 30th anniversary of the game a major update is best
1.2-1.6 MB in file size 12-16 MegaPower

Late in the year to suggest this but we need alot of Calvin&Hobbes Nes roms(35 years of the comic)
Calvin ball,Spaceman Spiff,Rpg styled,ect

We need a PSIII Hack asap(30 years since the game was out)
To celebrate this a major hack would be nice(all redone/upgraded Graphics,NPCs,Dialog&New storyline,music,exp multipliers,ect)

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Dragon Warrior 1, 2 & 3 Hacking Discussion
« on: October 26, 2020, 05:24:04 am »
Next year is 30th anniversary of DW III so a new hack is in order one that brings out the best of the game in every aspect(gameplay,storyline,npcs,graphics)

 To celebrate 30 years of the game PSIII is overdue for a great lengthy hack
1.2-1.6 mb total(16 Mega Power)Longer storylines,characters redone,improved dialog,ect

Sakura Wars 2 for Saturn needs a fan translation asap so fans of the series can enjoy this

We need a Pokemon Sword&Shield hack for NDS(Pokemon Black&White 2)

A good hack would be Pokemon Sword&Shield(NDS)Either using Black and White Black&White 2 as the base
The hack would be everything from the game(Switch version) but on NDS(Characters,Pokemon,Gym Leaders,ect)

We need a new Phantasy Star III rom hack to celebrate 30th anniversary
A sega Ages 2500 approach would work/overhauling the game(with more storyline,better graphics,NPCs ect)and an easy mode patch
i figure this should put the rom around 1.6MB(16 Mega Power) basicly double the size of the rom

For 2020 we need an Mega Man Wily wars 2 for Genesis Basically the game is Wily Wars but the Mega Man games are 4-6 in the game select menu
Feel free to create this hack asap for all the Mega Man fans out there

We need some fresh new FF nes hacks
 FFExtra(game is extra long with all new storyline,enemies,characters,npcs,ect)
 FFIII Extra(game is waaay longer,more npcs,characters,enemies,new areas to explore)

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Burning Final Fight CD
« on: January 10, 2018, 01:14:45 am »
use alcohol 120 and 2x speed

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