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Could you tease us more with some screenshots of the new level editor and / or any other new tools?
I'd like to nominate, for your consideration, Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss, PSX version. I liked the engine they built that improved over the PC version.
ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Wizards & Warriors
January 22, 2020, 01:30:24 AM
I think that Wizards & Warriors II and III might have some similarities in programming structures / techniques, because both were programmed by Zippo games, under contract by Rare, but the first game was done entirely in house, and as such I think data structures / knowledge from II might help with III, and vice versa, but not the first one. So far for me, it has needed a lot of probing to see how things work.

I'm watching the RAM in the FCEUX hex editor to see what changes and when, and then setting breakpoints and tracing code to find ways to tweak interesting things at the moment. After enough of that, I hopefully will be able to figure out where the level data resides and be able to find ways to change it around.

I'm hoping to have a somewhat accurate map of zero page sometime "soon", as I'm working on it on and off. I looked for a LONG time for other documented information about this game but so far it seems the only info available is what was put up on data crystal in the past two years or so.
ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Wizards & Warriors
January 13, 2020, 06:33:23 PM
I did a little more research on and off over the last few months. Apparently a new mapper chip was invented by Rare Ltd. and was first used in this game. That may be why it has multidirectional scrolling when a lot of games around this time didn't.

So far I managed to hunt down the names of most of the staff at Rare who worked on the game:

high score list on W&W:
1. PP (Paul Proctor)
2. MB (Mark Betteridge)
3. CTJ (Chris "T.J." Stamper?)
4. RME (Rachel M. Edwards)
5. SMS (???)
6. TDJ (Tim "D.J." Stamper?)

So best guess based on roles:

Founder(s) / Programmer(s):

Tim Stamper
Chris Stamper

Music composition:
David Wise

Sound effects:
Mark Betteridge


Paul Proctor
Rachel M. Edwards

Next step I will try is looking at game genie codes to see what ROM addresses they point to, to add more info to the ROM map on datacrystal.

edit 1:
Currently attempting to trace the routines for the time-stop clock to make it last longer, it's not as straightforward as it would seem...

edit 2:
Success! Time-stop previously lasted 4.5 seconds, with a 3 byte patch, clock can now last 133.5 seconds. Took enough notes so the time stop length can be varied.
ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: NES PRO Action Replay
December 05, 2018, 08:39:14 PM
Edit: The device I'm thinking of is the GAME Action Replay, NOT the PRO Action Replay. I never saw the PRO Action Replay for sale anywhere in the USA, nor did I ever see a used one.

As for the GAME Action replay, I saw a brand new one for sale at a Software Etc (anyone remember those?)
Some years later I also acquired a used one, although I think the battery was dying as it became somewhat unstable, and after a while would not work at all.
While it worked, it was a fun novel little device!
Personal Projects / Re: Might and Magic Restoration
September 13, 2018, 08:09:33 PM
Well I started to play through this for a while and found the interface VERY clumsy and sluggish. I liked the gameplay but would love it if the gameplay could be closer to the computer versions in terms of interface speed and such.
ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Wizards & Warriors
February 02, 2017, 10:28:29 PM
I'd also like to see level hacks / randomizers / enhancements for the series.
I've had some interest in doing something like this for the original Wizards & Warriors for some time. Since there seem to be others interested as well, perhaps we could all collaborate?

I suppose the first step would be to check what information, if any, that other people have gathered regarding the game, regarding addresses, disassembly, etc.

This site seems to have some cheat codes that would help point to useful memory locations:

There doesn't seem to be any ROM or RAM mapping or info on datacrystal.

There is some minor useful information on TCRF:

Notes from both current TAS's of the game from TASVideos:

This article seems to imply that the Cloak of Darkness actually does SOMETHING:

Aside from any more already-existing information gathering, the next step I guess is to start probing and taking notes using the FCEUX debugger.

I might have some time tomorrow to start on that, but for now I'd like feedback on what else can / should be done?
The Castlevania RPG rom hack was indeed awesome, and quite clever. I played through the entire thing (twice, second quest has some very significant differences,) then PMed the author to ask about it.

He responded right away so he does check his PM's. He mentioned:

> And if you want, you can start the topic about the game yourself, for asking the details or something like that :)

I haven't had time to create a post about it, nor have I had time to try out his other hacks, as somehow I went from too much free time to having a calendar so full it was making my head spin.
Personal Projects / Re: Friday the 13th (NES) Oziak
September 21, 2015, 10:07:22 PM
This sounds fun.

If you improve the playability, does the game get easier? If so, could the game have level edits / rebalanced difficulty / new content so old players of the original game won't know everything to expect?

Is the Jason tracker an obtainable item? If not, could it be made into one? Or have a gameplay mechanic where you have to get the tracker "on" him somehow by shooting it into him or something?

Is it possible to make a way to revive slain counselors?

Just throwing some ideas out there.
You mean Donkey Kong 3?

Weirdest game I ever played (at length,) so far is ROM CHECK FAIL!

For more weirdness you can try Cactus Arcade, which is a collection of Game Maker games by this cactus guy. I really liked the "Illegal Communication" one.
Well I got to the end of quest 1, but couldn't bring myself to walk into the last room yet because I didn't find all the Iowa pieces yet. I think I have 7 left to go (under the assumption of 16 life being the final total.) That last battle was freakin hilarious.

I am enjoying the hack a lot, and very impressed with a lot of the little tricks you did that I've seen thus far. I liked that you took creative remix of the mechanics farther than Zelda Challenge Outlands did.

So you say this was supposed to be released in 2009? What caused the delay? I'm the type of person that, when I see a hack this extensive, I want to know as much as possible about it. Would you consider writing a "director's notes" section of the readme? Things like the why, the how, etc. Is it possible you were inspired by the "God Hates You!" hack of Spiritual Warfare by Jomb, for the Genesis?

On a more technical note, do you happen to have the notes on how and why you expanded the ROM, and how much data / program code you added? I would assume the rom expansion to be to allow for more data space for screen flags, dungeon rooms, etc. and of course for more routines. With regards to that sanity check, I think the details of that would greatly interest, as that would be a great addition to the article on there regarding Zelda 1.

Did you see / play The Legend of Link by infidelity? What did you think?
Are you saying that the code evaluates values in the save ram, and if there's something in it that can't possibly be there, it runs a routine to erase all 3 saves?
I agree with Rotwang, because the SECOND I saw this hack I was quite elated and pleased to be trying a new Zelda hack with apparently a LOT of work put into it.

However, upon sitting down and playing it, and reading the readme, it felt like the author just didn't care about details, or didn't bother much with beta testing, or could have cared less about specifying in the readme exactly which Zelda rom to patch it to, etc. I hadn't even encountered the Iowa piece bugs yet.

I am glad to learn that this wasn't Dr. Floppy himself submitting the 1.0 hack, simply because it distressed me if he really didn't care at all about important details. Clearly he does, and as soon as I saw the 1.10 patch I repatched and started again from scratch, but unfortunately I encountered the iowa-pieces-disappearing-when-entering-dungeons bug and was stuck at only 3 life :(.

I second the motion about please make a non-epileptic room version please, because indeed those rooms AND small screen sections flickering like that hurt my eyes as well.

I played this for the past couple of nights on my android tablet, a lot of the time in fast forward mode, finished dungeon 3 and hunted a LONG time for 4, to no avail... granted it was late at night and I was half sleepy, but I did find a few of the "gotcha" secrets, looked for more (including in each of the 4 areas from the 3-road-warp) but now I'm stuck. Being stuck having 3 hearts regardless of how many iowa pieces I collected was a bit distressing, but I'm glad you are fixing it.

I have no problem repatching and starting over on 1.11, because like I said I play in fast forward mode some, and learned the layout of the places I could get to on the world map quite a bit.

2 Questions though:
Are you (Dr. Floppy) aka pope hentai that made the wilford brimley series of hacks?
  (I also visited because of the existence of this hack... I like your assembler tutorials Dr. Floppy!)

Can you hint what is required to find / get to dungeon 4?
The info is awesome man, thanks for taking the time.

Being able to read about as many of the details as possible about a hack I think is half the experience. Plus, it helps others who are working on their own hacks, by seeing what can be done, with what tools, and helps with motivation too.

MLP is up to season 4 now, it's worth watching the rest of the episodes you haven't seen at least once I think, there are some real gems of episodes among the ones that may be less interesting.
Well I'm something of a brony and megaman fan myself... but when I opened the file, nothing but the ips patch and a custom written exe patcher (which shouldn't be necessary I would think... ?)

So where are the liner notes? Where's the readme file? How am I supposed to know what tools you used, how long you worked on it, what you were thinking in designing levels, sprites, gameplay, etc?

Come on man this is an interesting hack, don't keep us hangin! Inquiring minds want to KNOW!
There are several problems with this release.

You don't have a readme text file describing anything about the hack.

You don't state which version of Castlevania to patch (Castlevania (U) (PRG0) [!].nes or Castlevania (U) (PRG1) [!].nes) ?

At stage 17 (in the screenshot you posted,) There is no way to get off the stairway going down. You move down to one glitched screen, then if you try to move down to another, the game crashes. There is no way to advance.

I liked the concept enough to keep playing it enough to attempt to see the end, but in its current state it can not be finished.
Oh the things one obsesses over when one can't sleep.

After some research, it seems that in the version of FCEU that I am using (0.98.15) on my computer apparently has some bugs or oversights that made the expanded roms lock up.

Fortunately this caused me to update my FCEU to FCEUX 2.0.3, where it runs no problem. After figuring that out I realized there was no problem with the FCEU I run on my wii either. Everything working now. Thanks for responding

So to make this post useful, the following information will be stated:

Older versions of FCEU like 0.98.15 have problems with (some?) ROM expansions!
Use FCEUX 2.0.3 or later! It even runs on Windows 98!

Tried several different ways to follow the instructions and apply the patch to

Spelunker 2 - Yuusha heno Chousen (J).nes

from a goodset.

I got nflate.exe and expanded the prg rom. Then I applied the patch.

The game doesn't start on FCEU. It just stays at a gray screen.

So I tried applying it to a non-expanded rom, one with just the Chr banks expanded, and with both prg and chr banks expanded. No dice. What's the problem?