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Small necro posting, hadn't noticed this thread before.

Very interesting! Do you know if it's possible to fix the music volume being too low in MM9? Or the sounds that get cancelled by others when they shouldn't?

Thank you! Released just when I was in a BN/SF mood, too!

Hi, sorry for the delay, hadn't checked the site in some time.

Try setting a breakpoint to the object ID at the moment it turns from B6 to the actual boss object ID.
I assume there is a table that's like stage number / boss object ID

I can try to have a look at it if you haven't figured it out since you posted this

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Mega Man 5 - Protoman Edition
« on: August 30, 2017, 04:12:55 am »
Ok, I understand that your main goal is to reproduce Protoman from MM9-10. My only concern, when playing, was that sometimes I felt it was a graphical hack, not a gameplay hack, because the changes are very specific: Proto Dash isn't used for half the game, and then from time to time, and the deflective shield isn't the easiest to use during jump - but that may be because I'm to used to playing the game normally and therefore find it more efficient. This is the reason why I asked myself how to differentiate Protoman from Megaman in a more radical way (making Protoman more frail and more defensive). Maybe no shield jump, only on the ground, if it would be more easier, therefore more often used ?

I'd say it's definitely because you're not used to it. Sure, if you know the game by heart, know all the enemy placement and their weaknesses, the most effective way to get rid of most enemies won't be by using the shield, but that's not the point in 9-10 either, and even then you're still going to use it for defense from times to times and against bosses. For instance if you use the shield, bosses like Crystal Man and Napalm Man are completely different.

I haven't played MM PU, but if I had to compare shield use from 9-10 to the shield use in 7, it's definitely more intereting to have it during a jump than when standing still. It's more dynamic and takes more skill.

The Dash is meant to be 'just' a cool little addition, but if you want to use it during the entire game without having to collect the letters, nothing prevents you from getting a password with all the letters collected. PWs remember letters, so technically it's possible to pick up a letter, get a game over, pick up another letter in another level and so on, and you'll have a PW with Beat/Dash unlocked without a single level completed, which is this one:


So you fixed it nonetheless !

Yeah, I had another look at the crystal gimmick code and it finally gave me an idea. Instead of having the shield destroy the crystal, it only sets a variable (+ the explosion sprite and sound), and then I edited the crystal's code so that when that variable is set it behaves like it does with Star Sheild. It's hacky but it works.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Mega Man 5 - Protoman Edition
« on: August 28, 2017, 04:32:43 am »
To Zimgief: I sent you what you requested by PM.

Love this romhack!  Any chance of allowing the Proto Dash to be used in the air though?  Would make it much easier to hit Gravity Man and the Wily Capsule.  :D

I've thought about it too but I'm against it for several reasons. It'd be too powerful, the move is already OP, as it's pretty much a free pass against any robot master (save for Gravity Man) and Darkman robot already. It's especially OP in the original MM5 considering how many M tanks there are, and especially considering that I made all M tanks always visible now so the player is sure not to miss them.
Also the idea was to take inspiration from Protoman's dash in MM7 and Power Battle/Power Fighters, which only works on the ground. Even the colour scheme is inspired by the colour of the Dash effect sprite in PB/PF, and also to take inspiration from Bass's dash, so that things remains classic without stepping into the "X" territory.
Also there are already two things which would be too similar if it worked in mid-air: the air sliding hack for MM5, which works with C.Kick too, and the Comet Dash in MM Unlimited. I also wanted it to be different from those.


Hack updated to v1.1:

v1.1: August 28 2017
- Fixed game freezing when Darkman 4 deflects a deflected shot.
- Fixed falling crystal gimmick in Crystal Man stage not respawning if destroyed by Protoman's shield.
- Fixed hit detection of the first frame of Wave Man's wave attack (only in original game version, not an issue in Second Strike).
- Changed the S.Arrow palette to use Protoman's default palette, since in the original game it would use MM's default palette as well.

Personal Projects / Re: Mega Man X3 - Zero Project (V4.0)
« on: August 27, 2017, 12:19:51 pm »
So the fact that sub weapons continuously hit is new then? That seems to be the issue if you ask me rather than the sub weapon itself.

I don't think the charge shot is op in that video, even the 2nd one. The thing is, not only you need to charge it, but also to time properly, and to input the double charge properly too. With the Z-Saber none of that is hardly a worry.

Personal Projects / Re: Mega Man X3 - Zero Project (V4.0)
« on: August 27, 2017, 03:22:44 am »
Zero can NO LONGER charge sub-weapons. This might be a huge controversial change but if something isn't done then he's basically just a power house throughout the whole game. This was actually intended even from the alpha version of the original project, it's about time it gets implemented.

That's a shame. The good thing about that was that it allowed to unlock power ups/areas before getting the charge capsule, therefore making for less backtracking, and less level choice linearility, which was a huge issue in the original game.

Honestly I never felt that THIS was what made him a "power house", I'd say his Z-Buster and the amount of dmg it deals does, especially against bosses.

Plus honestly, the weapons are useless until you can charge them.

4.  X's buster is back to what it was in the previous versions.

That is to say?

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Mega Man 5 - Protoman Edition
« on: August 26, 2017, 12:55:28 pm »
- bug: in Crystal Man stage, if you destroy the falling crystals with the shield, they do not respawn

Yeah... I'm aware of this. What happens it the shield "deletes" the crystal, except that a falling crystal, and the thing that spawns them, are one and the same. I couldn't think of anything even after looking at the crystal's code and how they handle it with S.Shield.

- maybe there should be a "P" instead of Protoman face, à la Megaman X, before going to the forteress: the art is not that great (at least the colors), and it creates confusion with the face of the fake Protoman (someone playing for the first time would not understand it's the access to the forteress)

Yeah the "fake Protoman" face isn't great, but it's the original's. I don't think it's too confusing if someone's seen the intro, and I don't see how replacing it with a "P" symbol would get rid of the confusion since it pretty much tells the same thing. In any case, I think most people should understand because 99% of people who play romhacks have already played the original. If not, it'll become clear when they reach Protoman Fortress stage 4.

- the colors for Star Arrow, P Coil and P Jet are so close to the default one, maybe it should simply be the default one

The "white+red" palette (instead of grey+red) for Coil and Jet is the one used in MM9-10. My goal is to stick as close as how it is in MM9-10 when possible. For some reason I made S.Arrow follow the same logic since it's a "support item", but I guess this can be considered wrong since in the original MM5 Mega Man keeps his default palette when using it, yeah I can change that.

- how much the game would be broken if the shield was used everytime we're not moving? Maybe with 2x damages (no choice here), it could help differentiate a Megaman vs a Protoman playthrough?

That's how the shield works in MM7 and also in MM Powered Up I believe, but having that on top of during a jump (which they don't have in 7 and MMPU) would be too much imo. Plus again, the goal is to stick to how it is in 9-10.

- something that would be really cool would be to have in the same game the choice between Megaman and Protoman. If the password is a problem, Protoman could be  chosen on the title screen before entering it (like you did for the damage multiplier)

I thought about this as well. It's definitely possible. Honestly it may EVEN be possible without updating the ROM to a bigger size, if I optimize my code for space, and if I put Protoman's art in the CHR Bank16 which is mostly empty, move the few art there so that the anim numbers match the ones of MM in the first bank, and then manage to make the game load the other bank when it's Protoman playing....
But honestly, that is definitely not worth the effort considering that it takes 30 secs to patch a rom and that it costs nothing 512kb to have two roms of the same game.

Good to know the Protoman hack is compatible with another one.
For the rest, sure no problem. My entire work is based on people sharing their work (tools, documents, etc) so it'd be an asshole move not to do the same. For the Wily cutscene text flow, it's literaly just one byte, check rom address 2F731, by default it's 08 and I made it 05 which is about 80% faster I believe, and you can make it even faster. The rest is a little more complicated (though not by much) but I'll make a patch with just those features and send it to you via PM later.

Thanks for the feedback

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Mega Man 5 - Protoman Edition
« on: August 26, 2017, 05:50:04 am »
I did encounter one lockup: During Darkman 4, it appears if you reflect one of his shots and then he reflects it, the game can sometimes lockup?

Damnit. Apparently it only happens up close?
I'll have a look. I probably did something wrong, I remember having issues with those and tinkering them because the shots object IDs are linked to a different CHR bank than that of the default "deflected" shots of the game, which cause graphical issues when the shot deflected. We tested this is a lot after I thought I fixed it, so nice find.

Edit: oh damnit, stupid mistake. I moved a piece of code late in development and forgot to update one of the branches, so as it is, the deflection code loops on itself when this particular object ID is deflected.

I'll wait a few days to make an update in case other glitches are found.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Mega Man 5 - Protoman Edition
« on: August 25, 2017, 07:52:17 am »

Mega Man 5: Protoman Edition is now available on this site.

This thread is dedicated to keeping track of feedback and potential future updates.

The hack:

Video trailer:

Two hacks in one:
- The "MM5ProtomanEdition" patch to play the original MM5 as Protoman
- The "MM5SSPE" patch to play Second Strike, my previous MM5 hack, as Protoman

More info about the hack:

Changes related to Protoman:
- Protoman can use his shield to deflect/destroy projectiles.

- Beat was replaced by the Proto Dash. Collect all 8 "Protoman" letters to unlock it.
The Proto Dash is a very powerful move which drains a lot of weapon energy. You can damage
enemies with it, but also destroy projectiles.
It can not be cancelled by pressing the opposite direction on the d-pad, but it can cancelled
by performing a Dash Jump.
Dash Jumps offer a speed boost which allows for longer jumps, similar to Bass's Dash Jumps
in MM&B and MM10, or to the X series. However, unlike in those games, the speed boost given
by a P.Dash jump will only last as long as you're pressing the direction you were initially going to.

- In MM9/10, enemies deal 100% more damage to Protoman than to Mega Man. In this hack you can turn on/off
this setting in the main menu: "Damage x1" will keep the original damage values of the game,
and with "Damage x2" Protoman will recieve double the damage.
If you want to resume a "Damage x2" playthrough using a password, SET DAMAGE TO "x2" BEFORE

- Protoman's knockback when taking a hit is twice longer as MM's, like in MM9.

- The charge shot has a smaller hit detection size than the original MM5 charge shot.
It also takes a bit longer to charge up, and its movement speed is slightly faster.

- Protoman can fire a 2nd regular P.Buster shot when a "half-charge" shot is on screen,
which MM originally couldn't in MM5.

- Protoman can only shoot 2 P.Busters shots at the same time.

- R.Coil and R.Jet are replaced by P.Coil and P.Jet

- Protoman starts the game with his P.Jet, like in MM9/10.

- The story, intro and cutscenes were altered

Other changes:
- The charge shot charging sound now fades out
- Charging up a charge shot now works during a slide and during the "360° rotation" animation (on moving platforms)
- Underwater slide-jumps are now possible
- During a slide, you can't jump if holding "down" on the d-pad. In reverse gravity this remained the same, while it should be when holding "up". Fixed.
- Charge shots go through destructible blocks and can destroy several blocks in a row (like in MM4)
- While charging, if the player would release the B button during a slide or during the "360° rotation" animation, the palette could freeze with one of the charging palettes. Fixed.
- When dying in a pit while charging the charge shot, palette gets reset to default to avoid items on the screen (1up, tanks, etc) being 'frozen' with the wrong palette.
- M tanks now always appear, even if the player already has one. You can still only carry 1 at a time though.
- Picking an E/M Tank or a 1up when they're already full no longer makes a sound, like in later games in the series
- Falling crystals gimmick in Crystal Man stage: when 'destroying' a crystal with Star Shield, the following crystals falling from the same tube would go through the player. Fixed.
- Crystal Man's orbs: they no longer disappear if hitting the player during invicibility frame time. I also added a small visual explosion when they disappear when their timer runs out. This change of code also makes them less laggy when there are 3-4 of them at the same time.
- Fixed the possibility to skip most of the boss rush by sliding through the wall (at least I think I fixed it)
- Jetski segment: fixed the possibility to "miss" the jetski during the cutscene and play the segment without the jetski, glitching the entire part. (At least I fixed the easiest way there was to pull that glitch, it might still be possible to do it with the S.Arrow but since I can't pull it off, I can't check)
- Title screen: Slightly shortened the time it takes to loop back to the intro, so that you can no longer hear the title screen song start again for a split second.
- Boss intro screen: fixed the Y-axis location of the bottom flickering light of the teleporter (the lights flickering before bosses appear)
- Wily cutscene at the end of Protoman fortress stage 4: made the text flow faster.
- Slightly reduced Darkman 1 and Darkman 3's hit detection size, so that it matches their art better and jumping above them is a bit easier.
- Getting frozen by Darkman 3's onion rings during a Charge Kick will nullify the charge kick (turn the animation into regular sliding), to avoid C.Kick working while being frozen.
- The B button now works to select things everywhere it didn't (weapons menu, stage select screen, password/continue screen)
- The drop rate of 1ups was reduced
- [not in Second Strike version] Protoman Fortress stage 1: When dying and loading either checkpoint, a colour of the foreground would change. Fixed.
- [not in Second Strike version] Napalm Man stage: Fixed a wall that was set as "foreground", that the player could slide into.
- ... and more !

- Steambull for his work on the art, betatesting and ideas
- Rock5easily, Matrixz and Kuja Killer for their tools and documentations


ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Mega Man V - Second Strike
« on: August 25, 2017, 03:04:03 am »

I've updated the hack to v1.3:

This version includes MANY fixes and improvements, I've fixed glitches but also altered the stages and bosses behaviours to try and make things more fair. I don't think things were that bad to begin with, but I reduced the number of pixel jumps for instances.

This version also includes improvements based on the original: for instance the charge shot charging sound now fades out, underwater slide-jumps are now possible, etc

The full list of changes is quite long so I won't be posting it here but you can find it in the readme file:

Personal Projects / Re: Mega Man X3 - Zero Project (V4.0)
« on: August 03, 2017, 11:20:21 am »
Also initially he can't pick up E tanks or power ups like HP+ etc, and you can only switch to him once per stage too. So usually it was like this: switch to him, hit a power up or a door (or worse, die), and it's over, so you'd only use it for a few screens per stage max. Also initially he can't use other weapons than his own IIRC

Open the weapon menu and then press L to switch to him.

Stumbled upon this, someone made it for his own enjoyment with the help of his friends, thought you might like it

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Mega Man V - Second Strike
« on: July 27, 2017, 09:24:30 am »
If you haven't played it yet, do you think you can wait until the next update? Should be a few weeks at most, maybe less.

I swear the next update fixes a lot of things, gets rids of some unfair pixel jumps and things of the sort, and also adds tons of improvements, both based on the hack and on the original game (like making the charge shot charging sound fade out, the charge counter doesn't freeze anymore during a slide etc etc)

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario Land 2 DX (WIP)
« on: July 24, 2017, 03:26:29 am »
For those interested in making a repro cart, I had to expand the WRAM to 32kB :(
It's 1MB ROM, 32kB WRAM MBC5 now.

Those poor, poor repro sellers, nobody thinks about them do they ?

That was sarcasm btw.

Using in-game graphics for those things is more complicated, but it has an advantage : if someone decides to change them, they'll appear changed in the editor as well.
For instance in MegaFLE X I was pleasantly surprised to find out that if you change the graphics of things like 1up etc, and even the default palette, the editor detects and shows that.

Personal Projects / Re: Play as Bass in Megaman 7 (Snes)
« on: July 22, 2017, 10:14:17 am »
Good luck man, this looks promising, I hope you manage to program all of Bass's moves from MM&B and MM10 into this.

I'm not sure how I feel about re-spriting Bass, but I guess that depends on how good the result is.

I'm actually working on something similar in a way, though not for MM7, so I know a full fledged character hack (sprites+moves and all the little thing that result from it and go with the new char) is harder than it looks.

Personal Projects / Re: Play as Bass in Megaman 7 (Snes)
« on: July 22, 2017, 05:21:08 am »
Neo Ragsuku has a MM7 tool on his download page. Use google translate.

"An application that aims at editors. Is it already enough for the viewer?"

Not sure what it does, couldn't get it to work myself but I didn't try very hard. Maybe it can help.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Mega Man V - Second Strike
« on: July 21, 2017, 06:21:04 am »

I've been working on an update of the hack that fixes and improves on plenty of small things.

Does anyone have any comment / suggestion? Things they thought was unfair, didn't feel classic, glitchy ?

Here is what I've done so far:

- Gyro Man stage: Fix possibility to backtrack to the previous screen during the elevator ride
- Stone Man stage: Fix possibility to get stuck due to the destructible blocks (room with E-tank) + moved a moving platform to avoid possibility of unfair pixel jump
- Gravity Man stage: Fix possibility to get stuck (scroll after checkpoint)
- Protoman Castle stage 3: Changed some enemy placement to avoid flicker possibility + fixed some bg graphics
- Wily Castle stage 2: Made the ladder at the end of the 2nd water segment slightly higher to avoid glitch with water splash sprite. Also slightly modified enemies and got rid of a pixel jump in that area.
- Wily Capsule : made his X axis energy shot slightly higher, so that the player better understands he can slide underneath

- Reduced some speed values for Gyro Man and Charge Man
- Altered Napalm Man's behaviour: homing rockets, more likely to use them; and also changed the layout of his 2 boss rooms
- Darkman 2's "satellite" is now animated with new art
- Altered Wily Machine (the tank form) a little to make it less "hacky" and slightly more different from the original
- Graviton enemy: their shots are now time based, instead of spawning another one as soon as the first is destroyed
- Pukapucker enemy: the "head ball" comes off as soon as you hit the base once. Also the base is no longer destroyed if you destroy the ball.
- Mizzile enemy (rockets going up in Napalm Man stage): after you destroy one, there is now a small delay before another one spawns.
- Fixed the timer and explosion for MM's Napalm Bomb

Thank you

I don't want to derail the thread, but since you started on this topic.. Everything you pointed out, like changing graphics or enemies etc can be done in romhacks.
Also nothing prevents you from releasing hacks consisting of just a few stages and even making sure only those new stages can be played. It takes more involvment through romhacking, but you'll simply have more control over everything.

Also the "copyrights issues" romhacks can have apply to MM Maker as well, except ten fold for them. For romhacks officialy you need the game, but not for MM Maker.

The advantage of something like MM Maker are that it's more userfriendly, faster, and that you have more enemies at your disposal (because importing enemy AI from one game to the other for a romhack isn't as simple as importing graphics), everything else you simply have more freedom with romhacking. Even something as simple as foreground graphics, in MM maker you can't manually choose and connect each single 16*16 block's graphics, the program does it automatically, leading to unfitting looking graphics everywhere (their example stages are full of it), also you can't make or modify your backgrounds either, etc etc

MM Maker is nice for what it is, but it doesn't replace romhacking (it doesn't aim to), and if anything I'm sure it'll bring more people to MM hacking because they'll want to edit the actual games and have freedom on all the little things and details.

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