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Personal Projects / Re: Survival Kids 2: Escape the Twin Islands
« on: March 29, 2015, 05:20:04 am »
At last! Thank you guys - I waited so long to play this sequel (like 11 years  :o ). Big ups for the hard work  :beer:

Yes, please translate it - I wait so long to play this game in English; please make this dream come true :)

Yes, siber_cat314 & linkzelda122 - fight for the better future :)
Cheers for you guys.

By the way - it's been year since start of the project - what about the progress?
Any news form you two?

I'm dying of curiosity  ;D

Thanks for little briefing linkzelda122 - I was afraid that this translation is abandoned again & that I'll never see it finished.

By the way - Is there anything I can do to speed up process/help (nope, I don't know Japanese; but I can spend some of my free time between university and job to get things done)?

(...) There are plenty of GB/C games that never got translated but were still really good. Handhelds should get the same love consoles do.

Well, I love handhelds more than 'stationary' consoles, somehow I spent more time with them (a lot of car rides & boring trips, not mentioned portable chiptune stuff) :)

As far as I know this cartridge is 8 Mbit, it's better to live original ROM size or expand it maximally to 16Mbit (16M should be enough space to handle translation & some extra features, if 'team' plans any) - but that's only my humble opinion.

Thanks again for bringing this translation back to life; that's gonna be a good year.

@tc - this game has nothing to do with Pokemon.

It appears that my grave-digging 'refreshment' of topic gave some un-expectable results (dang, I should expect it)  ::)
Guess I need to wait another year, or donate someone to finish this thing up (anyone wants to take this 'challenge'?).
Sorry for 'necro-posting', I just had to do it.

I found this topic last year, decided to wait a while and watch the progress... but great idea of translation Survival Kids 2 seems to be dead :(
So, I decided to register on romhacking and 'dig it back'.
Here it is.
Does anyone still trying to translate this game or idea is abandoned?
Thanks in advance for replay (some time ago I started topic on GBAtemp - , but no one knows about the progress of translation there :/ ).

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