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Personal Projects / Re: Secret Of Mana Gameplay Improvement Hack
« on: March 28, 2016, 06:20:04 pm »
Well, this mod seriously offers a whole different way of playing Secret of Mana. So far it's been a blast!

Don't worry, I also agree about straying too far from just text replacement in a translation. I was almost sucked into the same thing with Romancing Saga, but like AWJ said there, fixing bugs like those would be like a project on its own.

The only other bugs I know that I would like to fix for certain are the Seliph dismount bug, the Ced speed / rollover stat bug, and Hilda's Holy Blood.

I had to fix that Sylvia dance bug. It froze up my game. :)  And the Seliph authority thing was just a nuisance to gameplay, since people would just have to save and reset to get the intended effect. (I don't think it affected the Julia/Seliph lover thing though. It was just a simple "save a 2 to Seliph's stat" line in the code)

I've finished inserting all of the game's ending text, which covers every single combination of dialogue. The only things left text-wise is the final map scene ending, the endgame stats that scroll by, and the rest of the hidden demo scenes at the beginning once you beat the game multiple times.
Will there be a release once the translation is finished, or will it all come together with the translation + bug fixes? I'd honestly love the former.

You better not die! I'm so hyped to be able to experience the whole thing translated for my first play-through!

I found ways to do it, but only for MHFU. Any help would be appreciated.

Me too. :)  I had never finished a Fire Emblem game before, but this one will be my first.
Oh my, must be odd having the game spoiled to you by translating it.  :o

Newcomer's Board / Re: Secret of Mana 3
« on: February 17, 2016, 08:53:35 pm »
Is this the link you seek?,20093.0.html
It was indeed. Thank you kindly.

Oh my, this is happening!

Can't wait to play the final result.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Secret of Mana 3
« on: February 16, 2016, 08:57:20 pm »
Well there's a SOM hack currently going on to make the magic system more actiony. So there's always that if you REALLY wanted to do it and had the skills. Considering how more heavy Seiken Densetsu 3 was on magic/skill use, I'd think it'd fit it even better.
For sure. Casting spells real-time would make multiplayer more enjoyable in both games. Could you link me to that SOM hack's thread? I'm really interested.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Translation Monster Hunter G (Wii)
« on: February 16, 2016, 08:54:11 pm »
Lol, I assume this never became a thing, huh. I might as well learn myself.

Ah, you found the text inside the DOL file... I have bad news for you, it's pretty likely you won't find any pointer table inside that file.

Remember I mentioned text in DOL files could be tricky? Here's why: DOL files are actually the executable files for the Wii and NGC games, meaning most of it is code (in assembler) and accessing the parts with text is done (in most cases) through operations to calculate *where* is the text needed. Some offsets will be hardcoded (meaning that the offset of a string or a series of them is stored somewhere and the program reads it at some point), but that means that if you expand a string in the middle of the DOL file, *every* other hardcoded offset will have to be updated as well, and I'm not sure that all of them will be put together following a nice structure.

To see the code of the DOL file, you'll need a disassembler program like IDA with proper plugins to properly read these files.

I've been going through the code of the DOL file of our game for some time, and I haven't yet tried to expand any Japanese string, so all I'm telling you are my conjectures, sadly. Besides, I'm not exactly an expert myself.

There's one good thing (and easy) I can tell you though: See the 00 bytes between strings? Those are padding bytes to indicate the separation between strings. You'll notice how some strings have 2 or 4 padding bytes, that's most likely because the program reads the strings in 4-byte chunks, so string sizes are always multiple of 4 (count the bytes of each string, you'll see it). The good thing is, the program most likely only needs to find *one* 00 byte to determine that's the end of a string (it only adds more than one to fit the "multiple of 4" criteria), which means you can write 3 more 1-byte characters if you have 4 padding bytes (last one MUST be 00 or you'll be in trouble). Of course, that won't solve your problem entirely, but hey, it's something.

These days I'm wondering about ways to expand text inside the DOL file myself, and my best guess so far is to expand the data section at the end of the file (code is at the beginning and data -like strings- are at the end), write the text (or at least a part of it) in that expansion and change the affected hardcoded offsets so that they point towards that. I'm still not even sure of how I'm going to do that though.

I hope that cleared some stuff up for you.
Well, this is a bummer. Has manipulating DOL files become any easier these days?

EDIT: I'm sorry if bumping old threads isn't allowed; However I can't find an option to delete my post if so.

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