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Newcomer's Board / Best Tools For Beginners?
« on: February 13, 2016, 03:46:58 pm »
Look, I'm not gonna beat around the bush nor am I going to lie to you, I'm a serious amateur when it comes to game hacking, however, I am full of ideas and willing to spend the next few months or even a few years making my ideas a reality. With that being said, I am looking for advice as how to approach my situation.

First off, I'm looking to do Pokemon rom hacks (yes, I know, that is so overrated). Sadly, a large portion of the applications designed for hacking these roms are, in the nicest terms, dangerous to use. According to multiple sources (google security, VirusTotal, MalwareBytes, etc.), a few programs which I figured would be most appropriate to use in my quest for creation are unsafe

Programs such as:

Advance Mart
Advance Text

Have come up as dangerous and would be best avoided to prevent my PC from becoming infected with god knows what. That being said, are there any alternatives which haven't come up as dangerous according to VirusTotal and other sources? I have tried to download Advance Text multiple times from this website (as well as a few others), but all I keep getting is a warning from Google that the download is malicious and will damage my computer if used. My question is... is advance text actually dangerous? It says on the VirusTotal page that the program contains multiple trojans, and when scanned with MalwareBytes, it pops up as a virus as well.

So, what programs are best alternatives?

I already have Advance Map, which is labeled as safe according to VirusTotal, MalwareBytes, HerdProtect, and a few other sources. So I can do the mapping no problem, but now I need to be able to edit the text or better yet, have more text than what is acceptable. Like for example, rather than someone only having a text line saying "You may have won this time", I'd rather have a box or two of text for them to say. Also, I am looking for a program which will edit the INTRO text as well as edit the title screen.

So, suggestions and ideas appreciated.

(Gameboy Advance please)

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