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Newcomer's Board / Re: Is Xandra no Daibouken (SNES) claimed?
« on: August 01, 2021, 01:37:47 pm »
It's very hard to know this if you don't find any immediate info. Most groups I worked with in some capacity do everything in the shadows. You will probably not hear much about this, mainly because there aren't that many groups working on SNES projects; so, the likelihood is very low. It is still there, but I'd say maybe 10% for this particular game.

Yeah, point taken. I guess I was trying to make it look as close as possible to the English logo on the loading screen, but it came out looking a bit sterile as a result....


Cool stuff. Are you planning to translate the game as well, or is it mainly the title screen? Just curious is all. Either way, nicely done. :)

Gaming Discussion / Re: Games that put you to sleep.
« on: July 19, 2021, 03:10:25 am »
For the NES, there's this game called Dynowarz. As much as I love old-school platformers, the combination of music/gameplay in that game invariably puts me to sleep. I don't like stealth games very much also, so generally those tend to be boring for me to play, too.

There are some 3DS fan-translations already out there in the wild, but not for those games as a matter of fact, some other stuff instead. Either way, nice one - this is a short game, quite representative of its era.

Cool thread idea... my major gaming memories are mostly from the 90s; Black Isle Studios games in particular hold a special place in my heart, especially Planescape: Torment. I'll never forget
getting destroyed by Lady of Pain for the first time
(didn't know that was possible back then!) Most locations in that game were quite memorable for me, especially the
Pillar of Skulls/Fortress of Regrets.
What a masterpiece of a game! Another one is Fallout 1 (my favourite entry). I remember playing it not too long after it came out...
visiting Necropolis and meeting the Master
back then were something special!

When it comes to console gaming, I have really fond memories of playing the Batman games, especially Batman Returns by Konami (I got it for Christmas; I remember that winter in the 90s quite well, tons of snow, great ambience). When it comes to console gaming, I would play mostly platformers, action games etc., I preferred PC adventure games/RPGs back then, so most of my memories pertain to those kinds of games. Another one I can think of - when I was little, I borrowed Wizards and Warriors 3 from a friend once; I somehow managed to reach the end without any walkthroughs back then, but I picked the wrong reply at the end and got an instant Game Over. That ending screen has been engraved in my memory ever since! It's still my favourite W&W game, but damn, that ending.

As for bad games... Back to the Future part 2 and 3 - I rented it at one point, had absolutely no idea what to do over the weekend and almost got a headache because of the high-pitched bird sound that happens whenever the little bastard shows up. Easily one of the worst games on the NES/possibly of all time.

Also, never owned PCE, nobody near me had it. In fact, I had only learned about it around the beginning of the emulation era, it really was a phantom system in my area. It is quite fun, but yeah, without emulation I would never have learned about it for sure.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Favorite Obscure Genesis Games?
« on: June 18, 2021, 12:59:21 pm »
Kind of exactly what I was talking about. Mother 3 has over 26,000 downloads, any given Earthbound/Mother forum has about 30,000 registered users. You interact with the series' fans on the internet, possibly everywhere you go on gaming forums on the internet, and that gives off the illusion that it's this massively popular series. The games, however, never reach so much as half a million sales. It's not exactly a series you can walk away from the internet, find gamers, and have a discussion with, unless you get really lucky and it's one of the 30,000 that would have registered for one of those forums.

Ah, I believe it only has this many downloads here; Mato (or was it someone else from the team?) mentioned somewhere that the actual number a couple weeks after the release had been way higher, more than 100k in fact, but I am not 100% sure about the exact statistics. (found it ->, and that was in 2008). Whatever the case may be, I guess you're right - if you count the games under 500k sales as obscure then that's the vast majority of all games. I'd also classify Japanese PC games as obscure by that token as well, mostly because they usually have adult elements/the sales mostly weren't spectacular, either.

One more game I remembered, in the meantime - Magical Taruruuto-kun by none other than Game Freak, of Pokemon fame. A pretty fun, albeit short/simple platformer with very little text (there's a script translation somewhere online).

Gaming Discussion / Re: Favorite Obscure Genesis Games?
« on: June 18, 2021, 10:37:11 am »
I'd say that an obscure game is one that: a) came out only in one region and very few people elsewhere know about it (especially JP-exclusives, due to the greatest language barrier); b) is known mostly by a small group of enthusiasts, because the sales were low (even if there's a lot of info about it in English otherwise); c) was popular for a brief while, but is barely known by anyone today.

Judging by such criteria, most of the Mother series is not obscure IMO; Mother 3 was one of the most popular fan-translations ever, and many people have played/remember Earthbound. Only the first game is rather obscure, I'd say. As for the ones you listed - JP-exclusives are by default obscure in most cases, unless they're from some big franchise (early Final Fantasy games or Super Robot Wars, for example). Surging Aura for instance I'd probably classify as obscure, even though it is probably the most expected fan-translation (IMO it's also not that great of a game either, judging by the French version, but it had some good moments from what I recall).

Either way, if we take all that into the account, there's also Yu Yu Hakusho Gaiden, that one's an original story in YYH universe (a mixture of a VN/fighting game of sorts). Could be interesting for the fans of the series once it's fan-translated. Also, The Hybrid Front - a turn-based strategy game, written by an actual novelist, Masahiro Noda (a popular sci-fi writer over there at the time). There are also some Dragon Slayer ports, but I don't know much about them. Overall, I think goldenband's list is pretty comprehensive.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Favorite Obscure Genesis Games?
« on: June 14, 2021, 04:01:23 pm »
Sequels to Zillion and Kenseiden would've been nice, as well as a remake or sequel to Golden Axe Warrior. Maybe Alien Syndrome as well. Asterix (Sega) was handed over to Core and those sequels were only OK on MD.

There was a sequel to Zillion, buuuut it was completely unremarkable (and on the Master System at that; The Tri Formation, look it up if you haven't seen it). Nobody remembers it for a reason, let's just put it this way. I also agree about the giants of the industry at the time, there probably should've been more sequels to their own properties + even more original properties like Rocket Knight at least, in terms of quality. That could've done even more for the console.

Some other "kinda" obscure games I like:
my top 3 RPGs - Starflight, Pirates! Gold and Shadowrun. Those are definitely my fav RPGs on the system, pretty much no contest. Whether they are obscure is another thing, since the first two are rather well-known PC games, but I feel like they're sorta underappreciated on the Genesis. I also enjoyed Panorama Cotton, it being a shmup with great visuals and Undead Line - because there are very few "walking" shmups on the platform, plus it has a rocking soundtrack...

Gaming Discussion / Re: Favorite Obscure Genesis Games?
« on: June 14, 2021, 11:13:16 am »
The Genesis may have actually outsold the SNES in North America. Whatever the truth of the units sales are on the whole, it was a close race, that needed DKC to push the SNES as far as it got. The point I'm trying to make is that the Genesis was just as popular here as it was in Europe, but the conversations on the internet will be dominated by RPG fans, and which console was better known for that?

Yeah, it almost certainly was a very close race in the West. I guess here in Europe Scandinavian countries and Germany favoured SNES, but most of other European countries did not. I personally have fond memories of both Master System and MD, but Sony was by far the biggest fish in town starting from PS1 era. Even so, Mega Drive had a fairly simple pick-up-and-play library of games, so it's only natural that it was popular, especially if you liked action titles.

2nd: The Genesis library is always going to be obscure, because, as the consoles name suggests, it was a fresh start for the company. Think about the NES. How many people had the same exact game library? Very few right? However as it's library got more and more well known toward the end, people knew what IPs they wanted on the sequel console, thus everyone wanted the Castlevanias, Mega Mans, Marios, Zeldas, etc. The Genesis didn't followup a successful console, so we're back to square one, like the NES. This person has games A, B, and C, and that person has games X, Y, and Z. Even most 3rd parties didn't franchise their IP's from the Genesis, let alone what Sega didn't followup on with the Saturn, whereas Nintendo and their 3rd parties kept the same IP's going for generations, starting with following up on what they started with on the NES.

That's the thing, here in Europe it was followed by a fairly successful console; SMS was pretty popular where I lived, so many people bought the Mega Drive and later on its successors. The thing is that Sony just blew everyone out of the water with PS1, so maybe that's why we don't hear about Sega's consoles as much nowadays... but they're still fondly remember in Europe, even though we mostly have a PC-gaming tradition, I would say. Also, until Saturn - not that many JP exclusives of note, so if you're a collector you can perhaps play way more games than on SNES right off the bat. The quality, of course, is another matter, but there was a lot of that on the console as well.

Gaming Discussion / Re: The hardest game you ever played.
« on: June 06, 2021, 01:01:29 pm »
With any older game, the manual contains most of the story, the controls, and various other important pieces of information. Nowadays, we're spoiled by games with baked-in tutorials. Back then, reading a manual was the norm. Now that the internet is widespread, it's not too hard to skim through a pdf online.

Had the same problems when it comes to stages, mainly because Battletoads is mostly about memorization. I didn't find it insanely difficult once you remember things, but yeah, that's another thing.

And yeah, we tend to forget about it nowadays, but back then you'd use the manuals much more often (and guides, especially in Japan; they had them for every single game in existence, it would seem). Nowadays you just check things online and you'll find tons of info on most games, unless they're some "very" obscure regional exclusives.

It appears that this is the first complete translation in English for a text-heavy game to be released for the Gamecube. Well, aside from that random Fire Emblem translation port.

Yeah, there's really only a handful of GC games to fan-translate; guess this must be the Nintendo console with the smallest number of fun/niche JP exclusives. This one was probably in the top 5 as far as the script size goes, judging by most SRW games.

Thanks for doing this guys, will definitely give it a spin this weekend!

Gaming Discussion / Re: Game's that have caused you to feel emotion
« on: June 03, 2021, 02:47:58 am »
G.O.D. for SNES had a few unexpectedly poignant scenes, like
the death of the protagonist's mother
; the
attempted suicide scene in Final Fantasy 6
; the final scenes in Treasure of the Rudras; Royal Stone - some
character deaths + retrospective ending
; there's way, way more of course, but I'd have to think about it.

I personally didn't like PS2 that much; I'd played it after 1 and thought it was a step-down, just couldn't get into it, but I respect it for what it meant (absolutely hated the dungeons, though). PS3 had much more interesting lore/plot than 2 in my opinion, but the game itself felt really half-baked + the soundtrack wasn't that good (4 is by far my favourite in this series, in terms of gameplay; 3 for plot/lore). For me, the best Mega Drive RPGs are the Western RPGs/ports (Starflight, Pirates! Gold and Shadowrun).

8)Mega Drive/Genesis
10)Game Gear

When it comes to JRPGs + WRPGs, PSX had the best stuff by far for me; SNES is a close second, thanks to tons of JRPGs. PSP/DS had quite a few interesting, niche Japanese exclusives and a lot of good action RPGs in particular. Switch is a port machine; it has just about everything in one place. GBA has Mother 3, that alone elevates it above the next few for me, plus Golden Sun, many anime RPGs...; Mega Drive/Genesis has some really great WRPGs/ports (Starflight, Pirates! Gold and Shadowrun), but I don't like its JRPGs that much (except for Phantasy Star 4), so for that reason it's number 8. GB has the Saga games, some interesting JP exclusives like God Medicine etc. Many franchises I like started on NES/Famicom (Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Metal Max) and it had many weird, experimental RPGs too, hence number 7. Game Gear had Madou Monogatari, Defenders of Oasis, Moldorian and Royal Stone, for that I decided to place it at number 10.

I don't know PCE-CD (Turbografx-16/CD) well enough to assess it. I've only seen it a couple times/never knew anyone who owned it, it's like a ghost system where I live. I also disliked the voice acting from what I've heard, but I guess it probably could end up in the top 10 if I knew more about it, especially the JP exclusives.

Gaming Discussion / Re: The hardest game you ever played.
« on: June 02, 2021, 06:13:54 am »
Pretty much any game that involves a lot of memorization and/or lots of luck - so, a good chunk of the 8-bit catalogue, especially NES games (is it just me, or are Master System games from that period generally easier? Well, My Hero wasn't.). Some examples from my POV (many of them were mentioned): Battletoads, The Immortal, Holy Diver, Amagon, Zelda II, The Simpsons games, Swamp Thing etc. On the other hand, I do not consider most JRPGs hard, because you can "usually" grind, unless the game limits that in some way - those are really tough, more often than not, and the balance is wacky (limited encounters/frequent instant death spells, for instance). There are exceptions though, like Phantasy Star 2; that game is tough no matter what.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Favorite Obscure Genesis Games?
« on: May 30, 2021, 10:57:50 am »
Lord Monarch (JP-only) - a real-time strategy game, probably the best version out of the bunch; adds a really fun campaign which is the highlight here, as the other versions don't have it. Very unique gameplay, too, since you don't control your units directly (except for the leader), just give general orders. Kinda similar to Dyna Brothers 1 and 2 (also JP-only) where you have to lead your units - dinosaurs - to aliens, and kill them to clear the map (or fulfill other requirements).

Star Cruiser (again, JP-only) - a blend of an FPS, adventure game and flight simulator, all in one package. It is sorta slow and clunky, but the fact that a polygon 3D game like that exists on the Genesis/is playable is nothing short of incredible. Amazing OST, too. This is a port of an earlier PC88 game; there are many changes, such as new characters, plot elements etc.

McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure (by Treasure) - fun little platformer, starring Ronald McDonald. Nice colours/playability, not sure whether this one's particularly well-known.

There are definitely way more than that, I might add some later. :)

I don't see any issue at all with having a Patreon while translating a game. He's just giving people the opportunity to support what he does. If he was charging money to download the translation, well then that would be a whole other situation.

It is a "very" grey area at best. I'd actually advocate for divorcing money from the process in all instances, just to be safe. Fan-translation community is mostly left alone by the devs/publishers because: a) it generates additional sales for the company/hype; b) usually games are old enough not to be sold commercially anymore, so the copyright holders don't care as much; c) there's no money involved. It happens rarely for the devs to take something down, but... it happened with Squaresoft (Final Fantasy Type-0; sure, it was new at the time, but still), so I'm a bit worried about Squaresoft in this case as well, but I hope I'm wrong, because it would really be cool to see this one translated.

You know, there never have been any attempts at dividing fan translations into American English and British English...

It's pretty much always American English, yeah. Can't even think of any BrE translations off the top of my head, though there probably are a few. I think it's because: a) the most popular consoles in the UK (like, Master System, Mega Drive etc.) had way fewer JP exclusives than Nintendo's consoles, popular in the US. b) microcomputers were much more popular in the UK at the time, so consoles didn't have "quite" as much market, honestly. c) most popular genres that actually need translation (JRPGs for example) were often panned by the British press, compared to CRPGs or point and click adventure games. Europe got way fewer localizations than the US. For example, IIRC FF7 was the first officially released Final Fantasy game. In other words, BrE translations are generally not needed as much. Different gaming tastes and all that.

This distinction is also quite visible when it comes to Brazilian Portuguese. Probably 90-95% of all translations are based on that variety; I guess there's more of a distinction between European Spanish vs. Latin American Spanish.

As for the project - well done, can't wait to try it out over the weekend! Might provide some feedback when I finally get to it. :)

Looks like they just had a break, Tom's back at it on Twitter. I mean, it "is" springtime - people want a little bit of rest every now and then from the daily grind. ;)

Oh wow, this game is good. Hard as hell though, I'm liking the BGM too.

The music was composed by Manabu Saito, I believe he composed songs mainly for PC-98/X68000. He unfortunately died at 22, it was kidney failure if I'm not mistaken.

Well done! Would you consider adding other patches from MSX translations, like Yuurei-kun and so on? Might be good to have them here as well if possible, but I guess it is up to you as to whether you want that. Either way, seems like a good game/translation. :)

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