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Hardware transform was off from the beginning its a new download from ppsspp's website and I reset the settings to default twice, dont know why its broken tho.

and for Robot wars Team do you guys have any plans on taking on another Game not SRW in general or are you guys disbanding now that this project is finished.

 :woot!: Amzing Work being done on this cant wait until it releases.

 :woot!:amazing Work guys.

this does not work correctly on PPSSPP 1.6 using the older version 1.5 fixes the broken blue tiles for me.


actually i have been following the guide as well as i can, inside User\load\Textures\GRWJD9 i always delete the texture folder and replace it with the next stage i am going to be playing, so that loading atleast be a little bit faster i think it began with stage 12 i might wrong tho. and regarding the 4.0 it was indeed on the my document \dolphin plus the same folder setup never changed any settings nor did change how put in the patch it just suddenly stop working for some reason even tried uninstalling and reinstall no go tho

and thanks for clarifying and regarding how write sorry about the coma's and dots lol even my supervisor hates me for it i work for a dell call center by the way so thanks again

sorry about this question but is mission 15 already translated just finished mission 14 and its all back to jap in game4 after that except for the menus cause i can see  stage 19 on the mediafire folders and downloaded it but after putting it on the folder nothing changes already finished mission 1-14 all in english  and 1 more thing i also experienced issues with the english patches on dolphin 4.0 so right now i am stuck using a special build of 3.0 instead will that cause some of the patches to stop loading cause 4.0 will not load any of the patches including menus was able to play mission 1-12 on it then it just stopped working did not change any settings and even redownloaded it but just wont load it still takes forever for the game to load but no changes happens at all not even the menus 3.0 was fine with mission 13-14 tho or perhaps i am just confused with the stage numbers   

 ;)well here it goes I am trying enough information as I can before I begin and yes I am a ToTal NEWB on translation hacking or any type hacking for that matter and as the Title sez I am trying to do an menu and mission objective translation of Super Robot Wars GC and gonna make use of the Dolphin emulator to test out my results and also extract files out of the disc image I made using Gecko adapter and SD card thru my WII and is in gcm format there are a few filetypes inside the disc and they are the .PAK .BIN .CMP .SP .BNR .POOL .PROJ  .SAMP and finally the .SDIR

so the Question is do you guys have any Idea where the menus are stored in any of these file types I gave and also what are the tools that I might need

I will give the entire list of files inside the disc when get home later so that you may help me find where the files I need to edit is stored   

News Submissions / Re: Translations: dead, update your links!
« on: August 24, 2009, 04:18:33 am »
 :(sad sad day it is for one of the pioneers in translating jap games has finally went to the grave I loved playin some their translations back on snes9x and they were really made amazingly and im replaying starocean again and those who made the patch that I used is now gone I hope a new group stand up and pick up the name again a new dejap group for the new age era of jap games

Personal Projects / Re: Magna Carta
« on: January 16, 2009, 04:37:12 am »
I bought myself a new vidcard yesterday a geforce7200 gs to test this game again but I still had the same problem anybody here who can help me

Personal Projects / Re: Magna Carta
« on: December 26, 2008, 04:03:54 am »
plz help me im new to this game and im having some problems playing
I get this on direct 3d
and this is what I get on opengl

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