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News Submissions / Re: Translations: Ys Origin english Patch is out!!!
« on: September 29, 2011, 02:36:39 pm »
Actually you can use Adol only in Time Attack or Boss Rush mode...not in the main storyline.

Thank you guys for your kind comments :)

I installed the 12.02 update patch, but that just makes it ask for a game disk, which I don't have.

I bought the game from here

It's's an anticopy protection Falcom did in the latest version.
after patching the game with 1202 patch just apply the 1202 english translation patch and the game will result in english and there won't ask you for the cd ;)
trust me :)
Bye Bye

Uhm it's quite strange since the executable version is but the game files present in the install folder are the same of the 1305 version.
By the way.. just download the official update patch from this link:

patch the game.

And then apply the dedicated "1202 only" english translation patch
that you can find here:


Let me know.

bye Bye

I have the paid download version, and when I install the patch, it wants a game disk (which I obviously don't have.)

The paid download version?
I never known of it.
Well the error you are reporting might be due to the fact you used a different version.
Every patch version is dedicated to the specific patch version since they patch the game archieves that are different from version to version.
So..if you want a more detailed answer just give me more informations:

- make a clean installation of the game
- don't patch it with the english patch

- check the main executable version ( config.exe, config_dx9.exe, YsVI-WIn.exe, YSVI_WIN_DX9.exe) then go to the "release" subfolder anc check how many .na archieves and their names.

With these informations maybe i'll be able to privide some informarmations and tips for the patch.

bye bye

Could someone list the differences between PS2 and PC version for me? I already loved the PS2 version myself and wonder if it's worth playing the game again on PC now.

Well differences are few:

- better graphics
- high resolution
- time attack mode
- you can choose 4 difficulty levels

in PC version there no alma's trials!

If you played ps2 version it it won't be worth it to play it again since differences are few.
Even if it's  great game and I like it very much ;) :)

It was translated in its ps2 and psp port but it's quite different.
The pc version wasn't translated at all.
So we thought to make it ;)
Enjoy with it :)

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