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Im not so good in writing programs. I would like if someone could make tool for SNES smc to sfrom and sfrom to smc. There is bat programs but you need python to make it work.

Two ideas. Normal header, now is unusual 90 header for Super Mario World (Unl) (NES) Improvement hack.

Also Terminator 2 (NES) hack in which Terminator strenght will be more like in movie unbeatable for human enemy's. I really like that game but you get killed while you beat bunch of enemies with fist. Terminator can't be killed with fist by ordinary human. I found Terminator 2 beta version online (basically beta release) maybe someone can use that.   :beer:

Front Mission (SNES)

A hack that plays more like Nintendo DS or PSX remake counterpart such like graphic improvements, and more. Bugfix or Gameplay fixes for Keith no longer learning Double LV1 at earlier point, Peewie no longer learning Speed LV3.

Front Mission (NDS)

Hack that would restore the music from the original PSX version. Know only that both of them are too different for me.
Would not be better Front Mission 3 (PSX) hack. Thats original not remake. Dual screen is such lost concept to me. I was always repulsed by that menu screen.

I would love to see Twin Peaks NES game something like hack of Earthbound. If someone would start this project I would be glad to help draw some sprites.

I have idea about NES zap gun games like Duck Hunt. I don't know can it be done so games use gunpoint like in VirtuaNES? So when you play that games on real hardware or NES Mini that you no longer depend on gun but you can play with controller.

TMNT Kart. Admit something like this would be so fine.  8)

Why somebody don't re-write 9999 in 1 menu with unhained memory song so that can be used with normal header not only with FCEU. Can we reuse this menu once more with custom text? I find this very nostalgic.

Btw if someone don't like this thread and call it trainwreck why bother to write here. Simple ignore it and honor those who have need to write. Thank you.  :beer:

I was thinking is it possible to use Gun-Dec (Vice: Project Doom) levels for "Tokkyuu Shirei - Solbrain 2" with new superhero SolBraver, SolJeanne, SolDozer or Knight Fire
I like this game so much, it is heavy I know but it deserves more attention. Possible game should keep all mechanic of Tokkyuu Shirei - Solbrain (not Gun-Dec-Vice: Project Doom) and I think is passable with adds of few fences and with Solbraver (Shatterhand) have power up helper that can make him fly above. I don't know is this is possible. There are also few games that are similar  :beer: Just idea so if someone could find this useful why not.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Classic NES Series hacks
« on: April 18, 2017, 06:28:53 am »
I inserted 64 more games (that i own) with Hakchi2 2.0. Edit: It is save to add more and there is newer version of hakchi2.  :thumbsup:

If someone fix Super Robin Hood for NES so i't can be played on NES Classic Mini I would appriciate that also there is text glich in Captain America and Avengers on NES Classic Mini - game is playable but text and pause menu is messed up and is not bad rom (tested).  :beer:

Thank's for suggestion maybe is VBA, i will try other emulators. Maybe some other fan of Pikachu, like me, find this issue worth fixing untill then BGB would have to do.  :thumbsup:

It would be nice if someone make little patch for Pokemon Yellow for more realistic Pikachu voice for gb. Now we have buzzing sound. I don't think emulator is problem but more some addon in Gameboy original hardware that we don't have in sole rom.

I would like to se hack of Magic Sword to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe for SNES or PS2.

Also do we have SMB 1 that have movements like in SMB 3 so you can move back to screen, if not is it possible to make that change?

What about making opposite thing from Persona to Pokemon game for PlayStation. I would like to see that. There is Digimon for PSX and never Pokemon.  :-\

I don't know is anybody suggested earlier. What about idea to use Samurai Pizza Cats as platform for Mega Man 9 on NES in abandoned project?
Chpexo left resource on this site with all stuff. It would be great if that can be done.

It would be good if someone could separate roms of Quattro Arcade & Quattro Adventure & Quattro Sports. There is Super Robin Hood stand alone but other is quite impossible to find.

It would be nice if someone can change version of ROM for Werewolf and Heavy Barrel. When I put that two in imbNES and load in PSX or PS2 that two games strand on start. Heavy Barrel freezes after parachute and Werewolf after title screen.

How about Danger Mouse for NES based on this java game:

Is it possible to load this messed up levels of Super Mario Bros. on ROM?
or do they exist somewhere in hacks? If they don't exist in hacks it would bi nice if someone can figure out to throw them all in hack.

I would like to see improvement of Ultimate League Soccer NES unlicenced game. Game have better gameplay than Soccer for NES but poor sprites. If somebody could import Soccer sprites or make better than original it would be nice.  :)

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