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Personal Projects / Re: Pac-Man NES color hack
« on: April 15, 2019, 03:26:33 pm »
I didn't think this would be a big deal (I've seen "improved" color hacks that actually makes things worse or weird), but man, I gotta give props.
I set up the original Namco NES game side by side with the improved color one, and yea, big difference.

Definitely easier on the eyes and truer to the arcade.

And you know, in all my years of playing the NES version, I NEVER noticed Pac Man's butt wiggled around!  :laugh:
Now that it's pointed out, that actually bothers me!!

Well, with your improvement, Asaki, not only do I get better coloring and brighter visuals, but NO MORE WIGGLE BUTTS!

Kudos and thank you for this.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Your (PC) Controller Preferences
« on: February 07, 2019, 05:27:34 pm »
I probably should use more specific controllers depending on what system I am emulating, but I usually go with a Logitech F310 PS2 style controller as an all purpose, general use pad.

They are sturdy built and the design fits just about any system pretty well.
N64 games and some Sega 6-button control games may take a bit of getting used to, but overall not bad.

Well, guys, I have played through some more of both the original Link's Awakening and Katage's New Link's Awakening side by side for comparison.

It appears the patch DOES work on the v1.2 of Link's Awakening DX, as I have noted some changes in how events unfold, where items are/aren't etc.
Barring some crazy glitch wall that halts me later in the game, I think the patch is fine....and it is the hash info that is woefully incorrect.

Note to all future submitters: Please, PLEASE be sure your hash info is correct!
I mean, if you are going through the trouble of hacking a ROM (and I understand that can be a LOT of work sometimes), the best favor you can do yourself is make sure the info is correct so people will WANT to play your hack.

Again, barring some unforeseen things later in the game due to something still not right, THESE are the values of the game that probably SHOULD have been put in to match Awakening DX v1.2:

File MD5    7351DAA3C0A91D8F6FE2FBCCA6182478
File SHA-1    1C091225688D966928CC74336DBEF2E07D12A47C
File CRC32    06887A34

ROM MD5    7351DAA3C0A91D8F6FE2FBCCA6182478
ROM SHA-1    1C091225688D966928CC74336DBEF2E07D12A47C
ROM CRC32    06887A34

These values were acquired using the Rom Hashing tool (v1.0) that can be found here as well.
Hopefully, this helps those who have been frustrated by this entry into our rom hack database.

Interesting. The hashes on that page don't match the no-intro database. They don't match the ROM with the patch applied, and they don't match anything in the No-Intro GB/GBC/GBA databases. It's possible the submitter hashed the wrong file or has a corrupt ROM.

Yea, I suppose I could just patch it onto the ROM he specified and just play through some of it....that would be doing it the LONG way, but I see no other way to judge how accurate his info is.

But because I haven't played the original in such a long while, I'd be hard pressed to see any changes that I would remember (especially later in the game).

To that end, I started playing the original once again...I am currently starting the 1st dungeon, the Tail Cave.
Maybe after I do that dungeon, try playing the patched version of Katage's up to the same point, and so on and so forth and note any differences, bugs, anomalies, etc.

Until I get bored that is.....I was looking to indulge myself in an all new adventure, and I don't want this to feel like "work"  :P

So unless Mr. Katage is using some rare dump, you may be right on the incorrect hashing info.

This in regards to Katage's "New Awakening" (he currently has v4.1 up).

I fully understand how to read ROM types and the importance of applying the right patch to the right ROM...which is why rom info such as file/sha/crc info is posted.

Well, Katage has rom  "Legend of Zelda, The - Link's Awakening DX (U) (V1.2) [C][!]" as the one to use for his patch.
Fair enough....except when you look at the ROM info for this particular ROM, they match NON of the dumped roms that can be found.

I use the Rom Hasher tool (pretty faithful and accurate during my year and a half or so of usage) to match rom info BEFORE I do any patching to be sure I am getting the proper job done.

The Rom Hasher's info for the rom given by Katage does not match in any way shape or form.

Thinking perhaps he mistyped info, I tried other versions of the ROM (ones NOT listed as the one to use for his patch) to see if THOSE figures matched. Nada. Zilch. No match.

So my question I missing something here?
Is it possible to just patch the hack onto v1.2 dx awakening game, even though the hash info doesn't match, and still get a working game?
Shouldn't the game either not work at all or show glitches if I used the wrong ROM?

I DID patch the rom, and played through the opening minutes, and nothing seemed different than the standard Links Awakening game. So I am wondering whether this worked the way it was supposed to at all. I would really hate to play through a game like this only to find the game unplayable at some point (because I patched the wrong ROM), or that no changes were made at all to the original game.

Obviously, the game patch has reviews on it, so SOMEONE got this thing to work, albeit some of the reviews of the earlier versions reported bugs.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
Here is the quick link to the page here on RHDN of the patch/game in question:

And for those wondering, I use IPS Floating Patcher v131...which has worked flawlessly for me for a number of patch jobs and I use the Visual Boy Advance M 1.8 as my emulator.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Nintendo Switch
« on: March 05, 2017, 09:01:03 pm »
What does NSX stand for? Nintendo Switch Xtreme? Maybe not Xtreme...the 90's are over... For that matter, why do some people call the PlayStation PSX instead of PS or PS1...And what about GCN? Game Cube (from) Nintendo? Game Cube Nonpareil?

Nothing personal, I just need answers.  :thumbsup:

I used to follow this sort of 'naming convention' when it came to systems, and I could be wrong because I haven't followed this sort of thing much in recent years, but here is my understanding of what you asked about:

1--PSX.  Put simply, I believe PSX was the code name used for the original playstation while it was still in development.
Obviously, it was just called "Playstation" upon release, but for the sake of abbreviations, most gaming magazines at the time, followed by gaming fans, simply left the 'PSX' name in place.
For some reason, and I think this all DID start with the popular gaming mags (EGM, GamePro, GameFan, etc), there seemed to be some unwritten rule that ALL game systems needed to be abbreviated using a three letter/number system.

PSX, N64, SAT (or sometimes SSA), see where this is going... which leads to...

2--GCN. I think you answered your own question (again, I could be fuzzy on this nowadays), but GCN simply stood for Game Cube Nintendo. I have also seen the Gamecube abbreviated as NGC.

3--As for the Switch, I believe the development name, or codename for it (like the Playstation) was simply NX. Upon release, we now have the Nintendo Switch, and because, it seems we NEED to have a third letter/number, leave the X in there...thus NSX.  :D

I hope that satiates your need for answers.
And hey, even if I am not 100% right, I thought it was a rather damned good explanation, no?  ;D

Why give the function to do High Quality Filtering X2 or other filter settings when it lags most games on specific consoles like the Wii? It seems like a odd choice to have that functionality available when you really can't do anything with it because of that issue. Unless someone out there has magically fixed the issue..I have not seen it. I think the function makes the games look damn amazing (Mega Man 7 looked really cleaned up), but the slowdown is the huge glaring flaw unfortunately.

Was that setting really only meant for Wii-U or other consoles? Just seems so odd.

Hmm...this has given me something to think about (HQ settings for Snes9x on the Wii), as I LOVE using the best possible settings for the emulator on my PC (which is a reasonably powerful rig).

Our Wii is currently still 'stock', but I have everything necessary to add emulation to it (seeing as how Nintendo won't be updating the firmware again), but perhaps, instead of adding Snes9x for it, I should just stick to some of the lesser demanding emulators, such as Nestopia/UE or FCUEx, and some TG and Genesis emulators.

Then whenever Nintendo decides to stop updating the Wii U, perhaps add Snes emulation to that.

Snes9x has become my 'go to' emulator for Nintendo's 16-bit console, and I can't see myself trying to load up something else (like my former one ZSnes) on there...not even really sure if that is possible.

At any rate, perhaps my soon-to-be emulated consoles on Wii should stick to 8-bit emulation, with maybe a not-so-demanding Sega Genesis on there.........UNLESS, Snes9x games still look decent enough even WITHOUT the HQ filters?

Our Wii is connected to a 1080p 52 inch screen (via component cables from the Wii), so raw pixels would probably look downright ugly on it.....

Gaming Discussion / Re: What. are you playing?
« on: February 25, 2017, 03:59:29 pm »
Update to my "What am I playing" list...

Zelda 2 : Adventures of Link.......on the last palace and looking to put this one away soon.
Zelda 2: Shadow of Night........ a fine looking hack from RHDN which I got a running start on knowing I should be done with the above game soon.
Mega Man 2.... trying to beat the original once again, currently on Wily's Fortress.  i will probably move on to a Mega Man 2 hack afterwards.

Donkey Kong Country...still playing through this. My best when i beat it years ago was 93% compete rating...would like to best that.
Star Fox............... got in the mood for some space flight action, why not the original FX chip game by Nintendo!
Super Mario Kart (and some of the SMK hacks found here)

Ultimate Ghosts N Goblins....I know the entire GNG series is hard, but this version has to be the granddaddy of ballbusters...I am reduced to playing this on NOVICE for crying out loud.....  :D

Doom still (GZ Doom is fucking awesome...especially when paired with a nice level mod and a monster randomizer such as the one from Scaliano666!)
Plants vs Zombies....never really paid much attention to this before, but it has become a bit addicting
Feeding Frenzy 2...same as above.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Useless weapons and power-ups in gaming
« on: February 22, 2017, 07:47:32 pm »

How about this one?

Hey, at least the "Fists" in Doom have a use, especially against pink demons, and especially after you get the berserk pack.....but WTF does this damned pocket knife do for ya in Wolfenstein 3D?

If you can't find ammo for another weapon, and find it quickly, you may as well reset the game.......knife sucks....

Oh, and also, the cane from Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde on NES...  :crazy:

Gaming Discussion / Re: Useless weapons and power-ups in gaming
« on: February 21, 2017, 08:39:13 pm »

I'd have to go with BF's Slipsauce from the Rock n Roll Racing games. drop that stuff on the ground, it barely makes the computer lose control....certainly makes YOU lose control (especially since they don't go away, but accumulate all race), and then have literally no effect on treaded vehicles or the hover vehicles.

I am one of those nutjobs who likes to play through RNR with the beginner cars because I love the jump jets to skip sections of the track AND the green lasers are super fast and accurate...but BF needs better ingredients in his slipsauce because this one sucks.....hehe...

Oh...and the cane from Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde on the NES.   >:D

Gaming Discussion / Re: Dumbest Game Dialogue
« on: February 21, 2017, 03:44:26 am »
"ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US"   :happy: :thumbsup:

February 21, 2017, 03:48:24 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Also Guile a fucking idiot or what?  :laugh:

Hmm... 180 pages long, so not sure if some of these ideas/requests were already made, but I will do so anyways because, well, why not...shot in the dark they will happen anytime soon, but ya never know till ya ask, right? Right.

1--Master of Monsters (Sega Genesis / Mega Drive).
A damned fun strategy type game that had LOTS of issues with computer AI, monster strengths and weaknesses, and terrain balance.
That all said, it was still addictive as hell.
Wish someone could go in create a few new maps, modify computer AI so that it does more than just 'try to tie', and tweak game parameters so monsters/terrain/strengths n weaknesses made a bit more sense...(Example: Mind spells causing golems to lose HP....duh, Golems are MINDLESS...big, slow, strong, plodding mindless creatures...mental spells should have little to no effect!)

Either a complete hack of this game or a simple adding of new levels would be fine for now.

2--Sonic Spinball (Sega Genesis / Mega Drive).
Fantastic, and IMO, underrated pinball game, that could perhaps use a nice change of scenery in the form of a couple new tables.
Either tables added on to the existing ones, tables REPLACING the existing ones, or at least, tables that use the same graphics/size as the originals, but arranged differently.
Not many people paid attention to this game when it was released (maybe expecting it to be like the platformers), but played for what it is (a sonic themed pinball machine), it plays great!  But I tire of the same tables after all these years.

3-- Super Double Dragon / Return of Double Dragon (SNES / Super Famicom).
Maybe someone can go in there and add some variety to the enemy characters? Maybe for every palette swapped bad guy, he/she gains new fighting moves or AI routines.
And while they are at it, is there NO WAY to maybe fix that "bounciness" when bodies hit the ground and the accompanying slowdown?  Modded for real hardware, maybe this is impossible, but how about for emulator use?

Also, how about some added moves for our hero double dragons? This might require expanding the ROM since it means adding things that weren't already on the ROM, but I've seen this sort of thing done with other ROMS, why not this one?

4-- Super Punch Out (SNES / Super Famicom)
Rework the enemy boxer AI so those of us who have beaten this thing to death (because we know all the patterns) can find something new and fresh to play once again.
Maybe add in some boxers from past Punch Out games, but if this is too much to ask, at least the aforementioned AI reworking would make me and other Punch Out fanatics very happy!

5-- Sim Ant (Super NES / Super Famicom)
Yes, THOSE ants!
Great console conversion of the old DOS/Win 98 game.
How about some new scenarios, different hazards thrown in, and some more variety on ant AI as well?

6-- Solomon's Key (NES / Famicom / Sega Master System)
New boards with re-arranged puzzles to solve all the way through would make this game sweeter.
One of my favorites since I was a teen.

50 levels, but I would say maybe the first 30 have become way too easy for someone like me who has played it to death...the remaining levels aren't so much hard to 'figure out', but more like the enemy placement makes them difficult.

Some new levels that we need to solve (along with similar difficult enemies) would definitely breathe new life into this game.

And yea, I know most people are aware this game came out for the NES, there IS a version for the Master System that plays very similar (slightly stiffer controls, but otherwise about the same)...perhaps the SMS version would be easier to crack?

Thanks for hearing me out, guys n gals.  :)

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Wizards & Warriors
« on: January 28, 2017, 04:50:49 pm »
I just got done playing some Wizards & Warriors.
I switch back n forth between the US release and the Japanese release as both have a bit different set of this case, believe it or not, the US version is the one that is the 'harder' game due to more enemies onscreen.

Usually, the (J) versions are the harder games as most are 'dumbed' down for International release.

But anyways, yea, some hacking of Wizards n Warriors would be nice.
No hacking graphic tiles or changing what the game is...just something as simple as re-arranging the levels would be nice for starters.
You know, just basically switching around what is already there, as I know most levels quite well already, it would be nice to play, say a first or second level that LOOKS somewhat familiar, yet it isn't.

Personal Projects / Re: Super Pitfall NES (improvements)
« on: August 12, 2016, 04:12:42 pm »

Really, really good stuff man.

I remember Super Pitfall being a favorite of mine back in the day....bugs, glitches and all...the whole idea of Pitfall being expanded to cover tons of screens on the superior NES (compared to the 2600 and Colecovision anyways) just blew me away.

I even put up with the "finding the items in weird places" thing, I enjoyed the game so much.

The graphical and animation work you have put into this is second to none and the game just looks simply fantastic.
If the sound can get redone, ok, but if not, no big deal....however, (and I didn't read every single post in this thread, so please forgive if I am posting a redundancy), if the bugs n glitches (falling through platforms, collision detection) can be fixed, you will have made this game damn near an ultimate version of Pitfall.

Keep up the good work and am very much looking forward to this.
In fact, I'm gonna go play through the original game a bit over the next couple weeks so that when I FINALLY play yours, I will feel like a kid who just got a new game under the Christmas tree all over again!!   :laugh:



Wow, thanks.
Your post provided me quite a bit of info along with some more digging around on the matter I did too.

Seems to me, based on the scraps I have found and what you posted, that the differences seem to be on the usages of the various builds.

The WX version for instance, runs on my Windows 10 PC, but no matter how I put the settings, the frame rate seems 'jittery' for lack of a better term (and my pc is no weakling!).

I have yet to put the GTK and SDL versions completely through their paces though.

Like I said, in the meantime, I will stick with the plain ol VBA 1.8 updated last in 2014 I have been using till I can find a better alternative.
It DOES run pretty damned well, its just I wish it had more in the way of filter/plugin features.

I will also look into alternative GBA emus and see how they run on my pc.

Thanks again!

Gaming Discussion / Re: What. are you playing?
« on: June 27, 2016, 11:17:14 pm »
I'm in full 'retro mode' these days and am basically ignoring my PS3 and 360 in favor of emulated games via my PC and some stand alone PC offerings.

Currently playing via MAME:
1--Magic Sword
2--Pac Man family of games
3--Nintendo family of single screen games (i.e. Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr, Donkey Kong 3, Popeye, Original Mario Bros)

Via Kega Fusion (Sega 8 and 16 bit emulator)
1-- Shadow Dancer
2-- Golden Axe
3-- TMNT: Hyperstone Heist
4-- Ghouls n Ghosts
5-- NBA Jam

Via Snes9x
1-- Super Mario All Stars
2-- Donkey Kong Country
3-- Actraiser 2

Via Visual Boy Advance (Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Game Boy Advance)
1-- Double Dragon Advance
2-- Super Mario Advance (the one that plays a remix version of Super Mario USA)
3-- Gameboy versions of Batman the movie, Castlevania Adventure, and Tetris

Via Nestopia (NES emu)
1-- Contra, Super C and the very good rom hack found here, Revenge of Red Falcon
2-- Ghosts n Goblins
3-- Iron Tank
4-- Kung Fu

Via Magic Engine (TG16)
1-- Bomberman 93
2-- Supergrafx version of Ghouls n Ghosts
3-- Salamander

AS for non emulated games:
1-- Doom (via GZDoom) and some of the player mods floating around the internet
2-- Streets of Rage Remix. I have the final release version, V5.0, and it is just the ultimate in SOR action. So much so, it is hard to play the regular Genesis/MD versions again (unless someone comes up with cool hacks for some of those!)
3--Open BOR versions of beatem ups including fan versions of Final Fight, World Heroes (as a side scrolling brawler), and fan versions of Double Dragon.

Any and all of these games though, can change on a whim. I am known for binging on certain games or game types, then getting tired of them, then going on another binge of completely different types of games.
I suspect one of these days I will get back to playing my PS3 and 360 again...even though they have been overshadowed by PS4 and XBOne respectively...   :laugh:

Sorry if this is in the wrong section...figured emulation falls under General Gaming.
If so, my apologies mods, please move to where appropriate.

On to my question....

I am a big emulator fan and for my Game Boy / Game Boy Color / Game Boy Advance needs, I have always used Visual Boy Advance version 1.8.

Very nice, very stable emulator, that is perhaps lacking in the department of overall features, filters and apparently, no OpenGL support.

Enter Visual Boy Advance-M (M=Merged).
It appears the whole Visual Boy Advance project has been splintered off into various pockets were different hackers/developers are making their own version.

Visual Boy Advance attempts to merge all these different 'forks' under one, solid, stable umberella.  Good in theory, however, because there are so many VBA projects to merge out there, a bunch of different 'merged projects have apparently cropped up as well!

I want to move on from VBA 1.8 (this is the original VBA advance that had an update as recent as 2014) to one of the merged versions because they are supposed to offer more features, including better filter and plug in support, better performance, and OpenGL support.

However, I have tried a few, and I get varying degrees of performance on my Windows 10 system...even on versions of VBA that are supposedly optimized for 64 bit systems.

My main question (googling has yielded very little enlightenment), does ANYONE know what the differences are between the current VBA-M versions available?

There is a VBA-M GTK version, a VBA-M WX version, a VBA-m SDL version (see what I mean?? lol...) and then, of course, the plain ol VBA-M (1022 version was the last one, updated in 2009, I used before going back to the regular VBA version 1.8.

Googling acknowledges these all exist, but no one can seem to be able to explain to me what the different versions do, what they are for, and what systems are best suited for them....and yes, all the versions I listed are all Windows versions, and yes, I do understand the differences between a 32bit version vs a 64 bit versions, but these variants are more convoluted than that. Even the VBA website does precious little to help me out...unless they DO explain it, but speak in such over-my-head language (as some programmers tend to do because they assume their reading audience knows what they are talking about), that I missed it.

Any enlightenment in this area in layman's terms would be greatly appreciated.
Till then, I will continue to use the 1.8 older version as it's performance is fantastic on my Win10 system.
But man, it just bugs me that something better could be out there on this emu that I may be missing out on....

Thanks guys n gals


ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: What are you looking for in a ROM hack?
« on: June 18, 2016, 08:14:42 pm »
Things I look for in a hack?  It depends on the game of course, but in essence...

1-- As many have already stated: Game Improvements.  Game developers usually do a good job with the work they put in, have the game play tested, etc...but sometimes, things slip through the cracks. Whether because of time constraints, budgets, or just plain oversights, sometimes things don't get done properly, and some portion of a game is either weak, not well implemented, or even broken.  Some awesome rom hacker would go in, fix those things, maybe add some things the original designers never intended, but still work well with in a given game. 

2-- Challenge for some games. Not talking Kaizou stuff (spelling?)....not ball bustingly, frustratingly, gotta-glitch-to-get-through it nonsense. Talking about a legit challenge added to a game. Something that makes the player really work for the win or to beat the game, but isn't impossible, and also still carries the basic fun of the game. It's a fine line, I know, and not many hackers truly understand that line, but hats off to those that do.

3-- All new adventures/levels/goals in games we know oh-so-well. Imagine my surprise when I first discovered rom hacks, and having played the original Legend of Zelda to death, saw that some people actually created ALL NEW adventures using the sounds and graphics of a game I was very familiar with!  Can't say enough about how awesome old games turned into new ones are! I mean, even if the hacker doesn't go in and change the basic mechanics, but simply creates a brand new set of levels, worlds, etc, to explore that makes the same ol, same ol game feel new again, well, that is just priceless!

4-- Crossovers. Now, I don't get uber-excited about this one, but done right, it can work nicely and be fun too.  Things like Mario themed Mega Man levels, or certain characters from one game put into another (again, if it's logical), or even 'skinned' type games where the original game and its gameplay is kept pretty much intact, but some other theme was skinned onto it...example, the Mario version of Balloon Fight.

5-- Finally, translations. Now, I know this site separates 'hacks' and 'translations', but technically, if you go into a rom and alter the font to another language, you kinda ARE hacking it as well. So, IMO, translations can fall under things I look for in rom hacks. Nothing like wanting to play a game for a long time but couldn't due to the language barrier, only to come across some fine hacker who went through the trouble of making it so I can understand and enjoy the game in my language.  Tons of Japanese games I have enjoyed due to this!

ROM Hacking Discussion / Rom Hacking of Super CastleVania IV
« on: April 21, 2016, 12:44:43 am »
Hello all...

First off, I want to preface this post by saying I am not a hacker/programmer myself, but I sure have enjoyed some of the real nice work many of you have done or been a part of, for the last several years.
Amazing what a simple graphics and/or gameplay patch can do for a game I've beaten a hundred times over...

Anyways, on to my Q:

Noticed lots n LOTS of Castlevania series hacks for the NES and it occurred to me while playing some of those.....why hasn't the graphically superior Super Castlevania not been hacked yet?

Frankly, while SCV4 is a good game, I find it to be far too easy until you get really far into the game.
I figured, with all the difficulty hacks out there for the NES Castlevanias, there MUST be some intrepid hackers that would dive into SCV4 on Snes and liven up the difficulty on that...change a few levels around.

NES Castlevanias are great n all, but I think hackers have just about all they can with that, no?

How about breaking some new ground and tackling the Snes version, or even better, some of the Super Famicom versions, and make some killer hacks (no pun intended, hehe) using those Roms as bases?

Again, I am not a hacker myself, so I really don't understand the complexities behind taking apart a rom, then modifying and/or adding to it......but since so many other roms (RPGS seem to be complex in of themselves, and THEY have been hacked and modified) with complex structures have been worked on, why not SCV4?

If someone can perhaps explain to me some of the reasons why this game hasn't been hacked, or people can just use this thread to throw about ideas on how such a thing could be done...I'd be very appreciative and would love to sit back and read what the hacking experts think about this.

Thank you ladies and gents.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Introduction Topic
« on: January 23, 2016, 03:48:36 pm »
Hello all...

Just wanted to let everyone know I am LONG time reader of your site, just now decided to actually be a member as I think conversing with fellow retro gamers would be fun.
I've gleaned much enjoyment out of this site, as the talented hackers and game modifiers here have breathed brand new life into many old games that I have beaten many times over.

Thanks for that guys n gals!

Hope to see many of you around the various forum boards here.
In the meantime, please...keep up the good work with the rom hack/translations, etc...... an awesome, awesome site you people have here for sure!


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