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ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: bad coding in roms
November 26, 2012, 09:28:39 AM
pokemon white 2 does some funny things in its breeding code.  to create an egg, they:

-create a full wild pokemon for the sole purpose of creating a free 220 byte block and a pointer to it(they have a memory allocation system that could easily do this)
-create a 34-element u32 array where they arrange a bunch of features that the egg will have(inherited ivs, inherited moves species, et al)(there's a good amount of extraneous data in this)
-use the previous pointer as a start in creating a second full wild pokemon
-after making the second full pokemon, write all the values from the egg data array into the correct spots, the  set some values for the egg, and finally set the marker that makes it an egg

in the end they generate 3 pids, 18 ivs, and loads of other extraneous values.  it's really kind of a mess.

e: almost forgot the best part.

breeding in bw2 uses its own special inline rng.  it uses a special seed they create when the game boots.  however, due to a programming mistake, every time you restart the game the first egg you breed will be identical aside from the species and pid. 

the way it works is when you start a new game, on loading into the world for the first time, the game creates a seed and saves it to your save file.  each time you restart a new seed is made and copied into the right spot for breeding.  after that, the old seed is read in front the save and written in.  then the old seed is written in a second time when the entire daycare block is copied into place.
Quote from: 5hort on May 11, 2011, 12:26:05 PM
Hello world. I've just been getting help where possible from reading old posts on this patch & I'm limited on internet access from what isn't blocked by schools. I am able to be on here (obviously) and I have viewed the speed run.

Where I am stuck is on how to unlock the Guardian in Maridia that is inside the room of the supposed to be broken tube. It is not broken on my map and I can't seem to get into a room near it. When watching the speed run it was already broken and he had never been there (ie, only the room w/ the guardian and the broken tube were red on the map) Any clues or help on what to do would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry to be so late, but I just started playing this a few weeks ago. Awesome game btw. Not many hacks work on the Wii SNES9x emulator, but this one does flawlessly and it is so well done. Amazing game hands down.

Thanks again for any help.

come back after norfair.
Personal Projects / Re: The Console Tool (by Low Lines)
September 20, 2010, 01:14:50 AM
i've been going through the white rom manually finding stuff, but i don;t have a way of decompressing the nanr files.  is there anything that exists now that can do it?  crystal tile doesn't, and i can't seem to find anything that will. 

thank you for the breakdown of "a", btw.
Personal Projects / Re: Zelda Parallel Worlds
February 07, 2010, 01:28:15 AM
i haven't played the game in a while, so i don't remember what the proper combination was there. i did update tompa's parallel worlds faq with some new stuff for 1.1 some time ago.  have a look, it might be in here:
you are suuuch a tease.   :happy:

this is gonna be great.
Quote from: Paul Jensen on November 05, 2009, 01:23:37 PM
It looks like a Kyushu dialect, according to a Google Search.  I don't think it's really possible to equate it to any specific dialect of English.  Although, in my experience, in Japan most non-standard dialects of Japanese are considered low-class, and are usually associated with the countryside.  They could probably all be equally rendered in English using a dialect associated with country folk (like some varieties of Southern U.S. English, for example).

Which makes me wonder: why Cockney? Cockney is a city dialect, isn't it?

not that it's mother-related, but what are the odds of 2 of the very same bruce campbell avatars from 2 different people.  kinda funny. 

for the sake of kinda staying on topic, i'm part way through my re-playthrough of the 3 mother games.  beat eb0 and just got dropped off in threek in eb.
this is kinda random, but does anyone know exactly what the gourd does?  i only ask because i remember some commotion a few years ago over it because someone had done some serious work on it and thought they had figured it out.  i didn't pay much attention then, because i hadn't played evermore in years and had forgotten about that part.    anyone remember this?  i also found that gamefaqs topic from 2004 with the lead programmer but all he says about it is that none of them can remember what it does.
this is the project i'm most excited for! how's it coming lately, frantik? i figured it wouldn't hurt to inquire.  :)
sorry, i should've been clearer, i meant save games.  i thought that saying reloading your closest save would imply save game(because there wouldn't be a "closest" savestate, there would be a state right at the very second that you stop playing, you know?)

it's strange that you say that, because i've read through the entire 55-page thread over at, and pretty much every time a new version came out, drewseph said save games would be backward-compatible. are you using 1.0? the newest version is 2.1. maybe you ought to go read through the topic over at metroid 2002, and see if any older srams are incompatible with newer versions. i don't think that that's ever the case but it couldn't hurt to check for sure.

better yet, maybe just post over in that thread over there. drewseph posts there from time to time, so maybe he can help you.  you definitely ought to find out what version of sm: redesign you were playing, though, just in case it's relevant.
Quote from: sysipha on October 02, 2008, 04:30:50 PM
Nevermind. I got through. I just went through the lava a bomb jumped out on the other side. I doubt that's how I was supposed to do it. But it worked.

it sounds like you have an old version. maybe download the patch from here, patch a clean rom, and try re-loading your closest save? it'll still be compatible with the changed rom.

from what i remember, that's not the only more difficult puzzle in the older versions.  drewseph modified a bunch of different things to make them a little easier.  even though you made it through that one puzzle, you still should think about trying the newest version of the patch.(2.1, as a i recall)
there's actually a 100% let's play video of this hack(in 35 parts) at:

also, starting at part 17, drewseph actually joins in the commentary. some of it's interesting, some of it's really, really bad.  at a couple points, drewseph actually takes over the controls and shows how to reach some of the tougher items.